Danny's Senior Year

17-year-old Danny Fenton and his best friend, ultra-recyclable vegetarian Goth girl Sam Manson, were in the cafeteria eating lunch

Sam sighed and said, "Wow, I can't believe that this is going to be the last week we ever spend at Casper High."

Danny replied, "I know! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting here as freshmen for the very first time. This has been the greatest 3 years of our lives! I mean, Tucker finally got Valerie as his girlfriend, I finally became an 'A'+ student, I got over my stupid crush on Paulina, and you're parents even lightened up and gotten used to your friends and you being Goth."

Then all of a sudden, Danny felt a hard blow hit the back of his head, "Hey Fenton! Where's Foley? I want to give him a swirley as a celebration of the last week of school."

Danny answered, "Dash, Tuck has to skip school until Wednesday so he could go to his family reunion in Florida."

Dash sighed and said, "To bad, maybe if he hadn't gone, you and Manson could have another nerd to eat with."

Sam finally spoke, "Dash, you might call us nerds, but at least we'll all have bright futures, by the way, what college DID you apply to?"

Dash looked at her through narrow eyes and said, "Manson, you're going to pay for that."

He would have hurt her if Danny hadn't said, "Back off, Dash."

Dash said, "Move, Fenton, unless you want me to hurt you too."

With that Danny got up and put his arms to his side, "Now, you were saying you were going to do what to Sam?" Danny asked.

When Dash saw his muscles his eyes widened and he said, "I was going to leave her alone." With that Dash hurried to his table and told his friends how big Danny's muscles had gotten.

When Danny sat down, he still had his arms to his side, when Sam saw Danny's arms her eyes widened and said, "Wow, Danny! All that ghost fighting really helped with your muscles!"

Danny replied, "Yea, I got control of my powers so well that I've even gotten better powers, I'm nearly unstoppable!

Sam and Danny laughed until finally Sam said, "Man, I wish Tucker were here, and he'd probably want to see your new powers."

The Tucker they were talking about was their other best friend, techno-geek Tucker (or Tuck) Foley