Chapter 9: The Nighttime Flight

Danny was still holding Sam by the waist, only now her eyes were closed because Danny told her to keep them shut until he landed. Finally after what seemed like hours to Sam, Danny finally landed.

"O.K. Sam, you can open your eyes now." Danny said in a gentle voice.

When Sam opened her eyes she was able to see the whole sky, Amity Park, and everything else entirely. Danny smiled at her; he knew she loved the view.

"Danny why did…?" Sam was so breath-taken by the view she could barely speak.

When Sam was finally able to speak she asked Danny, "Why did you bring me here?"

Danny smiled and said, "I just wanted to spend the last day of high school with my best friend."

After that they looked at the view and they had a great time, laughing and just having fun with each other, Danny still knew what he had to do, although he still didn't know how to do it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they heard music coming from a house nearby.

They gave a small chuckle and Danny asked, "Do you want to dance, Sam?"

Sam smiled and nodded, then Danny took Sam's hand and since he was still a ghost, he flew them up in the sky and they started to dance.

I think I'm falling in love with Danny; who am I kidding I've always loved him. Now what do I do? Sam thought as they were dancing together. When they finished dancing Danny flew them back down. Danny looked at Sam and he knew something was bothering her, "Sam, what's wrong?" Danny asked her.

Sam looked at him and said, "I'm still a little worried about what's going to happen in college, you know."

Danny nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm still a little worried too"

Sam pointed to a house and said, "Look at that house over there."

Danny looked at the house Sam was pointing to and saw a small boy sleeping comfort in his bed.

Sam smiled and said, "Wouldn't it be nice to be that age again? With the only that you need to worry about is if the teacher you have in a couple of months is a real annoying."

Sam and Danny gave a small chuckle. Sam sighed and asked, "Danny can you promise me something?" Danny replied, "Anything, Sam." Sam said, "Promise me that no matter what happens you, Tucker and me will still be best friends, even if the only time we can talk is on the phone." Danny smiled and said, "Sam, I promise."

After Danny spoke Sam and Danny looked at each other, he has the nicest eyes. Sam thought. Realizing that he was staring at his best friend for too long, Danny turned his head the other way. Then suddenly, Sam felt as she had to react, "Danny," She spoke to him. Danny turned his head and when he did, Sam gave him a kiss on the lips. I think this is going to be a great break. Danny thought