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Summary: Harry has a fetish for romance novels, people often tell him he's a sap. But fantasy is better than reality right? Maybe Draco Malfoy can change that thought. DMHP

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Warning: SLASH. DMHP and some BZSF, and a little dot of RWHr. AU… sort of.

Chivalry is Dead

By: Hiki-chan

Harry's Pov

Harry sighed dreamily as he settled down the book he was reading. Ah, another happy ending. Yes, he knew Mdm Lena and Sir Wotscott would get together in the end. Yep… it was obvious from the beginning!

Harry leaned back onto the couch in the Gryffindor common room. He absolutely adored love stories. What? Him? Yes… he too had someone he was rather fond of.

A girl? Hah, guess again.

Yeah, it was obvious wasn't it? The-boy-who-lived was indeed GAY. 'And you know what?' Harry mused to himself, 'I don't give a damn.'

Since unlike the muggle world, wizarding world was fine with gay marriages. Heck, even gays could reproduce.

What? Don't look at us like that. It is possible. Sure, he was shocked too when he just found that out. But this is the wizarding world. He guessed that sure some potion of some sort could definitely make a male reproduce.

It's the wizarding world, get with it!

Harry sunk deeper into the couch as he tried desperately to get his thoughts straight. 'Fine, I'll admit to myself that I do like that arrogant git, but that doesn't mean I'll have to tell him anything. After all, we ARE enemies.'

He chuckled softly to himself, if anyone other than Hermione and Ron and Ginny knew Harry and his crush, they would laugh themselves off their brooms. That is, if they were on their brooms. Yes, he'd admit it. He someone told him that he was in love with Draco Malfoy three years ago, Harry was sure he'd laugh himself silly.

"Times have changed." Harry uttered softly.

That's right. He had defeated the dark lord last year in his 6th year in Hogwarts. Now he was on to his 7th year. 'Fortunately, Malfoy decided not to take the dark mark. If not he'd be in Azkaban with his parents.'

Well, it was true times have changed. Ever since Malfoy denied the dark mark, he and Harry had been on the same side. Which also meant that there was no need for petty rivalry now. So now him and Malfoy?


They were not exactly on talking terms. Just because they are on the same side doesn't mean that they must talk to each other like… friends. Harry guessed that Malfoy would rather have the dark mark than that. And that depressed him to no end.

That's when he was introduced to romance novels! Don't get him do you? Romance novels soon became a fetish for the young boy. What he can't get in real life, he'd just read it in a book and image what it was like to have someone who truly love, love you back.

As far as he knew, chivalry was dead. You don't see many boys actually helping the girls out that much. What made it worse, was that Harry IS a man. That just sucks right? Well he rather be a guy of course.

Harry smacked his forehead, what the hell was he thinking! All his thoughts were all jumbled up and quickly formed into one giant snowball.

Whatever, all he knew was that no boy was going to treat him like… like… like well. And he certainly couldn't imagine Draco Malfoy treating him any better. He snorted, "That'll take a miracle."

Oh well, time to take this book back to its home. Which was Hermione's home. The school library. Standing up, Harry left the room and headed straight to the library. He'll borrow more books if he saw anything he liked.

Sure enough, he found Hermione sitting near the window. Making sure that sufficient light was coming down. Her face buried in this huge book. Her place in the library was always one of the most quietest one. She made sure no one would disturb her when she was reading.

Setting himself opposite her he asked, "What book is that Hermione?"

The girl jumped slightly as she quickly placed her book on the table to stare at her friend, "Don't do that Harry. You scared me half to death."

Harry laughed softly, "Sorry, but what book is that?"

Hermione showed him the cover, "It's called 'The four founders' Harry." Brushing some of her hair back she continued, "It's about the four founders of Hogwarts obviously."

Harry nodded his head, "Is it interesting Hermione?"

"Very." She answered earnestly, "Did you know that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor were indeed gay?"

Harry blinked, "What?"

"Yes. It says here that it was because of them that gay marriages in the wizarding world is legal."

"Wow…" Harry gaped.

Her lips twitched upwards a bit, "There is this funny bit of information that says that Salazar tried his very best to seduce and woo Godric."

"Get out." Harry whispered in amazement, "And I thought chivalry was dead."

Hermione laughed lightly as she shook her head, "Not with me and Ron. And it probably wasn't dead back then." She shrugged, "Thought maybe you could give him a few pointers on how to treat a lady. I'm sure you're better than him."

"I'm no better Hermione." Harry shook his head, "Remember Cho? Ugh, what a horrible ending it was for me."

"And that's when you figured out men are more your type." Hermione examined her best friend with a soft laugh.

"Women are just hard to figure out." Harry shrugged.

"Amen to that." A voice said behind them.

Harry laughed as his best friend wrapped his arm around Hermione's waist.

"I still say chivalry is dead." Harry declared.

Both of his friends laughed softly at their best friend. All of them not noticing a dark shadow behind a bookshelf moving out.

Draco Malfoy immerged from the library. Wasn't that a piece of useful information?

To be continued.

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