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Chivalry is Dead

By: Hiki-chan

That night, Draco smiled while lying in his bed. Tonight's events kept running through his head. He couldn't stop grinning and now Harry was all his and his alone. No one could take him. He'd kill the person anyway. No one steals Harry, especially from a Malfoy.

Harry looked so delicious during the dance. Their closeness made him feel so, hot. When he and Harry gazed into each others eyes, Draco had let all his emotions run free so Harry could see how he was making him feel. Obviously that worked since Harry wanted to talk to him right after that.

But right before that, he was taking in breaths of Harry's hair scent. Mangos and peaches. The delightful intoxicating smell went to his lungs before going down all the way to his groin. Okay, enough about that. Thought about this before…

And that led to… yeah. A total great make-out session under the stars at the astronomy tower once he and Harry had confessed to each other how they felt.

After he had 'shut' Harry up, the boy when on to confess that it was one of his greatest fantasies coming true about kissing his true love under the bright night sky and that he had given Harry such pleasure. Draco felt touched, really he did. He was Harry's first and vice versa.

But now Draco was thinking. If Harry had read so many romance novels, he wondered if any of them were… R rated.

A snigger.

Wondering whether Harry has any fantasies that go above the rating of pg-13. Draco relaxed in his bed, oh well, when it comes to that time, they will cross that bridge when they come to it.

Harry was such a sap. But Draco preferred it that way. This way, when they did have any sexual erm, escapade. Well, when they did have it. It was obvious who was dominant. Malfoy's do not do submissive. That is, unless the Malfoy was a girl, like his mother! Okay, out of point. Back to Harry! His breathtaking green luscious eyes his I-look-like-I-have-been-shagging hair, his beautiful tanned muscular…

Bugger, why did it always come down to sex when he thought of Harry! Oh well, slow and steady now… Malfoy's do need to be satisfied.

One would think that he only wanted Harry to have sex. Ceh, shows how much they know. Draco Malfoy was madly in love with the Gryffindor golden boy. Make no mistake about that. So everyone hands off, Harry's his now.

Contented with those thoughts, Draco slowly drifted into dreamland.



Harry groggily woke up, "Whassit?" He reached for his glasses and clumsily put them on.

"Gah! Ginny! What are you doing here? This is the boys dormitory!" Harry reached for his covers.

"It's all right Harry. It's just PJs." The red-head grinned widely at Harry while leaning on his bed pillar, "And it's all thanks to you Harry!"

Harry blinked stupidly at Ginny for a moment, "Huh?"

"It's thanks to you that I made an EXTRA 10 Galleons!" She rattled.

"What?" Harry seemed blur before coming to a conclusion, "Oh yeah… the bet."

Dean stepped next to her, "Did you really become an item yesterday with Malfoy? Right during the dance?"

Harry scratched his head in confusion before the nights events ran through his head. He grinned suddenly, oh yeah! He and Draco were an item! "Yeah Dean. I did get together with him last night."

"Yes!" The girl cheered before stretching out her hands, palms out, "10 Galleons please Deanie!"

"Aww man. 10 Galleons gone." Dean muttered and reached for his wallet before he glared darkly at her, "And don't call me that."

"Thank you Deanie." Ginny giggled as she jingled in the money in her hand, "Now, was there great SHAGGING?" Ginny ask excitedly.

"Ginny!" Ron scolded, "I can't believe you said that. Now go back to your own dorm."

Ginny stuck out her tongue at her brother, "You're one to talk brother. I know for a fact that you and Hermione have been shagging all over school." She said as a matter-of-fact tone, "The girls dorm, the room of requirement, empty classrooms and--h-hey! Quit shoving."

Ron pushed his sister out, "Go, go, go! Shoo! Get out."

Ron turned back and saw all the guys grinning at him, "Eh..." He turned red in the face, "Don't kids say the weirdest things?"

Harry laughed at his best friend while the rest of them grinned wickedly.

Harry stopped first before he said to Seamus, "How was your night Seamus? Did Blaise make a move on you?"

Seamus reddened, "Yeah, he did."

Dean shook his head, "Sheesh! Some Gryffindors you two are. Didn't have guts to go and do something first. The Slytherins aren't suppose to be the brave ones! Why did they have to be the ones who asked you to the dance and to make the first move?" He coughed, "So I suppose that means that both of you would be the submissive."

"Dean!" Both flustered boys along with a bewildered Ron yelled while Neville just laughed.

Harry smiled to himself, look's like Draco really proved him wrong. Looks like maybe reality would be better than fantasy. Shaking his head out of his thoughts, he decided to go for a walk once he was done.

He stole a glance at the clock. 7.30am. Why did they wake him up so early? Oh well, it's a perfect time to take a long stroll around the lake.


"Pansy PARKINSON, stop that insanely loud shrieking this bloody instant before I DO something about it!"

Draco rolled his eyes at his friend as she continued to gush on ignoring his threat.

"You and Potter! How adorably cute! The most adorable thing I have ever seen! And now I have extra galleons for me!"

What made it worse was when Millicent decided to join in with the ranting.

"And Blaise and Finnigan are together right? Interesting. I feel this will be a very interesting year and,"

Draco had enough, he wanted out and away from these two insane girls. He shot the two girls a sneer before he left the Slytherin common room.

Maybe a long stroll near the lake would be nice and strangely soothing.


Harry grinned as he sat down near the edge of the lake. He was very sure the giant squid was far in the middle of the lake.

Last night events kept playing his head. 'Stop grinning damn it!' Harry told himself but couldn't stop himself.

A drawling voice sounded behind him, "Happy much?"

Harry bit his lip and blushed lightly recognizing the voice at once before he scooted over to make room for Draco.

They had discussed to meet at the lake once they woke up to get away from their insane friends. They had guessed something like that would have happened and Merlin were they right…

"So how was your click of friends?" Harry questioned nervously fidgeting when Draco sat very near him.

"Very enthusiastic." Draco replied plainly before draping his arm around Harry's waist and pulling the Gryffindor close to him.

Harry stiffen for a second before relaxing against Draco, "Mine were probably worse."

They spent the next few minutes discussing about their friends reactions and laughing about them.

Very soon the talking and laughter changed to a major make-out session. With Harry leaning against the oak tree with Draco leaning on Harry.

Soon after breaking apart, Draco rested his forehead on Harry's before whispering, "I think it's time for us to go for breakfast."

Harry smiled cheekily at the blond, "Ready to face the whole school?"

"Very much so." Draco smirked, getting up and holding an arm out. "I need to make sure they all know that you're mine."

Harry grinned at Draco before accepting the hand, "I bet many will be asking me when we got together and many will be counting the galleons they earned."

Draco laughed before he suggested, "Maybe we should fake and see how many hearts we can break?"

"Give me a break you." Harry smacked Draco on his shoulder lightly.

The End

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