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Chapter 1.

The Spies' Villa- Beverly Hills- 2:43 P.M.

Outside the villa, we see a whole bunch of people, whether they are skating, walking, talking, they don't catch our eyes. What catches our eyes is on particular man. He has black hair and bluish eyes. He is wearing a danub jacket over a red t-shirt which is tucked into a pair of jeans. He wears a belt around his waist. On his feet is a pair of dress socks, covered with a pair of leather shoes. The guy reaches inside his danub jacket and takes out a piece of paper, then looks over at the spies' villa.

"This must be the place." He said. He places the paper back inside his jacket and heads on over to the villa.

Meanwhile Mat, Sam, Clover, Brittney and Alex were busy relaxing out in the pool. They were busy swimming and enjoying each others company when they heard the doorbell being run.

"I'll go get it," said Alex.

Alex got out of the pool, dried herself off and headed for the door, when she opened it, there stood the man. He gave her a small glare.

"Are you WOOHP Agent Alex?" asked the man. His voice was emotionless.

"What's it to you if I am?" Alex asked.

"If you were, YOU GET THIS," said the man in a cheerful voice and hugged her.

"Hey what's going on?" asked Alex.

The guy let go and said, "Sorry, but I couldn't help being a little dramatic. Don't be afraid for I too work for WOOHP, the name's Jason, an agent like yourself!"

With that Jason outstretched a hand to Alex and she accepted it. Of course her hand started to hurt a little for Jason was squeezing it.

"Um, could you let me go?" asked Alex.

"Yeah, sorry, I couldn't help showing off my strength."

Then Jason noticed her swimsuit.

"So what's with the swimsuit?"

"Oh, me and the others were out in the pool." Alex answered.

"Oh," said Jason.

"You wanna meet them?" asked Alex.

"Of course that's why I am here, but forgive me but I don't swim, not anymore."

Alex looked at him, puzzled, "How come?"

"Because I don't like people to see me in trunks nowadays."

"Okay," said Alex. With that she led Jason out back.

Mathew, Sam, and Clover where just having fun, splashing and swimming around in the pool, they then noticed Alex coming up with Jason.

"Well, welcome back Alex, who's this guy?" asked Mathew.

"JASON," went Britney. She quickly swam up to the pool side.

"Hey Britney, long time no see. I thought you were with another division," went Jason.

"I am, but I stop by here every now and then." Britney answered.

"I see," said Jason.

"So what brings you here?" A drenched Britney asked.

"Well, the division of WOOHP where I was working at wanted me to gain some more expertise and to share mine with other agents. So they contacted Jerry and they set me up with his best agents. Of course I had no idea you were here Britney."

Mathew looked from Jason to Britney and asked, "You know each other?"

"Yeah, we first met on a mission both of our divisions were doing. We have been good friends ever since," said Britney.

"Well any friend of Britney's a friend of ours," said Sam.

With that Sam, Mat, Britney and Clover got out of the water.

Clover came up to him and said, "It's nice to, like, meet you. The name's Clover."

Jason reached out and shook her hand.

"Pleasure is all mine," said Jason.

Mathew came up and said, "I am Mathew."

"Nice to meet you Mathew, mind if I call you Mat?" said Jason.

"No not at all; most of my friends call me Mat." he answered.

"And I'm Sam," said Sam.

Jason then took Sam hand and kissed it.

"Aw, the Sam, I heard about your smarts and beauty."

Sam blushed. "Why thanks."

Jason then said, "Well why are standing around here for, you guys dry off, and we'll talk and get to know each other."

As they went in, Mat asked, "Is it okay that we play some video games?"

Jason gave a chuckle and said, "Mat, you just said two of my favorite words. I just love video games, especially Sonic, Mario, Zelda or Resident Evil."

"Really care for a game of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?" asked Mat.

"DO I," yelled Jason,

"JUST TRY AND STOP ME!" He than ran inside.

Then Clover said, "At least he's in high spirits."

"And has enthusiasm," said Alex.

A few hours later the spies have gathered round in the room. Mat and Jason were playing on the Gamecube, the spies were busy watching. As they played, Jason talked a little about himself.

"So, at first I liked Japan for it's video games and anime, but after looking at the culture in it, I like Japan for it's culture. Someday I hope to go there,"

Jason then slipped into a daydream. Britney tapped on Jason's shoulder and pointed at the screen. "AH! TAILS!" went Jason as he snapped back to reality.

Britney sighed, "I forgot how he sometimes loses his attention span."

In the end Jason lost.

"Ah, Blast it all! Still a good game though! Nice work Mat."

"You were not bad yourself," said Mat.

"Man am I parched," said Jason.

"Me too," said Mat.

"Hey I got an idea, why don't we head on down to the Mall and help ourselves to some smoothies. After all, if Jason's going to stay here, he might as well see the town."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Jason.

Some time later they were over at Beverly Hills mall. Of course Jason was silent the whole way.

"Man, Jason was chatty earlier," said Clover.

"Why doesn't he speak here?"

"Because he doesn't want to embarrass himself, or those around him," said Britney.

"So he just keeps to himself."

"I see," said Sam.

A few minutes later they were at the Groovy Smoothie Shack, helping themselves to their favorite smoothies. Jason, not having a smoothie before, was being very testy of the on the flavors. Also he was unsure what flavor to have.

Eventually, Sam and Britney said, "Just pick one already."

"Hmm," said Jason.

"This is my first time, I am not sure what to pick, I guess I will go with the orange."

He made his order and his drink was given to him. As he sipped, he noticed something, particulary two somethings.

Clover and Alex's eyes were starting to turn red. Suddenly they stopped drinking and smiled as their teeth grew jagged and their nails turned to claws.

"Mat, Brit, Sam, I think our two friends are not very well today."

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

"What the hell's going on?" I yelled.

"I don't know, Mat," Britney said.

All of a sudden, they turned back to Clover and Alex.

"Clover, Alex!" Sam screamed.

"What just happened?" Britney asked.

"Oooh. W-W-We don't know," Alex said.

"Yeah," Clover agreed.

To be continued. . . .

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