(Here's chapter 6 of "You are What you Drink". Hope you all like it.)

(from Mat49324)

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

"Alright, here's what we'll do," Sam said as we all gathered around her.

She whispered the plan to us and we had followed her lead.

"Alright, spies, let's get him and kick his butt," I said.

"For sure," Britney agreed.

"We might get one shot at this, but I have a back up plan if Sam's doesn't work, which I think will most likely work," Jason said.

(From The Time Traveler)

(Third Person Perspective)

Everyone stood back to back with the bottle of stun tan lotion in their hands.

"Okay," said Sam.

"When Clover and Alex attack us again, we use the stun tan lotion to freeze them."

"Sounds reasonable," said Mat.

"Well, ready or not," said Britney.

"Here they come!"

As if on cue, Alex and Clover came smashing towards them.

"Ready?" said Sam.

"Aim," went Mat as their two former friends came closer.

"AND SPRAY!" shouted Jason.

With that they sprayed the stun tan in each direction they were facing. However, Clover and Alex managed to dodge their sprays and Clover did a huge low kick causing Jason to fall down, and take Sam, Britney and Mat with him.

"What just happened?" asked Jason.

"Well, apparently they still have their reflexes and coordination despite what the formula did to them," said Sam.

"So how about that back up plan, Jas," said Mat.

Jason scratched his head and said, "Well you may not like it."

"Try us," said Sam.

"Well it's pretty much like Sam's plan but in reverse," said Jason, then he gave a cheesy grin.

"What do you mean 'it's much like Sam's plan but it's in reverse'?" asked Mat.

"All I am saying is that instead of Clover and Alex surrounding us, it should be us surrounding them, then we trap them under something, and that way, they won't have any place to get to," said Jason.

"That sounds like an excellent idea," said Sam.

"All we need is the bait," said Jason.

"Bait?" asked Britney.

"Who would volunteer for that?"

Little did she realize the eyes of her companions were looking at her.

(A few minutes later)

"I had to ask," said Britney.

Looking around at no one in particular she asks, "Jason, are you sure this will work."

"Positive," said Jason.

"All you have to do is lure them to us and we will trap them under these crates."

"Easier said than done," said Britney.

With that Britney headed off to look for Alex and Clover. She looked around every corner and crevice of the warehouse looking for them.

"Clover, Alex," she kept whispering.

"I am right here if you want me."

A few minutes later though she found them, actually they found her.

"About time," she said.

"Die," said Clover and Alex.

"Catch me if you can first," said Britney as she ran opposite from them.

Clover and Alex ran right after her. Mat, Jason and Sam were waiting behind their spots awaiting Britney's arrival. Jason was beginning to get a little impatient. Suddenly the heard footsteps, they peeked a bit out of their spots and saw Britney, with Clover and Alex on her heels. Britney stopped and turned to face them. Sam, Mat and Jason prepared to push the crates over on Britney's shout.

"Gotta wait for the right moment," said Britney as Clover and Alex were getting closer to her.

"NOW!" she shouted.

Responding to it, Jason, Sam and Mat pushed the crates over Alex and Clover, and Britney quickly dodged the crates as they came crashing down.

"TIMBER!" shouted Jason.

The crates landed on top of Clover and Alex.

"Move in!" yelled Sam.

The team moved near the pile of crates armed with their Stun Tan Lotion. As they got close to the center of the pile, the crates rumbled and Clover and Alex busted through them.

"NOW!" yelled Jason.

They quickly squirted Clover and Alex, and it made a direct hit.

"Diiiieeeeeeeā€¦.eee.ee," Clover and Alex had slowed and halted to a stop courtesy of the lotion.

The team breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Well that's one thing taken care of," said Mat.

"All that's left is that coffee maniac," said Britney.

"And we don't have to look far," said Jason as he pointed up to the ceiling.

The coffee maniac was pulling his hair in anger at the site before him.

"ARRRGH! Why didn't my puppets defeat them! It was the perfect plan!" he yelled.

Looking down at them he said, "You may have defeated my puppets, but you won't capture me again!"

With that he ignited his coffee jet pack and started to fly away.

"There is no way we are letting you get away," said Mat.

With that he climbed the boxes and crates in an attempt to reach the coffee maniac. Eventually at the top of it he jumped off the crate with enough force to land on his back.

"Hey, get off me!" shouted the maniac.

"Sorry 'pal' but you're grounded," remarked Mathew.

With that he punched the coffee jetpack causing it to malfunction and both of them started going down.

"Oh NOOOOOOOO!!" yelled the coffee maniac as they went down and crashed into a nearby shelf of crates, that of course plummeted after it was hit.

Sam, Britney and Jason ran on over to the crash area.

"Say, Mat," asked Jason.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," said Mat as he stood up.

"But now we should contact Jerry. Looks like our mission is finished."

After contacting Jerry, a few minutes later, a WOOHP team assembled on the site. The coffee maniac could be seen being ushered into a WOOHP van. As for Jerry himself, he was congratulating his spies on a job well done.

"Excellent job, spies," he said.

"Well, it was nothing," said Sam.

Jason then said, "I hate to be rain on this parade but, what about them."

He pointed to the stunned forms of Clover and Alex.

Jerry laughed and said, "Not to worry Jason, for I have the antidotes right here!"

With that he held up two vials. He quickly poured the antidote into the open mouths of Alex and Clover.

"There, that should cure them," said Jerry.

"The antidote should take effect before the stun tan lotion wears off."

"That's a relief," said Britney.

"You can say that again," said Mathew.

"And once they're free, we're going back and going for a swim!"

"That sounds like a good idea," said Sam.

"Count me out," said Jason.

Spies Villa: 08:23 A.M.

Once again, Sam, Britney, and Mat were once again splashing and swimming around in the pool. And later, diving in were our two victims, that's right, it was Clover and Alex.

"YAHOO!!" they cried as the two now unbrainwashed spies jumped in.

The result was a big splash.

Mat laughed and said, "Nice to see you two have made a full recovery."

"Me too," remarked Clover.

"I mean being a snarly beast thing was like totally not me."

Jason, who was just hanging near the pool remarked, "Just keep the splashing to a minimum."

"Geez, Jason," said Sam.

"You don't have to be killjoy."

Jason sighed and went on up near the pool.

"My apologies, I think I should tell you something about myself," said Jason.

"I am autistic."

"Wow, you know how the universe works, but what does that have to do with your attitude?" asked Alex.

"Not astro phyics, autistic," said Sam.

"It means he has a mental retardation that interferes with his normal way of thinking."

"Exactly," said Jason.

"I was born with this, just like anyone else was, but my form of autism is less sever, it's called Aspergers Syndrome. It's a mental condition which effects my social skills rather than my intelligence."

"Same here, I was born with that too. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. Too bad there's no cure," Mathew spoke up.

"Oh, so that's what Jerry meant by asking you to try to get along," said Clover.

"Yes, and it's partially why I have a bit of a bad temper, normally I would have gotten mad at the baddest comment thrown at me, but I try to control it, plus it gives me some good skills as well."

"Such as," asked Clover.

"Well such as recognizing patterns and being able to solve puzzles frequently, and I can almost notice everything. In fact my condition is sometimes called 'little professors' syndrome. But the only thing I dislike about my condition is that it's not well known, and people that don't understand it might be afraid of it, for we act differently than normal people," said Jason.

He hung his head and said, "I'll understand if you plan on keeping your distance from me."

Jason of course didn't notice Alex swimming up close to him and putting her hand on his.

"No way, Jason! So what you are auto, whatever it is, you seem to be a great guy!"

"I'm with her on that," said Mat.

"To me, you seem pretty normal, but now I can understand why you act the way you do!"

"Here, here," said Sam.

"Totally," said Clover.

Jason's eyes widened.

"You mean it!"

"Yep," said Mat.

Then Sam got an evil look in her eyes.

"But first you should cool off first."

With that, she pulled Jason into the pool.

"GYAAAAAAH!" he yelled as he was pulled in. Everybody laughed.

Jason resurfaced, gave a bad grimace and growled.

"Nobody, pulls that on Jason AND LIVES!"

With that he started chasing after the girls and Mat.

Well all except one, Britney who watched from the sidelines and said, "Looks like he is going to fit in after all!"

The End