Girls For Sale



An all boy country has a population depression. They need to buy girls for means of reproduction. How would they handle dealing with homo sapiens they had never seen before?



Which comes first?

The chicken or the egg?


Why did men separate from women?

History is a record of past events of a period in time or in the life or development of people, an institution, or a place. So, what actually happened? Why did men separate from women?

It all started thousands of years ago. Five hundred years after the last ice age took place. Back then, men and women lived together happily. Living a simple life with their children and relatives. But something happened.

Something that led to the separation of men and women. Something unbelievably very simple. Something like this..

It all began in a small country called Sky. It only covered a tiny portion of the world yet they hold the most powerful, most influential and the richest group of men and women in the whole world.

They lived a luxurious life. They easily get bored and because of that boredom. A man thought of an idea.. an argument, and asked his wife.

"Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?"

The woman paused and thought silently. The chicken. She replied confidently, The Chicken. The chicken of course, because if there's no chicken who would lay the eggs? There will be no eggs without the chicken.. particularly the hen.

The man disagreed with her logic. The man argued back, No.. it's the egg that comes first. The eggs of course, where would you get the chicken.. particularly the hen, if it didn't hatch from the eggs?

At first, the argument was simple and small. But as the days, months and years go by. The competitiveness of both men and women grew. Girls versus boys. Men versus women. Their small argument grew big and spread nationwide.

They were fighting over one, simple question. Which comes first? They don't know. The bond between men and women was broken beyond repair. The different businesses were affected by the war. And because Sky holds the most influential people, the war, too, affected the whole world.

This war must be stop. They all agreed and decided, this argument.. this war should end for neither of them will win nor lose.

And the only way to do that.. is to separate the men from the women.

Each country from that of the north pole to that of the south pole.. from sand country to leaf. They were all separated by a wall. A wall that will protect everyone in the country, a wall that will totally split them, break them apart. XY country for male and XX country for female.

And that ends the crappy history of why men separated from women.

"Eh? That was crappy! Men and women were divided because of one stupid question!? Are you sure, you're telling the right History? But if ever, it did happen. Then, of course.. egg comes first!" His whiskered face plastered a grin. Naruto's tone was confident.

"Dobe." Sasuke muttered rolling his eyes. Sasuke Uchiha, a guy with a pretty face. The dobe was of course going to choose the egg, he's a guy afterall. Totally bias.

"How dare you!? You bastard!"

"Idiot." Sasuke returned the glare Naruto gave him, twice the instensity as before.

"You guys, stop it. This is your daily routine. Aren't you sick of fighting each other for 12 years?" Kakashi sighed deeply, Sasuke and Naruto became friends, best friends, but neither would admit it though, since they were 4 years old. Now, they were 16 and still act as if they were 4.

"We're here." Neji, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Lee arrived sitting around Kakashi.

"You're on time. That's good."

"By the way, Kakashi-sensei, how do you reproduce? I mean, we're here.. breathing. But how do we come to life?" Naruto asked interrupted curiously as Kakashi was about to announce to them an important news.

"Speaking of that, I had that in mind too. I heard, us.. human beings are produced through gametes by a female and male. So.. where do we get the gametes?" Lee posed his usual pose.. Youth Ranger!

"How? Well, through a machine. A male and a female need to donate one gamete. Of course, before the wall was built, both groups decided to atleast agree on one thing.. which is reproduction, for us to continue living.. building generations of boys and girls."

The curious teen boys listened attentively.

"The gametes will be placed inside the machine and it would produce the offspring. If the offspring is a boy, he would stay with his father and if the offspring is a girl, she would live with her mother." Kakashi smiled under his mask, this was a good intro for his news.

"So, we have mothers and sisters?" Chouji asked excitedly. His mother must be really beautiful or pretty or cute.. just like him. Pretty like the butterfly.. butterflies taste like peanut butter and chicken.

"Yes, to know that you are related.. there is a symbol embedded on their napes, just exactly the same figure as yours." Kakashi explained carefully.

The boys turned into Oh Mode, they touched their napes and examined the symbol. They could feel the shape of the symbol. Sasuke got the fan symbol. It depends with what clan you belong. They were so amazed.

"By the way, sensei. What's your news?" Neji inquired before they all go off topic. The purpose of their get together meeting was to hear about the news.

"Well, about that."


"Well, about the machine I've told you awhile ago.."


"Well, it's kinda broken."

SILENCE. The crickets were chirping. The wind blew hard.

"So what?" Naruto, not getting the idea, asked. As if it wasn't a very big deal. Duh? So what if the machine is broken? Sasuke just bumped Naruto hard on the head for being so damn dense.

"So.. it means." Kakashi sweatdropped.

"Tsunade-shishou! We're here!" Sakura, a pink haired beauty, shouted like a 4 year-old kid.

She was together with her friends, Hinata, Ino, Tenten and Temari. They were gathered around for a very important news. They all got the What's-up?-I-want-to-know-right-now.-So-get-on-with-the-news look.

"Oi, everyone. Come inside." A beautiful blonde woman greeted. She was a bit worried if these girls would be mature enough to take the news seriously and understand their current situation.

"Your office smells really good." Ino murmured, smelling the addicting aroma of cherry. Tsunade smiled and offered them something to drink.

"What's the news, Tsunade-sama?" Tenten asked taking a sip on her Watermelon fruit shake.

"And yeah, your Watermelon fruit shake tastes really good."

"Uhm, it's pineapple. Not watermelon."

"Mou? Really? I thought it was grapes." Sakura added making the situation worse. Oh well, even though she's the Hokage, she has no talents in culinary arts.

"Tsunade-sama? The news?" The shy Hinata asked.

"Oh yeah, that. Well, it's broken." She plainly said. Receiving no reactions, she sighed and looked at them knowingly. But still no reactions. Someone then spoke suddenly.

"Your hymen!?" Temari shockingly asked with the very horrified expression.

Everyone's eyes were on her, looking at her strangely. She then gave them all a confused face, mouthing the word What?

"Of course, my hymen isn't broken. I was just saying that--"

"The mirror broke? I told you, shishou, stop singing infront or near any mirror. It will cause you another seven long painful years if you broke another one!" Sakura smartly stated, placing her right hand on her chin and nod in the process.

"I agree." Hinata added doing the same thing.

Tsunade sighed. She loves singing, but the song doesn't love her. Her dream of being a famous singer one day is gone. Erased. Deleted. Torn. You know what she means? Enough about her.

"Listen to me! Let me finish first. The machine is broken!" She tried her best to emphasize each word and deliver to them the message as clearly as she can.

They gone Oh Mode.. comprehending the matter Tsunade wanted to clear to them.

"So what?" Sakura asked being the innocent and gullible and oblivious in the group. They sighed. Too much sighing is bad for your health.

"So.. it means." Tsunade sweatdropped.

"What the hell!?" They all shouted, disbelief and fear displayed on their faces. Even Sasuke got a reaction on his stoic I-am-emo-boy face.

"Are you sure, sensei?" Sasuke asked himself, with mouth.. with teeth. Being someone with neither of the two, nor the tongue (not literally speaking), a guy who spoke limited words like..

"Hn." or"Hn?" or"Hn!" or"Aa."

He had broken the record! He spoke atleast 4 different words! Wohoo! Anyway back to the story.

"Yes, each XX country and XY country had a population depression, meaning, a deacrease of population due to the war, deaths and well.. war. The machine can't be fix immediately, it takes years to fix it. And we can't risk the fact that the country might turn into a deserted area."

The boys gone silent, seriously and sincerely listening to every word Kakashi was saying.

"Each country already had a conference, the elders plus the top officials who rule the country all agreed on one decision. Each country will be paired up with their twin country and the rest.. I think you know what I mean."

"So, we need to reproduce..manually?" Shikamaru gulped, comprehending the situation.

"And.. thus we need to deal with.. with.." Kiba shakily thought.

"GIRLS!" Naruto shouted.

Kakashi, on the other hand, smiled nervously as he looked at his students gone mad, insane, crazy, nuts, bananas, berserk! Redundancy be damned!

"How do we do that? We'll choose?" Neji asked silencing the noisy Naruto.

"No. You'll be.."

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