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Where's your birdie?


Completely perverted! Read at your own risk!

"Your lips looks like tomatoes"

Sakura's heart started to beat really really fast. Her master's face was just inches from her. She wanted to touch those perfect lips of his. But, she couldn't do that. She must always wait for her master's instructions.

But damn it was too tempting. She too, though still very innocent, was completely attractive to Uchiha Sasuke. Who wouldn't? The gorgeous body plus the incredibly handsome face, every girl would really want to be his.

His messy spiky hair that makes him hotter, the pale white skin of his, the hot six packs abs. Wow.. and what made her fall for him even more was his eyes.

Those beautiful dark orbs, that was strangely haunting her since they first met.

"Sasuke-sama.. Sas--" Her thoughts was disrupted when Sasuke pressed his lips roughly to hers.

Sasuke's lust was growing. Damn.. He thought. He had lost his cool composture. Well, it is about time, he starts to play.

Especially watching all those pornographic scenes from their classes, makes him want the little girl in front of him more. The knowledge he had, is enough to do the three letter word thing to her. Or so he thought..

Sakura at first, was shocked. They never kissed before. Well, they said this actions is called kissing. She saw women kissing.. but cheeks to cheeks.. never on the lips.

So it was a new experience to her. She didn't know how to react.

Sasuke's hand instinctively wrapped around Sakura's tiny waist and pulled her closer making the bowl of tomatoes drop on the floor.

Sasuke smirked as he slowly bit Sakura's lips. He remembered Kakashi saying..

There are different stages of kissing.. first is the lip to lip touching.. then after that you ask for entrance.. then you'll go to the next stage which is french kissing.. where there is tongue involve.

"Sasuke-sama.." She moaned loudly as she instinctively wrapped her arms around Sasuke's neck pulling him closely as she started to respond with the kiss.

His smirked grew wider when Sakura pressed her body closely to his. With her thin night gown on his naked chest, he could feel her erected nipples.

"Erection.. the stiffening and swelling state of erectile tissue, especially that of the penis, usually as a result of sexual arousal. Girls also have erections.. and it can be seen in their nipples."

His hands from her waist started to go upward, feeling every single detail of her curvacious body. She must be small but she's damn right sexy.

He reached for her breast and squeezed it gently making Sakura pull away with a loud moan. It was perfectly round.. and deliciously big.

"Sasuke-sama.. Sasuke.." Her voice was rough as she slowly sat on Sasuke's lap, facing him. She could feel his hard member between her legs as Sasuke caught Sakura's lips again in a kiss that she returned with equal fury.

She pushed her body slowly, accidentally rubbing hers to his bulging member, making Sasuke groaned in pleasure. So so innocent.. Sasuke thought. Yet damn seductive..

Sasuke's hands left Sakura's breast and slid down to her thighs which were wrapped closely to his waist. He went inside her thin night gown and went up again to visit what he left moments ago.

She could feel Sasuke's hand gently massaging her naked breast. Sakura pulled away to breathe some air, but only for a few seconds, Sasuke pulled her again in a wet kiss.

"Aaah.." Sakura moaned seductively, though she was oblivious of the fact that she's seducing Sasuke.

His tongue played with hers which was shyly sticking out once in a while. Sasuke left her mouth to whisper something to her ear which made her giggle.

His mouth then trailed hot kisses from the side of her ears down to her neck. Sakura just moaned as Sasuke bit her neck and licking the blood that goes out from it.

Sasuke could really feel Sakura's wet panty pressing dangerously on his boxer shorts. He smirked and went down and held the end of her night gown.

He pulled it up slowly without breaking the kiss. Slowly.. slowly, her thin dress was rolled up to her breast until it reaches her head.

"Help me.. get this thing off." Sasuke said huskily as Sakura lifted her two arms. The dress was roughly taken off and thrown to the floor together with the tomatoes.

Sasuke's back was pressed coarsely on the headboard with Sakura on his lap desperately holding on to his hair as she moaned stridently.

Sasuke's right hand groped Sakura's ass and pulled it closer to his. Sakura blushed feeling his member. While the other hand worked its magic on her breasts. Sasuke never felt so much pleasure before.

"Sasuke-sama.. aaaah.."

Sasuke searched for the switch of the light and turned it off. It was dark all of the sudden and the only light was from the huge full moon from the outside.

The glimmering dim light from the moon passed through the two figures who were heatedly making out. The sweats of their heatedly pressed bodies were shining against the stroke of light from the moon.

Sasuke nipped leisurely on her collar bone and lowered his head until he reached her full breasts. He stared hard at it.. What do I do with this things..?

Maybe, I can suck it.. He turned his head in disapproval.. Naaah.. and returned his lips to Sakura's swollen ones.

He paused for awhile thinking of what to do next. He tried to remember the scenes that Kakashi showed them. He was shortly disturbed when Sakura's tongue touched his in a very unique manner.

Now I remember, push her on the bed.

Sasuke held Sakura's body firmly and gently pushed her on the soft layers of his bed sheets without breaking the kiss. Sakura's back touched the comfortable feeling of his bed, their bed.

He trailed wet kisses on her neck while holding her two hands on the sides of her head.

Sasuke pulled away and stared at the naked girl under him. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed. Sasuke smirked as he laid eyes on her full red swollen lips and the bruises he made on her white and smooth skin.

"Hickies.." He muttered to himself as he remembered Kakashi explaining it to them.

"Hickies.. they are bruises on the skin..It is a mark on the skin caused especially by kissing, biting, or sucking and associated with physical intimacy.. You'll know that if you made one.."

"Open your eyes.." Sakura heard him say and she obeyed without second thoughts. She saw him hovering above her with his knees and two hands to support him.

He looks hotter when he's sweating.. Sakura's hand unconsciously brushed the bangs of his eyes. Those eyes.

"Now for the fun part." He said in a monotonous voice, his smirk grew wider as he kissed her one more time and pulled her panty down to her thighs and up until her ankles.

He then stopped and a very confused look was visible on his handsome face.

"What's wrong Sasuke-sama..?" Sakura asked noticing the look on her master's face.

"Where's your birdie Sakura?"

TWEETY BIRD: I thought I taw a Putty Cat!

"Well.. Sasuke-sama, I really don't like birds that much. But, my mom did had an idea to buy me one. I declined though. I really do want to have a puppy, but she said it was too difficult to raise such things.. so that's why--"

"No, Sakura.. yours is flat." He pointed at hers.

"Why Sasuke-sama.. does yours looks like that?" She asked standing up as Sasuke sat up indian style.

"No. Where are your eggs Sakura?" He asked another question. He said placing his right hand on his chin as he think. He was a genius, he must figure out what's the problem.

"So.. Sasuke-sama, your bird lays eggs too? Wow.. that is so cool." She went to Sasuke's side and looked at him eagerly. Sasuke-sama has a pet bird!

She was over-all naked and Sasuke just stared at her completely aroused but he wiped it off immediately thinking of the current problem right now.

"Sasuke-sama? Does your bird fly?" She asked pulling Sasuke's comforter up to her breast. She felt a bit cold as the cool night breeze touched her bare skin.

"NO." He said simply. "Yours is flat.." He said to her again.

"Yes Sasuke-sama.." She peeped behind the covers and looked at hers. He remained silent. Well, he is always silent. But the silent ones are said to be wilder.

"So, Mama.. was right! Not all birds fly.. is your bird a penguin or an ostrich or perhaps a kiwi?" She asked rubbing her masters shoulders noticing that he is starting to get cold.

Sasuke smirked at her actions and gave her a small peck on the lips. Sakura blushed really red. Sasuke then suddenly stood up and infront of Sakura dropped his boxers, showing his birdie.

"Neh? Sasuke-sama.. it's ugly. It doesn't even have feathers!" Sasuke sweatdropped. What does she expect? Tweety bird?

TWEETY BIRD: I did! I did taw a Putty Cat!

"Whatever. Let's continue." Sasuke muttered and went on top of Sakura, pushing her again.


"Neh? Sasuke-sama, what do we do now?" Sakura asked as she looked at Sasuke's dark orbs directly. She was also baffled whether they were done doing it. Tsunade-sama hadn't really shown scenes that really describe the process.


"I don't know." Sasuke scartched his head and brushed his lips gently to Sakura's. He then pulled away and went to lay at Sakura's side.

"I think we're done." She smiled at him as her back pressed closely at his muscled chest. At the age of 15, Sasuke Uchiha had a body of an adult guy. However, most of his features were young and boyish.

"What's the time?" Sasuke asked nuzzling his head on Sakura's soft pink hair that smells like her name.

"About four in the morning Sasuke-sama.. we still have classes at eight. Tsunade-sama would be really mad if we're late. Tsunade-sama is really scary when she's mad. I don't know if I can tolerate the scolding tomorrow.. and--" She talked really fast but stopped when his hands pulled her closer, their naked body pressed dangerously.

She blushed really hard. Oh my god.

"You talk too much." Sasuke stated opening his eyes a little.

"I'm sorry Sasuke-sama!" She moved her head to look at his face. She doesn't want Sasuke to get mad at her. She still have to repay him for taking good care of her. Giving her what she wanted, although he paid so much for her.

Thou shall not make Sasuke-sama mad. It was her rule. She must repay him with her service and must do anything Sasuke-sama asks her to do.

Sakura stopped, noticing that Sasuke was already asleep. Sasuke-sama is so hot.

"Neh? Sasuke-sama, I never thought having sex would be this fun and easy.." She giggled and doze of to sleep in the arms of her master.

MORNING: 8:36 A.M.

"Good Morning Class.. Well, give me a reason why I shouldn't get mad." Tsunade gritted her teeth with anger. Her students, as well as Kakashi, Gai and Iruka made her wait for 36 minutes. They were freakingly late and she hates it when they made her wait.

She's the Hokage. She's the BOSS. B-O-S-S.

"I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama." Kakashi laughed nervously under his mask. Yes, he was always late but when it comes to Tsunade. He musn't be late or else his two balls would go dunk dunk to the NBA finals.

"But don't worry Tsunade-sama! We finally did it! We had sex!" Naruto, the only one who has energy, stood up gleefully. The others were so tired.

Hearing this, Tsunade smiled. Wow. This kids are geniuses. They had absorbed every thing she and the other teachers thought them. She was definitely proud of herself.

"Well, very good. Now how was it?" She asked happily.

"It was good. We slept together!" Naruto replied with stamina up to whatever level.

"Yes, yes.. I know that. I mean what do you feel? Girls? Does it hurt?" She asked happily but strangely, the kids are not getting her point.

"Tsunade-sama! We kissed and made out. Sasuke-sama even touched my breast again and slid my panties do--" Sasuke covered his pets mouth trying to stop the red color forming on his cheeks. Uchiha's don't blush.

Tsunade was oh so happy and bright! So it was a big success. Hearing from Sakura, they had kissed and took off the clothings. So they really end up doing it.

"Tsunade-sama.. uhmm.. what do you mean by "does it hurt"? Hinata asked shyly as she played with the rim of her skirt.

Everyone looked at Tsunade having the same question floating on their minds.

"I mean it was your first. Inserting something really does hurt right?" She said laughing strangely.

"What do you mean by inserting?" The pale eyed prodigy asked. Inserting? He never remembered inserting something to Tenten, his tongue.. yes, but that doesn't hurt. He blushed reminscing the way their tongues played wildly.

Sasuke smirked at him understanding what he's thinking about. He just gave the Uchiha a glare.

"Do you mean tongue?" Ino asked hugging Shikamaru's arm tightly. Shikamaru on the other hand muttered "troublesome" everytime, Ino's large breast rubbed on his arms.

"No.. of course not." Tsunade sighed. What the hell.. How come they're not getting my point?

"So what do you mean?" Tenten asked again.

"I mean like this." Tsunade formed a hole with her fingers and inserted her other finger on the hole. Everyone had the What-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about-look.

"She means, that do you guys.. inserted your birdie to their flowers?" Kakashi helped Tsunade explain the should be scenerio to the clueless kids who claimed themselves that they had done it.

"So the ugly birdie without feathers should be inserted on my flower?" Sakura gleefully asked.

"Flat flower." Sasuke corrected.

"Er-- So the ugly birdie without feathers should be inserted on my flat flower?" Sakura rephrased what she said and smiled back at Sasuke who had a stoic face but a smirk on his lips.

"Y-yes." Tsunade and Kakashi sweatdropped.

"I thought.. having sex is sleeping with each other? The only difference is that you're naked and you kiss before you sleep?" Naruto said in a very fast and loud voice.

"So what did you do exactly?" Tsunade asked the fox faced boy.

"We slept. As in S-L-E-E-P. Like the usual thing with do. Though we're naked and we're cold." Naruto rubbed his nape.

"You are so right Naruto! That is exactly what we did! Right Sasuke-sama?" She giggled and Sasuke nodded in agreement. The others also nodded. Tsunade almost fell.. my gawd.. how come these kids hadn't figure it out yet.. do these kids have instincts?

"Well.. I guess we need to educate you further." Everybody cocked their eyebrow.

"Does anyone here had already have sex?" Tsunade asked carelessly. "Kakashi? Did you?"

"Er--" Kakashi coughed. Tsunade, not in her right mood.. feeling depressed, didn't figured out Kakashi's actions. She sat tiredly at her table and called the other teachers so they could start educating these clueless teenagers.

"Where is Kurenai? Is she late?" Tsunade asked as she looked at the clueless teenagers talked happily with there masters. At least, friendship have been constructed.

"Er- Tsunade-sama, Kurenai cannot come because she said she was completely sore." Shizune said in a very loud voice announcing to everyone.

Kakashi coughed nervously. The kids who were busy talking stopped and looked at Kakashi.

"So does this mean, Kakashi-sensei inserted his ugly birdie without feathers on Kurenai-sensei's flat flower?"

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