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Summery: Happens after destiny final plus. Kira went to the plants to live with lacus. The story is about the live after the war between the 2 of them.

Pairings: KxL, hints of AxC, MxM, MuwXMurrue, SxL and others.

Chapter 1: Shopping trip


Lacus said as she abruptly recalled something as they made their way out of the lift.

"What's wrong Lacus?"

"There was something I have forgotten to buy."

"And what is that?" Kira ask while touching his forehead with hers.

"It is a toothbrush." Lacus replied while smiling.

"A toothbrush?" Kira ask puzzled.

"Because the hair end of the toothbrush was considerably shaggy," Lacus explained "so I need a new one and I happen to saw one which I like."

Kira nodded "I also need to buy a new one, my toothbrush's hair end is also turning shaggy," then he asks Lacus. "Then, where shall we buy it?"

Lacus pointed at the general store in front of them. The general Store occupies about half of the shopping center and sells a wide range of goods from make-up goods to foodstuff. The general store was crowded with people as Christmas is coming soon and people are buying Christmas presents for there friends and love ones.

"Yes, understood."

The both of then continue to walk towards the store will holding hands. They had went to the shopping mall nearby to buy some daily necessities for themselves since the war had ended and they were to be living in the PLANTs for a few months until the peace treaty between Orb and PLANT is signed as Lacus was a mediator between the two counties now. Kira had decided to accompany Lacus during her stay in PLANT while Athrun and the others head back to Orb. Most people stare at them as Lacus was famous in PLANT and a few boys even stare at Kira with envy.

"Lacus, are you sure this is ok? I mean walking around with so many people staring and now that the war has just ended there may be people that might..."

Lacus put her finger on Kira's lips and say "I am not afraid of anything since I am with you and you will protect me right?"

Kira nodded and squeeze her hand gently. "Lacus stay close to me we wouldn't want to be lost in this crowd right?" Lacus nodded as they walk into the general store.

They made their way towards the toiletries section to find the toothbrush that Lacus was looking for. The shelves were mixed with colorful bath goods and many kinds of toothbrushes on both sides. There were electric toothbrushes and toothbrush in different shape and sizes.

"Did you find it Lacus?" Kira ask.

"Yes, here" Lacus said as she went show him two toothbrushes. One of the toothbrush was pink in colour with a pink rabbit attach to the end and the other one had was blue in colour with a blue colour rabbit attack to the end.

"Here this one is yours Kira." Lacus said while handing him the blue colour toothbrush.

"Look isn't it cute? This toothbrush comes in pairs so I though if you want to change a new toothbrush might as well buy a pair…," Lacus continued.

"Its fine by me and it is cute. Well shall we go now?" Kira asked.


After that they went to the food department to buy some food home as their fridge is empty and they had to prepare for the Christmas dinner.

Kira went to get a pushcart when they had too many things to carry while Lacus wander off to look at cosmetics. When they were done with their shopping they went to counter to pay up.

"Lacus what is this?" Kira ask her while holding a pink bottle.

"It's a surprise. You will find out soon enough." Lacus said while blushing

"Well ok..." Kira was curious but decided not ask Lacus anymore if she is shy about it.

They made their way back to the car to put all their shopping bags so that they can continue to shop without having to hold a lot of shopping bags with them. They continue their shopping trip around the mall as they reach a candy store.

"Candy!" Lacus say then she turn to face Kira with puppy eyes as if begging him to go in.

"Let's go in then since you like candy so much." Lacus smiled and gave Kira a kiss before pulling Kira along with her inside.

After coming out of the candy shop with Lacus holding a large paper bag full of sweets, they proceed to a department stall as Lacus wants to buy new clothes.

"Kira try this on." Lacus handed Kira a black colour t shirt and matching pants.

"Huh?" Kira said surprised." Why?"

"Because you don't have much clothes to wear and because we are going to live here for quite some time before we go back to Orb and I don't expect you to wear the same set of clothes everyday." Lacus replied.

Kira had no choice but to listen to her because what she said did make sense. He had left all his spare other clothes onboard the archangel and with only a few set of clothes he would surly need to buy some.

Meanwhile Lacus was taking out different set of clothes for him to try. When he was done, it was Lacus turn to choose her clothes.

"Come on Kira I want you to give me your comment on my clothes and help me chose some too." Lacus said.

"Sure Lacus, but I know nothing about women's fashion..." Kira replied.

"It's ok Kira; I just want you to give me your comment."

Soon Kira was treated a fashion show by Lacus as she came out of the changing room each time with a different dress and each Lacus ask for his comment he would say that she look beautiful. Lacus was a bit annoyed that Kira keep saying the same thing and she decided to dress in something sexy to capture his attention. Lacus look around and found a strapless pink dress that goes down to her knees and show a lot of her cleavage.

'I wonder what Kira's reaction will be.' Lacus thought as she step out of the dressing room.

Kira was blushing when he saw Lacus step out of the dressing room.

"She looks like an angle..." Kira thought to himself "this dress really suits her, it shows her figure perfectly..."Kira mentally slap himself before he start to have dirty thoughts.

Lacus was giggling silently when she saw his reaction.

"Kira are you ok?" Lacus asked. "Your face is burning hot..." Lacus said while putting her hand on his forehead.

"I am fine. You look very stunning in that dress..."

"Really? You like it?"

Kira nodded while blushing.

"Well then I will buy this dress." Lacus said while eyeing Kira "and wear it everyday since you like it so much."

Kira blush an even deeper shade of red which amuse Lacus to no end.

After paying for the clothes, they when to the nearby food court for dinner.

"What would you like to have Lacus?" Kira asked.

"Well, I would some sushi and ice cream." Lacus said.

"Ok I will be right back." Kira said as he made his way towards the Japanese sushi store.

Soon Kira return with a large plate of sushi that Lacus wanted and a large bowl of ice cream in 3 different flavors.

"Thank you Kira." Lacus said and give Kira a kiss on the cheek as a reward.

"No problem." Kira said as he sat down next to her.

"Kira you did not buy anything for yourself?" Lacus asked.

"Well I bought enough for the both of us to share...but if you don't want to I can go and buy my own." Kira replied while blushing.

"No it's alright; I can't finish everything by myself anyway." Lacus relied quickly. 'He looks so cute when he is blushing...' Lacus thought to herself.

"Lacus, I want to ask you something." Kira said suddenly after they had finish eating the sushi and was about to start with the ice cream.

"Yes?" Lacus replied puzzled "You can ask me anything Kira."

"Well I was wondering why isn't there any of your fans coming after you since you are quite famous here but everyone don't seem to know you." Kira asked.

"Well I think maybe everyone is still cannot accept the fact that I am the real Lacus or they may think that I am a fake one like Meer." Lacus replied as she recalls her fateful meeting with Meer.

"Lacus don't be sad...and we have avenged her death already and let's leave the past behind us..." Kira said while holding Lacus hand.

Lacus nodded as they ate in silence. Then Lacus say "Kira can you let me do a bit of shopping by myself later?"

"Why?" Kira asked.

"Well I want to buy some personal stuff...so unless you want to help me chose some lingerie you can come along." Lacus said as she eyed Kira who was blushing bright red. Lacus decided to tease him further and ask "So have you decide if you are coming along with me Kira?"

"Well no... So we will meet up here in when you are done. Give me a call when you are finish with your shopping or if anything happens." Kira said reluctantly.

"Ok, then I will be going now." Lacus give Kira a kiss on the cheek before walking off towards the shops.

To be continued...

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