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Chapter 10: The next step

"Well do you know that Kira love to eat sweets?" Athrun asked.

"Well I am not sure about it… why?"

"Well his secret involves his love for sweets that got him into trouble…" Athrun paused before continuing.

"This happened when we were only 7 years old when we are still living together on Copernicus ….

11 years ago…

Kira and Athrun were having a sleepover in Kira's house and as usual the both of them would talk about computer games and sometimes girls till they sleep. The topic the both of them were talking about that night happens to be girls.

"Hey Athrun you know about the girl sitting next to me? I overheard her saying that she finds you very cute for her liking and now she is going all out to get you!" Kira said while lying down on his bed.

"Well at least I don't run away when a girl tries to talk to me unlike someone…" Athrun muttered.

"Hey that's not my problem ok? I am just not used to talk to girls you know." Kira replied angrily.

"I didn't say who the person is and he admits it himself." Athrun smirked.

"I hate you Athrun!" Kira said embarrassed as he took his pillow and threw it at Athrun who was caught off guard but manage to evade it.

"If you think that way then too bad, I will not help you with you homework anymore." Athrun said smiling as he got up into a sitting position.

Kira was speechless as he tries to make a comeback. "Don't worry I can copy my homework from someone else instead of you then."

"Oh really? How about that assignment that we need to hand in on Monday? "Athrun asked. Kira was silent after that and was deep in thought. After awhile he made a decision and was ready to give Athrun an answer.

"Fine then, I am sorry ok? Happy?" Kira shouted. However Athrun decided to let Kira suffer a bit before forgiving him.

"I can forgive you on one condition. You play a game with me and if you win I will do your homework for you."

"Really? Then I accept you challenge!" Kira said confident of wining.

"Okay then if you dare to run into the girl's toilet and stay there for five minutes, I will give you a box of your favorite chocolate on top of doing your homework for you." Athrun said.

"What? Wait didn't you say it's a game? This doesn't count!" Kira shouted.

"Well it's a game of truth or dare and you said it yourself that you will be playing and so I just give you your dare." Athrun replied as he tried to stop himself from laughing.

"So what is your answer? Will you do it like a man or just run away like a girl?" Athrun knew that Kira will submit to his dare because of two factors: one is the fact that Kira hate to be call a girly boy and two is his love of sweets.

"Fine then! I am a man and I accept your challenge Athrun! You better prepare your box of chocolates because I will be claming it tomorrow!" Kira declared.

"Good, I will be looking forward to it."

"So did he do it?" Cagaili asked.

"Well… he did manage to sneak in and stay there for five minutes but something else happened…"

Athrun was shocked when he saw Kira went straight into the girl's toilet and several minutes later he hear a scream from the toilet.

"Kira are you alright in there?" Athrun shouted outside, however he got no reply from and was about to get the teacher when he saw Kira coming out of the toilet… in a girl's uniform.

"Kira what are doing in a girl's dress?" Athrun asked as Kira stood in front of him with teary eyes.

"I…I was by found a few girls in the toilet and they said that they will only let me off I wear a girl's dress and… and when I tried to run they push me against the wall and forced me into this dress, I…I..." Kira burst out crying while Athrun tried to suppress his laughter and lead him away to change while assuring him that he will give him a box of chocolates.

"Wow, Kira ready did all that just for a box of chocolates?" Cagaili asked while trying to control her laughter.

"Yes it's true I still remember how he looks like in a girl's uniform." Athrun chuckled at the image of Kira dress in girl's uniform.

"Now that I got such juicy information, I can use it to blackmail Kira. Wait till Lacus hear about this. Kira in a dress! That's a good secret you got there Athrun!"

"Thank you my princess." Athrun said as he knee down in front of Cagaili. 'Now is my chance! It's now or never.' Athrun thought.

"Hey get up, what do you think you are doing?" However Cagaili was interrupt when Athrun hold up a small red box in front of her.

"Cagaili will you marry me?" Athrun asked as he opened the both to reveal a diamond ring. Cagaili was surprised, but she quickly nodded as Athrun smiled and slipped the ring on her finger.

"Did you want me to make you mine?" Athrun asked as he hugged her. Cagaili blushed while giving him a slight nod, much to Athrun's delight and he carried her to the bed.

"Please be gentle…" Cagaili said as Athrun laid her on the bed.

In the Kira and Lacus's room

Lacus had already when into the bathroom to prepare the bathtub for the both of them while Kira wait outside for Lacus to change and prepare her surprise she had for him.

'Come on its not like we are going to do that in the bathroom right? But then from Lacus's actions earlier I can no longer be sure about that…' Kira thought to himself.

'Maybe I should call Athrun for help?' Kira thought as he picked up the phone. When Kira had dialed the number, Lacus came out of the bathroom.

"Kira, I have finish with my preparations already, so you can come in now…"Lacus said blushing while hugging Kira from behind.

"Sure, I coming now." Kira replied as he turned around to hug her back, only to discover that Lacus was dressing in nothing except for a towel wrapped around her.

Kira blushed as Lacus snuggle into his embrace before gave him a kiss and went into the bathroom while wiggling her index finger motioning for him to follow. Kira was shocked by Lacus's change of behavior as he stood there motionless. Who could have though the innocent Lacus that he knew had a very different side at the same time?

Just then his hand phone rang.


"Hi kid, I hope you are well over there."

"Muw san? Is there anything I can help you with?" Kira asked curious.

"Well no, I was just calling to ask if everything is going well with the pink princess there in the hotel."

"Well, everything is alright here but how do you know that I am in a hotel now?"

"Athrun told me about it the other day over the phone that you are going to a love hotel with the princess…so any progress over there?" Muw lied while trying to image Kira's facial expression currently.

"What are you talking about?" Kira replied trying to act dumb hoping that Muw will buy it but he was a terrible liar.

"Well I am sure you know what I am talking about, so if you don't then let me ask you this, are you trying to get Lacus to do 'that' with you?"

Kira blushed as he quickly replied "Of course not! Why would I want to do that to Lacus?"

"I am sure you know the answer, anyway are you and Lacus going to bath together?"

"Ho… how do you?" Kira asked shocked.

"Easy because I…" Suddenly the line when dead.

"Hello? Are you there?" Kira asked but there was no reply and he put down his phone.

'Strange how would Athrun know beforehand that I will be here with Lacus? Why would Muw know that I am bathing together with Lacus? Something's defiantly not right…' Kira thought as he proceeds to the bathroom after changing.

In the bathroom

Lacus sat in the bathtub while waiting for Kira to enter as she starts to wonder what is making Kira take such a long time. She blushes as she recalls her actions earlier.

'I hope Kira got the message just now…' Lacus thought as she starts to day dream about all the different things the both of them can do afterwards.

Soon the door opened with Kira in a towel as well and was blushing madly as Lacus motioned for him to get in the bathtub.

Kira kept his eyes closed as Lacus stood up to make space for Kira to slide in behind her. The bathtub was filled with pink foam and strawberry scent and was big enough to fit the both of them. After the both of them had settled down Lacus leaned against Kira as she relax in his arms. Lacus sensed Kira's uneasiness as he was blushing madly like her as it was the first time the both of them bath together. They were too embarrassed to speak to each other until Kira decided to break the silence.

"Err…Lacus the pink bottle that you brought during our shopping trip is this bottle of bath salts?" Kira asked trying to start a conversation. Lacus nodded and replied. "I brought it because I thought you would enjoy it and actually I was planning to give it to you to try it out, but I have decided to try it with you instead…So I hope that you will feel relax instead of being tense like now…"


"Kira lets enjoy out bath together shall we?" Lacus asked after awhile.

Kira nodded as Lacus snuggled closer to him as they help each other to each their backs and among other places.

"Don't you find the bath salts smoothing?" Lacus asked as Kira nodded slightly.

"Relax Kira, I don't mind it even if you see me naked…" Lacus had secretly wished that Kira would be more bold much to her dismay. 'I gave him so many hints and yet he never did anything. I should not have my hopes too high because he is very shy…' However Kira had heard her unspoken thought and he tried to be more daring and decided to start by kissing her neck. Lacus was surprised but enjoyed it soon started to moan at Kira's actions which made him even more aroused.

"Kira…" Lacus whispered breathlessly. It's almost a dream come true for her.

"Lacus, I know that I am very slow but I am ready for the next step even if it's a bit too fast…" Kira said. Lacus smiled as shook her head lightly. "I don't find it too fast because we are proceeding at our own pace, so…" She was cut off by Kira as he captured her lip with his as she turned around to deepen the kiss while she slipped her tongue into his mouth...

In the room above

"Murrue, why did you stop me just now for? Things still went well for the both of them in the end right?" Muw asked while to massage his left ear that Murrue had pinch.

"You almost revealed our location just now, and you were talking way more than you need to just now." Murrue replied angrily.

"Come on, I was just giving Kira a bit of brotherly advice and to push in the right direction."

"I won't call that giving him advice though, it more like encouraging him to rape her. I won't allow you to pollute his mind because he is like a little brother to me."

"Ok, Ok I understand but don't you think it's time for us to call Miss Yamato and report their progress to her?" Muw ask. "She will be delighted to know that the both of them are going to do that in the bathroom…" Muw said as he starts to think about the trying out what Kira and Lacus are doing. Murrue signed at Muw's thoughts.

"I suppose it is time. Anyway the only reason I am doing this is because Kira and Lacus are very shy people and they need a little push to get them to be more intimate. I just hope that things will turn out well for the both of them…" Murrue said thoughtfully.

"I guess we should keep the equipment and call it a day then, and I am sure we can make use of all the equipment of this hotel… or try out what Kira and Lacus are doing…" Muw whispered as he hugged her.

"Well I suppose we could…" Murrue replied while blushing. Just then, the listening device they had brought picked up someone else talking and soon, moaning. The both of them remained silent as they recognize the voices.

"Athrun and Cagaili? What are they doing here?" Muw asked as they soon realized what the both of them are doing.

"I guess we had just picked up a piece of bonus information for Miss Yamato…" Murrue said as she switched off the equipment. "I don't need to hear what they are doing…"

"Talk about double happiness for Miss Yamato, this is a piece of good news." Muw said as he picked up the phone and dial Caridad's number…

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