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It had been ten years since he had moved to Japan to live with his father. During those years he had begun to notice his father and the producer of the former band "Bad Luck" become a bit more closer than friends should be, however, he did not think much on it, being so young at the time and all. It wasn't until recently, as he was older and able to understand things a lot better, that he began to question himself about the relationship that they had.

A lot had happened since he had began to live with his father, for those ten years. The recent band, Bad Luck, that his father managed, had recently broken up, about four years ago, the reasoning was, not only did Nakano and his wife Ayaka have a daughter, but Shuichi and Yuki had had so many break ups and make ups to count, but those where not the reasons. Suguru Fujisaki, the keyboardist, the prodigy of the keys, had a fatal car accident that lead to his death, months later.

The death had been hard on the band, as well as those closest to the boy, Shuichi, Hiroshi, K, Sakano, Tohma and the other members of Nittle Grasper, Ryuichi and Noriko. It was a very sad year, the year that Suguru had died. A few of his most devoted fans even attempted to commit suicide because he had died, only three of them had died as a result. The families of the suicider's had sued the band for the deaths of their children, though the courts had denied their claims and told the people that it was not the bands fault. With the help of Tohma Seguchi that is, who made a public appearance with his wife and his six year old son.

It was two years after the death that K had began to manage bands again, and Sakano, had begun to produce. They started working together on an aspiring band called "TAKE" and it was since then, that the young boy, who was living with his father, began to see less of him again. Which made the boy sad, but he could understand that his father was working hard to support him, since he didn't want to live with his mother since he had so many good friends in Japan.