A/N: Sorry for the short chapter and while before updating, I've been kind of busy with my new job But I have not forgotten about this fic, and I will finish it, I swear I will.

Michael stood nervous in front of the Rehearsal Hall. He found himself getting lost three times trying to follow the directions on the paper, but he made it, ten minutes late, but he did make it. He breathed in and held his breath for a moment before sighing. Clutching the handle on his instruments case, he walked towards the double glass doors, pushing them open and walking into the building.

He found himself in a small room, a counter on the right hand side and two clerks behind it. He did not pay much attention to them at first, until one of them called for him.

"Are you Mr. Winchester?" he asked and Michael looked over at him.

"Yes..." He was a bit confused but walked to the counter.

"Miss Yasori told me to tell you, that the practice hall is the fourth door down the hall this way," the man pointed towards a door.

"Oh? Thank you. I'm so sorry for being late." He said, he felt like an idiot, getting lost like he did.

"Don't worry about, Mr. Tanada is always late, sometimes up to an hour. But he's one of the best violinist's that the Orchestra has." He smiled. "Well, enjoy your rehearsal."

"Thank you." Michael nodded to him and headed towards the door. Opening it, he walked down the hall, looking for the fourth door. Finding it, he breathed in and opened the door.

He was very nervous while rehearsing with the group, but after the first hour and a half, he loosening up a bit and during the short breaks, he even had a few of the other members of the Orchestra asking him questions. He was glad that he decided on working for them. Everyone had seemed very nice and liked the fact that someone so young as he, was interested in working with them. Though after three hours of rehearsal, he was bushed. He was tired and a few people offered to drive him home. Of course he refused every one of the offers, he did not want to feel bad about accepting any of them, so he just convinced them that he did not live too far away and walking would have been fine.

Though the walk home was rather long, he did not mind though, he was happy to be able to have the alone and quietness of the night. Well, it was not exactly quiet, it was noisy from the traffic and everything else around him, but he was glad that he was alone. It took him a little while to get home from walking, but he was hoping that his father, if home was asleep somewhere, but he figured that it would be too good to be true if he was. Taking out his key from his pocket, he unlocked the apartment door and walked in, slowly as he had unlocked it slowly. He had shut it, slowly as he did opening it, and began to quietly walk towards his room.

He was relieved when he heard no sounds other than himself. He figured that his father must have not made it home yet, which made him joyous all over. He sat down on his bed and placed his violin case on it. He looked at the instrument's case for a while before laying back onto his bed, thinking about what he had done. Joining an orchestra without telling his father. How much trouble he would get for that one, but he did not mind too much, as long as he kept his grades as second or third in his year, he knew that his father would be happy. Closing his eyes, he drifted off into sleep.