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Summary: Yuna broke Tidus' heart, and Baralai broke Paine's. Will the two find comfort in each other? TxP YxB GxR.

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The sun shone brightly upon the Island of Besaid. Tidus enjoyed it. It was the only time he could think about things. He closed his eyes and absorbed the quietness, until a feminine voice called him.

"Tidus! I found you finally…" She paused to take a few breaths, "Listen I need to talk to you so could you meet me later in the hut?" Then she ran off again.

Tidus blinked. He watched the bio-coloured girl go.

"So, Yuna you wanted to… talk?" Tidus said, nervousness creeping in his voice. Yuna gazed at him with her bio-coloured eyes, while twiddling with her thumbs. "Ur, yeah… Come sit down."

They walked over to the Wakka's and Lulu's couch and sat. Yuna seemed extremely nervous. "Ok, listen Tidus, I…" Yuna was cut off by Tidus. "Um, you're not pregnant are you?" Tidus said a little too quickly.

Yuna blinked then chuckled a little. "No Tidus, I'm not." Relief washed over Tidus, he couldn't cope with being a father just yet, I mean he was only, what 20 years old? "So what did you wanna tell…?"

But this time Tidus was interrupted by the squeaky, childish voice of Rikku, Yuna's Al Bhed cousin. "YUNIE! TIDIE! Come quick! We gotta sphere to find!"

Yuna sighed, and then got up. "Listen I'll tell you after we find the sphere ok?" Tidus nodded. After Yuna had left the Besaid hut, he followed her a few seconds after being blinded by the Besaid sunlight. But something in his heart told him that whatever Yuna was going to tell him was bad, really bad.

"Whoa, Tidus, where'd ya learn moves like that?" Exclaimed Gippal, the one eyed Machine Faction leader. Tidus wasn't listening to him. They became close friends after Rikku introduced them both to each other. (A/N: This bit is after the mission! Sorry bout that.)

"Yo, Spira to Tidus… You in there man?" It took a couple of moments before Tidus realized Gippal was talking to him. "Huh?"

"Dude you ok?" Gippal asked a little worried about him. Tidus nodded his head. During the sphere searching Yuna wouldn't look at him once. He wondered what's up with her. He was about to say something when Rikku interrupted. Again. (A/N: Wow, Rikku's doing a lot of interruptions isn't she?)

"Hey, Tidie! Yunie's calling you!" She squealed. He got up and went. Gippal asked Rikku what for. But Rikku simply replied with, "Maybe they're gonna make-out!" She snickered.

Tidus went up to the deck of the Celsius, the only quiet place on the ship. Yuna sensed him walking up to her. She took a deep breath.

"So ur, Yuna…" Yuna interrupted him. "Tidus I don't think we should be together anymore!"

Tidus' heart stopped beating.


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