As some of you may know the first few chapters are from the same title story, the Silver Trio, by Saete another fanfiction author. I noticed some people enjoyed this story alot and I liked it quite a bit and noticed it had a bit of promise. I thought about taking it over and helping it back to where it was going so here it is.

Rowling's stuff is her own.


Aug. 31 (the night before first year)

Harry's House

Harry cowered on the floor as his uncle raised the belt again bringing it down on his back leaving yet another slice that would scar. His entire back was covered in them from years of abuse.

Harry had just come back from going to Diagon Alley with Hagrid, and his "family" was beyond angry. His uncle's face was shades of mottled purple and red, obviously he was not feeling the need for any mercy for his nephew, "So Boy, did you and that other freak have fun? You are worthless freak don't forget that, and nothing will change that!"

Harry coughed wetly knowing at least one of his ribs was broken. Vernon kicked him harshly in the stomach and Harry collapsed completely to the floor. Petunia and Dudley were still in a private hospital to get the tail that Hagrid had given him, taken off.

Harry was therefore left alone with his uncle who had been itching for revenge for the insult against his son. Vernon bent down and grabbed Harry's hair pulling him up to look in his eyes; he had avoided his face since he was leaving for the freak school tomorrow.

He looked into the emerald eyes filled with tears and pain and smiled at him, "Now, Boy" Vernon said is a scarily calm voice, "What will you tell those freaks if they see your punishment?"

As his uncle waited for his answer he pulled a pocket knife from his pocket and flicked it open. He played with the blade, slicing off Harry's shirt, displaying a chest and back where little skin was even visible anymore.

Harry gasped out an answer through the shooting pains in his chest, "I fe..ell down..n the stairs..s Sir." Nodding with a frightening smile on his face Vernon threw Harry back down to the ground on his stomach, hearing the whimper that leaked from his mouth as he slammed to the ground.

He pinned Harry to the floor with an arm as he whispered in his ear, "Just a little reminder of what you are boy." Vernon proceeded to draw the knife across Harry's shoulders listening to the high painful screams that echoed from his mouth. Vernon stood and moved back admiring his work as Harry sobbed into the floor.

He then picked Harry up and threw him back into the small cupboard under the stairs, locking the door to trap him. Harry crawled to his mattress listening as his new owl Hedwig cooed at him from her cage, worried about her new master. Stopping his tears Harry tried to smile at the snowy bird, "It's alright Hedwig, I'll be okay."

Harry grimaced as he shifted towards his new trunk pulling a book at random from the interior of it. He glanced at the title of the book Most Potente Potions and his emerald eyes grew darker. He swore to himself as he opened the book and tried to block out the pain, "I will get stronger."


Hermione's House

Hermione sat in her room reading one of her new textbooks, Hogwarts, A History, as she listened to her parents scream at each other from the living room below. She had skipped dinner since she was sure it would have just been another battleground.

She winced as she heard a vase shatter and the screaming escalate; she could hear what they were saying, her father nearly shook the house with his deep voice, "I never wanted the little brat! You trapped me in this hellhole you bitch! Its all your fault, I hate you and your little bitch!"

Tears gathered in her eyes as she heard her mother scream back, her voice so shrill it probably could have shattered glass, "Don't blame me, I wanted to abort it! You're the once that wanted to keep the kid! She just invaded my body for nine months!"

Humming, Hermione blocked their screams from her head as she dived further into her book, reading it carefully. As she heard the front door slam and two cars squeal off she rose from the bed and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. Her parents had completely forgotten that she was even there, heading off to a bar, or to see one of their lovers, maybe just heading out to drive around.

Grabbing a soda from the fridge Hermione sat down at the table listening the absolute silence that had suddenly descended upon the house. She could feel the waves of pain rise in her chest and she rose from the table and raced over to a kitchen drawer, pulling out a small paring knife with a sigh.

Silently Hermione rolled up the sleeve on her sweater over her shoulder exposing a multitude of small parallel lines decorating her arm. Quickly she drew the knife across her skin and another line appeared beneath the others. She could feel her inner pain dissipate as he watched the blood drip down her arm.

Letting the sleeve fall back down into place she rose from the table and headed back upstairs to her room to fall back into the oblivion that her textbooks offered. She turned back and grabbed the knife stuffing it in her trunk to take to Hogwarts with her. As she settled down on her bed she let out a silent pledge, "I will get stronger"


Ron's House

Ron lay in his room watching the Chudley Cannons poster on the wall opposite him move around in the dark night. He knew he would come tonight, it was the last night he would have free access to Ron.

Ron smiled a little as he thought about the next day and leaving for Hogwarts, it would be good to get away from home, his parents had been throwing multitudes of concerned glances at him. He had stopped wearing most colors and pretty much wore black all the time, it wouldn't really be noticed at Hogwarts since his robes would be black.

He had also grown very pale, making his vibrant red hair and dark freckles stand out even more, he wasn't seen outside very much anymore. Ron was more likely to be found alone with his chessboard, or, heaven forbid, a book in a quieter corner of the house.

Perhaps was the noticeable change was the lack of emotions he seemed to have anymore, his formerly hot temper was gone, replaced with cold sarcasm and chill looks. The rest of the time smiles didn't grace his face anymore.

Even the twins noticed the change; they had stopped pulling pranks on him because he never reacted anymore, simply brushed himself off, let a sharp remark roll off his tongue in their direction and left. Fred and George, though they were pranksters at heart genuinely cared about their family, and this new Ron was worrying them, it just wasn't their little brother anymore.

Charlie and Bill had noticed the change when they came to visit during the summer; for some reason Ron had avoided them, never allowing himself to be alone in the same room with either of his oldest brothers; they to were worried and intended to owl McGonagall to ask her to keep an eye on their littlest brother when he got into Gryffindor . The only family member that Ron didn't seem to avoid or use sarcasm with was Ginny, they had grown a lot closer and Ron could even be found teaching Ginny how to play wizard's chess in some corner of the house. Sometimes he would just sit and listen to his little sister talk, it was the only thing that brought any life to him, one of the few reasons he simply hadn't ended his existence. Ginny was the only one who ever saw the smiling laughing boy they all remembered, though it was extremely rare.

Ron was drawn out of his contemplation when he heard the door creak open, knowing who was on the other side. He closed his eyes and tried to detach himself from what was going on around him.

It wouldn't of mattered if he screamed, all the rooms in the house had silencing charms since there was so many people living in it. However Ron refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing him scream and beg for him to stop, it never worked.

He clenched his fists at his sides as deceptively strong hands slowly unbuttoned his pajama top tossing it into the corner, the pants came next going to the same corner. Ron had stopped fighting quite a while ago as it never did anything and he held back the tears that he could feel shimmering behind his eyelids as he heard the person above him speak, "Roll over and get on all fours." He obeyed knowing in the end it was going to happen anyway, the sooner he complied the sooner it ended.

He tried to ignore the harsh breaths hitting his neck as the person above him bit down leaving a mark that would bruise in the morning, he tried to ignore the hands on his hips the fingernails always leaving purple bruises, the harsh pain shooting up his spine, and the weak whimpers coming from his mouth as he bit his lip to keep from screaming.

A groan above him brought him back to reality as it ended, he collapsed down to the bed, just hoping he would leave. Ron heard the shuffling of clothes and was startled when he felt his pajamas hit him, "Get dressed, can't have mom and dad finding you like that in the morning."

With a dark chuckle he walked towards the door, "As I am the only male Gryffindor Prefect this year McGonagall is letting me have the Head Boy's private room, I shall see you at Hogwarts." Saying this Percy left.

Ron grimaced as he slowly got redressed, his sheets cleaning themselves with an automatic charm; knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep that night Ron grabbed his chessboard and textbook on Transfiguration. Situating himself by the window he quickly began a one sided game of chess making a vow, "I will get stronger."