And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Lion King Soundtrack

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Matthew smiled as Raoul finished his speech which was, admittedly, slightly rambled due to the glass of wine that he had drunk, which he had reacted to in a rather jolly sort of way, after years without it. Matthew looked at Ivy as she hugged Raoul, and smiled, then walked over to shake Raoul's hand.

"You take care of my little girl..." Raoul slurred, grasping Matthew's shoulder, "Or I'll give you what for..."

Matthew smiled. "I know, Raoul." He pulled Ivy to his side. "Thanks for letting me have her..."

Raoul nodded. "Yes... well... not always going to be around... need to know there's some kind of decent fellow looking after her don't I?"

Matthew grinned. "Of course..."

"I suppose it's time you go and dance soon..."


Matthew smiled and rested his forehead against Ivy's.

"You look amazing..." he murmured.

Ivy smiled. "You don't look too bad yourself."

"I had to try didn't I?" He said quietly, leaning forwards to kiss her lips briefly. "I love you..." he murmured, then kissed her again.

"Mmmmm..." Ivy said, pulling away slowly. "I love you too..." She met his eyes. "You taste nice..." she said cheekily.

"Really?" Matthew said, pulling her closer. "Well I suppose you don't taste too bad... I don't know... we'll have to check..." he leant forward and captured her lips, then pulled away smiling. "Could be worse, I'll have to get a better taste later..." he stroked her back lovingly, then smiled. "When I punish you..."

Ivy frowned. "Punish me for what?"

Matthew raised an eyebrow.

"What?" Ivy said.

He leant down to whisper in her ear. "Your dress... is far too white... for a woman who is not a virgin to wear..." He kissed her gently on the ear. "So I suppose I'll just have to pretend won't I?" he sighed. "No wild wedding night for you young lady..."

Ivy raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm sure I can make you forget that small obstacle..."

Matthew grinned. "Really? I'd very much like to see proof of that missy..."

"Ok..." Ivy whispered. She stood up on tiptoe and whispered in his ear. "When we get back to our room tonight, I'm going to have a very, very, tight dress on, and you'll just have to succumb to your feelings..."

Matthew chuckled. "You're really far too innocent to be talking like that..."

Ivy nodded. "Your fault."

Matthew rolled his eyes. "Everythings my fault..."

"Indeed..." Ivy kissed his jaw.

"I dont suppose..." he murmured, "that if I were to offer you my sincerest apologies, you'd pay any attention...?"

"No..." Ivy said quietly, "I don't either...


"In my eyes, you're perfect. I love you so much, and I cant wait to spend my life with you..." Matthew met Ivy's eyes and leant down to kiss her lips.


Matthew closed the door behind them, never taking his lips from Ivy's. His hands ran down her back, resting at her hips. Ivy pressed herself closer to him, feeling for his response... Matthew pulled back.

"Don't be naughty!" He whispered, then kissed her again. Ivy smiled into his mouth, letting him lift her and carry her over to the bed. He laid her down gently, then bent to ease his mouth over her neck.

"How'd you want to do this..?" he murmured, flicking his tongue over her collarbone. Ivy put her hands on the side of his face and pulled his head gently up to look at her. She smiled.

"It doesn't matter... I'm with you..."

Matthew smiled, leaning to kiss her lips softly. "I love you..."

"I love you too..."

Matthews hands began to slowly undo Ivy's dress, slowly revealing the flesh he had denied himself for almost six months. "No love making until our wedding night..." he'd said. Now he didn't know how he'd managed it. Ivy undid his shirt, sliding it off his back and kissing his chest. Matthew groaned. It was alright for hershe didn't feel breathless at the sight of a mans chest. When he saw her chest, he'd get choked up and find it hard to breathe. He forgot his deliberate lack of haste, he still undressed her gently, but he was much faster in doing so.

They were both naked within minutes, he kissed her body softly, luxuriating in the taste of her flesh.

"Matthew..." Ivy whispered softly. He lifted his head from her stomach and smiled.

"What is it?" he said, one hand rubbing her cheek, the other resting on her thigh.

"You know what Pyroma said...?"

Matthew hesitated then nodded. "What about it..?"

"I just... I don't know..."

Matthew smiled and moved to kiss the corner of her mouth. "Nothing has to happen about it just yet... we've got our whole lives... don't worry about it..."

"I'm not worrying." Ivy assured him. "I'm just... do you...?"

"Do I what?" Matthew asked.

"Do you want to have children...?

Matthew looked at her. "What? You mean... now?"

Ivy nodded slowly, then shook her head. "You don't have to... I've gone too far... can we just...?"

Matthew covered her mouth and smiled. "Ivy... I don't want anything other than to have children with you... I just didn't know you wanted them as well..." he kissed her fiercely.

Ivy kissed back, shocked. "Really?" She gasped.

"Yes!" Matthew laughed. He stroked her hair. "Oh Gods..." he chuckled. "Mini Ivy's..."

"Mini Matthews..." Ivy grinned.

Matthew smiled. "Mini Matthew's is a great idea..." he kissed her lips again. "When do you want them...?"

Ivy bit her lip. "Now..." she said slowly.

Matthew raised an eyebrow. "I suppose I'll have to get busy then won't I?" He unclasped her necklace and lay it on the table next to the bed. He leant forwards and kissed her.


"Oh... I love you..." Ivy gasped. "Matthew..." she moaned. "Oh, Gods... Matthew..."

"I love you too..." Matthew managed. He held her as she shook in his arms, gasping as he joined her with his release. He stayed inside her, kissing her cheek gently.

"How many children do you want?" he murmured.

"Alot..." Ivy grinned.

Matthew smiled. "Suppose we better get practising then..." he kissed her softly. "You're perfect."

"Not as perfect as you..."


"Matthew! I swear to the Gods when this is over you are dead!" Ivy screamed, gripping Matthews hand so tight she left white marks on his skin.

"Alright sweetie..." Matthew said calmly. "I'll let you kill me, just keep going alright?"

Ivy gasped. "Easy for you to say! I'd like to see you pushing a baby out of your bleeding memb..."

"Sweetie, we really don't need to here that!" Matthew said over her. "And if there's ever a way of a man giving birth instead, I'll do it ok? Now just keep pushing. Grip my hand as hard as you can ok?"

Ivy pushed again, once more digging her fingers into his hand as hard as she could. Five minutes later, Ivy gasped, falling back on the pillow of the infirmary and watching as Matthew was handed his daughter.

"Ivy..." he murmured, sitting himself beside her and showing her their child, stroking her sweat soaked hair from her face. "You're a mummy..."

From somewhere, Ivy found the strength to sit up, and Matthew handed her their daughter.

"She looks like you..." Matthew whispered, putting an arm around his wife's shoulders. "She's beautiful..."

"She's got your eyes... look..." Ivy whispered, leaning onto Matthew's chest and smiling at her daughter. "We've got a baby..." Ivy said slowly. "We've got a baby!"

Matthew smiled and kissed his wife softly. "We're parents..." he murmured, then pulled away. "I'm... I'm a... I'm a Daddy?"

Ivy smiled and nodded. "Well done... you noticed..."

Matthew stared at her then kissed his daughters head, then found Ivy's lips.

"We need a name..." he said after a long, comfortable silence, looking at his small, happy family.

Ivy nodded. "What about Rose?" She asked slowly.

Matthew met her eyes and smiled. "I like that..." he reached out to take his daughters hand. "Rose of Tirragen, Goldenlake and Malories Peak..." his hand met Rose's then suddenly, there was a blaze of fire, then a hiss of steam. In Ivy's lap, next to Rose, there was a glowing diamond of ice, encasing a flame.

Matthew looked at Ivy, then Rose. "We've got an Icy Rose..." he smiled. "This is perfect..." he kissed Ivy's head. "I love you, Squire..."


With this ring you will be
With this ring I'll multiply
With this ring
surrendering to you

Disenchanted Lullaby Foo Fighters


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