Hey all! I haven't written Horatio/Calleigh for a while (Bad Becs, I know) and inspiration whacked me around the head while rewatching 'Forced Entry' last night. So here you go!

Disclaimers are in my profile, and dedication goes to Dizzy-Dreamer, aka Sammie, for many Horatio/Calleigh fueled geek-outs! x

Calleigh stared at her lunch. Her lunch break was soon to be over, and she still had to actually eat lunch before it was back to business. But even though she knew this, she just couldn't bring herself to open the microwave door.

She'd made the necessary piercings in the foil lid; she'd chastised herself for choosing convenience over health yet again; and she'd told herself that if she didn't eat it soon, she wouldn't be able to eat again until she got home, which wasn't for another 4 hours, at least.

But, still, Calleigh stared at her lunch.

"You know, it'll heat a lot faster if you actually put it in the microwave?" A honey-dripped voice told her, moving to her side. The owner leant against the counter, fiddling with his sunglasses and sharing the side-ways-semi-smile that accentuated his dimples and gave Calleigh's heart a flutter.

After much practice, she'd learnt to be able to give a witty and coherent answer, while willing her temperature to drop to the usual degrees and her mind to drag itself from the gutter. "Funnily enough, I knew that, Handsome" she grinned.

"And still it's on the counter" Those dimples again. "Can I ask why?"

"You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you" she leant her hip on the side, watching him with a smile

Horatio thought for a moment. "Cadaveric spasm?"

Her mouth dropped open slightly, "How'd you know?"

Flashing those dimples for the umpteenth time, he leant into Calleigh and whispered, "I ate take-out for a week after my first one"

Calleigh chuckled, ducking her head for a moment, before asking incredulously, "You mean the unflappable Horatio Caine got, well, flapped?"

It was Horatio's turn to chuckle, as he popped open the microwave door and slid in the meal, pressing for 3 minutes, "Don't tell anyone."

"I won't if you won't"