Hades' Gate


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Summary: A change in fate. Harry's brother really is the Boy-who-lived while Harry stands in the background. Harry has to show everyone that, even if he doesn't have a prophecy claiming his power, he's got enough to stand on his own. A plethora of problems stand in his way. A school is training Dark Witches and Wizards. And war still looms in the horizon.

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Chapter 17: Lillian Tales/Nostradamus Times

"Slytherin!" The hat shouted to the hall. "But you would do well in Ravenclaw." It whispered into his mind.

Yes, he would have done exceedingly well as a Ravenclaw. He might have even become the best if he entered Ravenclaw. Why? Because the house suited him the best, but here he was – a Slytherin.

Truth be told, Regulus Arcturus Black was a Ravenclaw by heart. Nothing short of the truth, discovering the answer, building something new, made him happier. Yet, why had he been sorted into the house of the snakes? He had no other choice. Sirius, young grayish eyes caught similar blue ones, had been sorted into Gryffindor; Merlin forbid another Black got sorted into any other house.

Regulus hated his brother at that moment more than anything else the other boy had done to him. Forget all the cruel pranks, the mocking, and the unhappy family. It narrowed down to his very moment. Sirius always took everything away from him. The first born. The heir. The handsome one. The charismatic one. All Regulus wanted was to have a chance at making his own choices. He wanted the freedom that he had before Sirius had gone and screwed that up by getting himself turned into a lion.

It was so like Sirius. Everything Regulus ever wanted, Sirius beat him to it. Just like last month. He had thought Caitlyn Flint was beautiful with her large blue eyes and perfectly curled ringlets. When the Flints and Blacks had gotten together, Regulus had in his hands freshly picked wild flowers from the Black's land, only to find out Sirius had kissed her.

They were small things, but it added up over time. Ultimately, Sirius cared for no one but himself.

'Even now,' Regulus thought bitterly as he watched Sirius laugh and joke with Potter and their band of mischievous child malice. 'Sirius couldn't have been sorted into Slytherin so I could have gone to Ravenclaw?' Of course not. Regulus shivered and played with his cutlery, something his mother would have boxed his ears for if she saw. He remembered very well the cruelty of Sirius and James's prank. Regulus had been left in the garden in the pouring rain in his birthday suit for half a day on one occasion.

"Regulus Black?" Grey eyes snapped to look at the person viewing him. Lucius Malfoy. Some dumb pureblood female hung from Malfoy's arm. "I've heard very little of you." Hasn't everyone?

"There isn't much to tell." Regulus muttered sullenly. The female twittered. Both boys turned to look at her with mild disgust.

"Darling," Lucius purred. "Why don't you go sit with your friends."

"But Lucius –"

"Go." The girl pouted, but nevertheless scurried away. Lighter, brighter, grey eyes stared – evaluating him. A slow smirked curved Lucius's teenage but flawless face. "At least you got sorted in with the right kind. We eagerly wait to see what you will bring to the table Black."


Hogwarts was turning out to be just as much a disappointment as home. Regulus frowned as he was tucked away in the library devouring some obscure tome. Besides the school being so clearly divided between the 'have's and the 'have not's (usually muggleborn versus purebloods), Regulus was isolated by his brother and the Marauders.

They were the poster children for trouble and getting away with it. Sirius didn't care about him and the Gryffindors quickly picked up on it. Regulus became free game. Slytherins didn't stick their neck out unless it benefitted them somehow. The other houses just didn't care.

The young Black sighed deeply. He felt completely uncomfortable at Hogwarts. Not only was he an outcast despite his social class, but also he just didn't find his classes intellectually stimulating.

"Regulus," his back stiffened at the deceptively sweet voice.

"Narcissa," Regulus watched his coldly beautiful cousin drift towards him.

The young blond witch wrinkled her nose delicately at the dust and grime that covered him from digging around in the deeper parts of the library. "Why must you always find the most disgusting places to hole yourself into?" Narcissa dropped her handkerchief on his head. She pulled her robes close to herself and avoided touching him so she wouldn't get the dirt on herself.

Regulus took the cloth with a flush of shame. "Careful Cissy," Regulus mocked. "Your mask of grace is cracking."

Narcissa just sniffed and sneered at him. "Disgrace." He heard her murmur under her breath. "Severus is looking for you."

There was a faint sigh of relief. The only person he could relate to was Severus Snape. Who was also a prodigy in his own right. Above all else, they shared a mutual hatred for all things Sirius Black. Yet, even then, Regulus was separated from Severus by age and by the . . . acquaintances they kept. Regulus was virtually alone minus a few Ravenclaw study buddies. Severus was tormented by the Marauders, but Lucius Malfoy held Severus in confidence. Which was the only reason Narcissa had been here playing the messenger.

Despite being the half-blooded Prince, Severus was respected and feared within Slytherin. Why? Rumors say that in the first couple of years, Severus proved underneath the second handed ratty robes, he had a brilliant mind and knew more curses or hexes than all the first years combined. Furthermore, people say Lucius is his friend because Lord Voldemort, a rising Dark Lord, had scouted the two – Lucius as a political ally and Severus as a Potion Master.

Regulus didn't put too much weight in rumors, but he knew they sprouted from some truth. And that made Regulus swear he would becomes one of Voldemort's most devout, high followers. Not for his family, for himself. He thirsted to be given the recognition he deserved. Regulus knew he had a brilliant mind; he just had to prove he could think outside of just books. Then . . . then he would be noticed and people would be forced to pay attention.


Emerald was the first thing that popped into his mind. Emerald and fire.

"Hello," She opened her mouth and Regulus almost forgot to breath. He knew who she was. James Potter raved about Lily Evens, the muggleborn who would not agree to go out with the Potter heir.

Even as a mudblood, Regulus thought highly of her for that. But here, staring at her like a fish on land, Regulus understood why Potter was so enamored with her. Not only was Lily Evans beautiful, she glowed. Her beauty wasn't skin deep as cheesy as that sounded. It shone forth from her expressive green eyes and people naturally gravitated towards that warmth.

"Regulus," Severus motioned to Lily. "This is Lily Evans. She's going to be joining our study sessions." Black eyes warned Regulus to not make any slurs against her. "Lily, this is Regulus Black."

"Sirius's younger brother?" He winced at that. Was he always going to be remembered as that?

"A pleasure to meet you." He picked up her hand brushed the air above her knuckles with his lips demurely. "What are you contributing?"

She laughed and Regulus's heart quivered. "Always the Slytherin. My best subject is Charms. I assume Severus is contributing Potions to these study session?" Lily teased.

Regulus nodded slowly, "He is the best."

And that was the first official meeting between Lily Evans, muggleborn, and Regulus Black, pureblood.


Throughout the year, Lily, Regulus, and Severus met on and off to study subject together. Regulus secretly treasured these moments because in those moments, Lily was his. Regulus quickly figured out that Severus loved Lily, but she was oblivious to the man's affections.

Then the Marauders went and ruined everything by targeting Severus once again. And the forbidden word, "mudblood" was said.

There was no more study sessions.


Severus's hate ran deeper. Not only did bloody Potter and Black humiliate him before the whole school, they cost him the friendship of the girl he loved. Lucius and the rest declared that a good thing had happened. This showed Severus which side was truly loyal to him. But Regulus knew that the incident hurt Severus beyond everything and if Severus's pride wasn't so important, Severus would have crawled back to Lily on hands and knees to beg for her forgiveness.

Alas, that would never happen; thus, ended the interactions between Regulus and Lily.


Just because their meetings ended, it didn't mean Regulus's obsession with Lily did. If anything, his obsession grew. Between class, Quidditch, homework, and studying, he kept an eye on her. Lily only grew lovelier and all that loveliness was wasted on Potter. How could Lily date such a vile childish man?

However, since Regulus didn't have any opportunities to actually interact with Lily, he stayed hidden away. Even now, most people passed him by as if he were nothing.

Then, the chance came in the form of Advanced Charms as a supplementary course in addition to NEWTs Charms. Luck continued to be on his side when Professor Flitwick paired him with Lily on the first day of class. Regulus remembered little of their reunion. He just remembered not so subtly, nor skillfully, flirting with Lily and her laugh. It was alright if she laughed at him. To her, Regulus was a little boy, but what he knew was, Lily laughed. Her attention was on him and him alone.

Even with their limited time together, Regulus tide over his appetite for Lily's vivaciousness during class and the time they worked on their projects together. When Regulus believed he had a chance at taking Lily away from James, the Potter proposed to her on the day of their graduation among cheers and congratulations. Lily said 'yes'. Regulus was sure his face in the crowd as just as ugly as Severus's expression. Nothing could describe the heartbreak. They shared so much in common. He and Lily both had a thirst for knowledge. They shared the joys in the secret meetings and the kiss Lily game him on the cheek at the end of every class. Did all that mean nothing? Or was Potter just that great?

Once again, the connection between Regulus and Lily was broken.


He stared in fascination at the veil. Voices called to him. They whispered secrets and long lost truths. Regulus itched to be able to touch the veil, but there were severe consequences to that.

"Regulus?" He closed his eyes at that voice. Dear Merlin.


There she stood at the Chamber doorway. Married life agreed with her. She glowed with health, but Regulus saw the fleeting emotion of loneliness in her lovely eyes. Potter must be too busy off gallivanting about with Dumbledore and the Order of Flaming Chickens.

Thus, the exchanging of letter between the two when they were apart began. When they were together, they worked closely as Unspeakables. Regulus reveled in this. Here, Lily could confide in him what she could with no one else. As she fed him tidbits of her affection, Regulus foolishly revealed parts of his Lord's plans, never understanding the dark gleam in her eyes. War changed people and people like Lily were survivors.


The first time it happened, it happened in the Chamber of Death before the veil by accident. Months of being left at home and Regulus paying her attention, Lily's desires explode. One minute they were studying the veil and the next Regulus had brushed her hair aside and clothes went flying. Lips brushing, sucking, teeth nipping, biting, and hands touched and groping. Lily found herself pinned to a pillar of the veil and marveled at how much Regulus's robes hid. He gripped her thigh with one hand and his other hand was tangled with her fingers above their heads. Regulus found himself buried deep within her heat. There wasn't any gentleness. It was primal mating. Bodies worked together to achieve mutual pleasure. Lily came apart screaming his name.

Regulus should have been alarmed because he could hear the voices clamoring from beyond the veil as he released deep within Lily.

It was a blur. Regulus remembered vaguely the voices urging him on. At one point, he had Lily on all fours facing the veil. Ruby red hair pulled tight in his hand, Regulus rode Lily as she wailed for more, harder. She told him she loved him and he was so much bigger, better, stronger than James. It pathetically fed his starved esteem. Regulus dominated the older woman. Even when she was on top, Regulus controlled the pace and Lily loved it by the way she reached her orgasm over and over again. Regulus was pretty sure she came more than him.

They didn't have a sense of time or place, but the Black heir finally made love to Lily gently, sweetly. They held each other as they writhed, too worn out for anything more extravagant.

"I love you Regulus."


The silky flame like hair looked so sinful on his pale skin. Regulus gripped Lily's head as it bobbed up and down on his length. "That's it," he hissed out in a whisper and sat up for a better view. Green eyes flickered up mischievous before Lily took all of him and swallowed. He swore, letting his head hit the wall. Again the whispers were chattering in excitement, but Regulus couldn't understand them. He was narrowed down to Lily touching herself before settling herself into his lap facing away from him. He wrapped his hands around her hip and pulled down as he pushed up. They cried out together.

Regulus worked on having as many marks he could leave on Lily as possible. One hand played with her clit and Lily made the most whorish whine as she moved her hips frantically. Her mouth was wide open, panting for air. Spit and pre-cum dotted to corners of her mouth and chin. The slower sex was always followed by fast hard sex in which both explored their boundaries.

Regulus's favorite was when they has sex so close to the veil, the two could feel the dementor-like chills. It made him harder and more powerful and it made Lily a completely slut.

They met in secret all the time in the Chamber since it was rare for people to venture down there. Regulus was delighted that Lily was the one to seek him out. She wore either nothing or some sexy lingerie with her legs spread as she played with herself as he came into the chamber. Lily Potter would moan his name. Kiss him. Love him.

It was Regulus's slice of heaven.


"I'm pregnant." Grey eyes snapped to look at Lily. They were at a Ministry party. He spied James and Sirius horsing around in the background. "Regulus?"

"Is it mine?" He murmured out of the corner of his mouth as he lifted the wine glass to his lips.

Lily huffed, but slid her hand into his. "It isn't like he has had the time." She squeezed his hand tightly. "We haven't been intimate beyond oral sex since I started working. It's not like he can satisfy me. You know that." She brought their joined hand to her stomach.

Magic thrummed under Regulus's hand. His child. He was going to be a father. He would have an heir! Making sure they weren't being watched, the two escaped outside and made love for the first time outside the chamber under the full move, but Regulus swore he could still hear the voices.

"I'll protect you and my child."

"I know but Voldemort…"

"Don't say his name."

". . ."

"Leave everything to me love."


Covert touches, letters, and sparse rendezvous were all Regulus had. As he stood on a tiny boat with his house elf whimpering at his feet, he wondered if it was worth it. Scattering her letter to the wind, he cursed Lily Potter. They were all empty promise and he fell for them. He fell for a pretty face and a devious mind.

"My son . . . my beloved Altair . . ."


Pale fingers slowly withdrew from the water. Blue eyes opened and a deep breath escaped Ashe's mouth as she shook the water off. A grim smile graced her changed face. Gone was the baby fat. It wasn't to say she had angles or planes. Her face was still that sweetness from before with the pouty, not quite symmetric lips and too large eyes; however, there were a smattering of opal-like scales under her right eye.

What to do. The young woman tapped her finger against her lips starting down at the silvery water. Lily's face rose to the surface and then was gone. A delightfully wicked grin crossed her face. Ashe snapped her fingers and several intricately carved, from stopper to the bottom, glass vials appear. She poured the water into each vial until there was none left. Standing, Ashe pulled the semi-sheer kimono close to herself and left the dark room she was in with the vials in hand.

She opened the door into an Asian styled hallway with shoji doors. Faint silhouettes could be seen through the paper and different noises came from beyond the wall. Ashe closed her door and western door faded into a shoji door. As she traveled further down the hall, the noises changed from tea party like to sounds of pleasure and pain as well as utter silence. Ashe finally came to a very dull looking door. She opened to show only darkness.

Ashe tsked and closed the door only to open it again. Nope. It was a brilliant grass field. Again, she opened and closed the door until the other side showed a Victorian door complete with a brass knocker in the shape of a lion. Ignoring the knocker, Ashe let herself in.

The room was dark, only illuminated by a single antique gas lamp. An old hag was hunched over a desk, writing. Ashe greeted the old woman by placing the vials on the desk. The old hag looked up with sightless eyes and a grin that showed all her rotting teeth. She lowered the quill and lifted crooked fingers to point to her right. Ashe picked up the gas lamp and walked over. All the walls were covered in books. On each spine was a glowing mark of some kind. There was Kanji, Arabic, English and so much more.

"England." Ashe spoke clearly. The glowing symbols blurred as the books rotated until it finally settled down with select letters and written lettering. She smirked as she pulled the 'P' volume from the shelf. Instantly the books rearranged themselves. Ashe flipped open the book. "Potter." The book glowed and then listed every person with the last name 'Potter' that lived in England. Ripping out a piece of a page, she returned the book back to the selves and headed for the hag.

"How's business?" Ashe asked as she replaced the lamp on the desk. The hag laughed soundlessly. Ashe watched for a bit as certain books would glow from the wall and a slip of paper would appear on the desk. Then the hag would write beautifully on it before the slip of paper disappeared in a shower of golden light. The blue eyed girl looked considering down at the slip of paper in her hand.

"How to get these there?" Ashe pouted at the vials. The hag laughed breathlessly again before beckoning for Ashe to kneel. She did and looked up at the blind, deaf, and mute hag. Yet, despite all that, the old woman reached unfailingly for Ashe's hair. Gnarly fingers fiddled with the blue ribbon before pulling it free. Silvery white hair tumbled down as the woman held out the ribbon to Ashe. The girl leaned forward and kissed the piece of fabric. The ribbon seemed to become encased in ice before returning to its normal state but with an extra tinge of light surround it – almost like an aura.

The hag took the slip of paper, signed it and threw it up into the air. The paper folded itself into a beautiful origami flower that attached to the ribbon which then twisted itself around the vials. The whole package disappeared in the customary shower of golden sparkles.

"Thanks!" Ashe chirped as she waved goodbye and left the room.

When she opened the door this time, it led her straight into a private room. A man was lounging on several plushy pillows smoking an opium pipe. Two other girls, each looking somewhat inhuman, whether it was feathers in their hair or tails waving in the air, were between his legs sucking and licking away.

The man pulled his gaze away from a point in air to look at Ashe. His eyes instantly focused and he straightened. "Get out." He ordered the two girls. One of them whined and continued to slurp. He snarled and yanked her hair. "Get out!" The two girls cried out, picked up their discarded robes and fled through another door.

Hungry eyes took Ashe in. "You're the one I came here to see."

A slow seductive smile crossed Ashe's face as she prowled toward the man, loosening her sash as she went. "Really?" The word came out dripping in sex. The man's eyes widen, opium pipe forgotten as the silk robe pooled at her feet. She walked effortlessly out of it and knelt at his feet. "Then, how may I serve you master?"


Chris watched over the top of his book as his mother jumped to her feet when she heard their front door open and close. "James?" Lily called out and vanished to find her husband. Chris Potter's lips curled up in disgust. He threw down his book and headed after his mother. He heard her sweet voice asking questions and his father would answer in clipped words. Before he even reached the room they were in, Lily's shrill voice rung out followed closely by James roaring back insults. There was a shattering of what sounded like plates, and Chris knew James had ruined the dinner Lily had planned. He walked away to the sound of Lily sobbing and James's stony silence.


"Nggh," Lavender moaned as her body bowed. "Chris!"

He closed his eyes and pictured blue eyes and white hair, only then did he snap his hips forward a few more times and feel himself let go. He pulled out and tied off the condom before tossing it into the waste bin for the house-elves to dispose of. Lavender rolled over to snuggle against him, catching her breath. Chris lit a cigarette, taking peace in the nicotine.

"There's a ball coming up at the Greengrass estate."

Chris grunted and shivered in mild disgust as Lavender traced his arms and stomach with bright red nails. The nails reminded him of hands soaked in blood. He grabbed it. "Didn't I tell you not to paint your nails?" Chris hissed out.

Lavender pouted. "But I like the color!" She whined. His hands squeezed down in warning. "Okay! Fine." The vain girl huffed and turned her back to him. Chris sighed in frustration. He could always take her to the Greengrass ball and buy her some shiny babble and everything would be fixed. The problem was . . . Chris didn't want to take Lavender to the Greengrass ball. She would be hanging on his arm the entire night chattering his ear off about what people wore.

"Lavender," Chris purred and slid his arm around her waist to pull her back towards him. He could see her lips trembling to suppress a smile, thinking she had won. "Don't be like that baby." He dropped a kiss on her shoulder while his hand traveled between her legs. A soft squeal came from her and already she was moving her hips to bring his fingers deeper into herself. "I just want what's best for you." His teeth caught her ear and tugged lightly. Hazel eyes fluttered shut as she grinded against him. Quickly he brought the image of the quirky smile and blue eyes into his mind and felt himself rise to the occasion.

"Oh Chris." He ignored the British accent and imaged a ganglier body arching back to take his manhood into her warm depth. He tried to ignore the highness of Lavender's voice by substituting a soothing one in his mind. "Oh Merlin Chris. Right there." When he opened his eyes and saw dirty blond hair instead of white, he immediately found himself softening within Lavender. "Baby what's wrong?"

With a grunt of frustration, Chris rolled Lavender over and pulled her hips up while pushing her head down. She cried out delightfully as he penetrated her further. Shut up! He thought viciously at her high pitch cries. The frustration made him pound into her harder, rougher, and caring little for her pleasure. As soon as he came, he pulled out of her and left her there still moaning, on the edge of a climax. "Chris, oh please." The Boy-Who-Lived grabbed his wand and waved it at her to clean out his seeds. He had forgotten a condom. Then, he plunged three fingers into her with one hand and pinched at her clit with the other. He just wanted to get this over with. He knew if he left her high and dry, she would screech his ears off next. The girl road his fingers like a professional. Chris wasn't stupid enough to think she was a chaste girl. He knew for a fact Lavender had practiced left and right before becoming his 'girlfriend'.

"Chris," Lavender wailed as she convulsed and collapsed in a heap on her bed. Chris wrinkles his nose and wiped his fingers on her bed sheets. "I love you." She whispered.

Chris could only stare at her naked form. Loved him? How absurd, the young man thought absently. "Love you too," The lie slipped forth without hesitation. She smiled sleepily at him, thinking she had him right where she wanted him. Little did Lavender know, all Christopher Dorean Potter saw was the girl from two years ago smiling lovingly up at him.


The door slammed open and Chris tossed the jewelry bag into his bed. He had been fucking Lavender for hours and his parents were still yelling at each other when he got back from his shopping trip. As soon as he left Lavender's place, he had stopped at a jewelry store to buy Lavender a present so she would shut up for a while. He stripped out of his tie and robe and just let them drop where he stood. The house elves would get them anyway. The powerful wizard fell back onto his bed and covered his eyes with his arms. Just as he let out a sigh of frustration, he rolled to his feet, ducked behind his bed with his wand drawn all in one fluid motion.

"What the hell?" He whispered. The surge of magic made the air fizz with static, yet there was no attack. Chris wasn't expecting an attack in his own house with some of the most powerful wards insuring his safety; however, it was always better to be safe than sorry. He frowned in suspicion at the vials with a pretty blue ribbon flower sitting on his desk. That had definitely not been there before. Wand focused on it, the young savior edged forward. He probably should have called his parents, but curiosity ate at him. It vials didn't look dangerous and as long as he didn't consume the luminescent liquid, Chris assumed he would be fine. Casting some basic spells that Aurors learned, he found nothing wrong. Pulling on one end of the blue ribbon, the entire flower unraveled and a slip of paper fluttered to the floor. Chris ignored the paper in favor of the ribbon. There was something intoxicating about it just begging to be examined further. He picked up the ribbon and gasp before collapsing to his knees. Magic rushed through him, leaving his winded and lightheaded. He could hear laughter echoing in his room – his head? And it felt like hands were on him, touching him within and stroking where people have never touched before.

When the sensation passed, Chris flushed in embarrassment. He had come without any prompting. That hadn't happened in a while since his voice had stopped cracking. The ribbon sang to him and continued to radiate a small douse of whatever that just was. He could just picture the young girl from years around hovering over him, all sultry eyed. Shaking his head to rid himself of the image, Chris picked up the paper.

The Circus of the Night Invites You, Christopher Dorean Potter, to 'A Night ofWonders'.

Doubt, suspicious and a healthy douse of guilt raced through him as he closed his hand in a tight fist around the slip of paper. Without any warning, he was whisked away. Chris Potter had to find out where that excitement came from. If whoever sent it could embed that in a ribbon, Chris couldn't image what it was truly be like to experience that sensation in person.


She was black. Not black as in skin color or race color, but simply black. That was all Chris could say about her. From the tips of her hair to her toes, she was black. It was like space was cut out in the shape of very well endowed woman. Chris couldn't even say what her face looked like, for he didn't know. She was merely as three dimensional silhouette.

"Hello Master," The person purred and crawled forward on the bed towards him. Chris gulped and felt himself rise to the occasion. The shape tilted her head and Chris got the impression she was smiling at him. "Let me be the one to welcome you to the Circus of the Night. Who would you like me to be tonight?"

"Be?" Chris squeaked when she calmly palmed his bulge before delving right into his pants. "What are you doing?" There was ripple in the air and she started to gain color. White hair came into being and she faded from black to peach toned skin. Her eyes formed and brilliant blue stared up at him. Chris found himself staring at the girl from two years ago – Ashe.

The girl pulled back to look at herself. "So this is it?" She mused and touched herself to check how she was built. Chris flushed as she poked at her breasts. "Well," she mused. "At least you have taste. I wouldn't want to turn into someone ugly for you." She leaned forward and sealed her mouth over the head of his manhood.

Chris choked on his spit and jerked in shock. "Wait, wait, wait!"

She pulled off with a frown. "You're not gay are you? You chose this form."

"I don't know what you mean by I chose that form. You turned into it." Chris shook his head and blinked rapidly, still trying to process all of this. "But that's besides that point! Can I at least have your name . . . if we're, um . . . going to go this?"

The familiar face stared at him before she burst out laughing. "Damn, you are a strange one." She shrugged. "You can call me whatever you want."

"That's just awkward." Chris blurted out.

The girl sighed in what appear to be impatience. "I take the form of your deepest desire. Right now, you want this girl so badly it eats away at who you are. Just call me by her name. Satisfied? Now I'm horny, so you either can fuck me as her or you can leave?"

The Potter heir couldn't quite believe what had just fallen into his lap. Sure he enjoyed a healthy sex life with Lavender, but this was out of his realm. Was this place a brothel? He had always kind of wanted to visit one, but Lily and James had forbidden it. "Ashe," He breathed out and reached for her face.

Surprise flickered over Ashe's face before a shark-like grin settled on her lips. "Okay, what do you want me to call you?"

"Chris, just Chris."

"Okay Chris," She breathed against his ear. "I'll make this night for you unforgettable." With that she bent her head and Chris cried out. This girl (Ashe his mind supplied) knew what she was doing. She knew his body and what he liked. On any other occasion, this might have freaked him out, but he was so far gone crying out Ashe's name he didn't care. When she finally took him with her, Chris lost control. It was like something was unleashed from within him. He didn't remember much but a blur of colors, sounds and . "Ashe!"

"Wow," The girl slump on his chest panting. "You've got a lot of pent of sexual energy and magic in you?" He watched through half-lidded eyes as the girl licked her lips as if she had just tasted the greatest thing on earth and he hardened within her. She laughed. "I love the youth. So ready all the time to fuck." She clinched around him and started to ride him once more.

Chris's eyes rolled back into his head. "Ashe." He breathed out again, before reversing their spots and pounding into her. This was almost real. In fact, this could be real. He never came so hard and the girl just cried out his name – Ashe cried out him name. "Finally, I have you." The girl just moaned beneath him and they had sex until neither one of them could stay awake longer than to pull away from each other and sleep.


"They breed them frisky," Ashe looked over her shoulder as she pulled on a delicately embroidered robe.

"How so?" Ashe pulled her hair from underneath the robe and worked out some kinks with her fingers.

An Ashe that looked a couple of years younger and slightly different coloring, detached herself from the wall and slaughtered over to look at the man Ashe had been servicing, who was now asleep. "He chose you as his deepest desire." The image of Ashe rippled and once again the void like being stood before the real Ashe, this time genderless. "Of course I could only replicate you from his memory."

Ashe's lips quirked in a mockery of a smile. "Did you at least enjoy yourself Nobody?"

The Nobody huffed and waved its hand in the air. "Just enough of a scratch to my itch to last me a couple of hours. I'm off to find another person to . . . cater to my needs." Ashe shook her head and laughed as the Nobody walked away.

"Oh," The Nobody turned back. "He does have the most delicious magic I've tasted in a while. There's something . . . evil about it." The Nobody left as the man on the bed awoke with a slight groan.

Ashe turned her attention to the man. "How are you feeling Lord Avery?"

Raigen Avery, a well known Death Eater, shakily fumbled for his opium pipe. It was surprising, while the drugs of the muggle world had little effect on magical folk, the plants that grew from magic saturated soil, certainly was just as addictive if not more. Ashe tutted calmly and lit the pipe for him. Avery took a couple of deep puffs before he seemed to calm down. "Do we have a deal?" He rasped out.

Ashe cupped his face and watched the normally cool and collected man shiver. "I already sealed the deal." She placed her hand over his chest and Avery jerked forward. Blue light surrounded the two and vanished just as quickly. Ashe lifted her hand and a seal of a dragon chocking itself with its tail glowed blue. "I've healed your body of any lasting damage the Cruciatus Curse has done. Tomorrow, when you go out, you will meet a well breed subservient woman." She pulled a pouch from her robe and handed it to him. "Make her eat all of it." Avery tugged the straps open to see some type of flower within. "I mean all of it and you will have a healthy heir within the year. Do you understand me?"

"I understand."

"Good," Ashe leaned forward to kiss him and Raigen's hands delved into her robes to stroke her breasts. "Remember, I'm never late in collecting my payments. You will do what I asked in the allotted time?"

"Yes, yes," Raigen gasped and hiked her robes up just into to grip her thighs to move them far apart enough he could fit his hips in and trust into her. He lost himself to pleasure, yet all around him he could feel only coldness. Ashe was the only source of warmth and he had to wallow himself in it. Ashe allowed him to use her body dispassionately. There was only a wicked gleam in her eyes that promised further trouble.


Chris woke in stages, very comfortable stages. His body felt well rested in a sense that he had gotten a very satisfying workout only to sleep it away peacefully. He was faintly aware of someone humming by him and stroking his hair. Mother…? No, Lily never did that anymore. The young man's eyes snapped open and in one smooth motion, he was crouched in a defensive position with his wand jabbing into Ashe's throat.

Laughing blue eyes regarded him calmly. "Hello Christopher Dorean Potter. It's been a while." He swallowed nervously and felt his wand tumbling from nerveless fingers as she seemed to prowl across the bed towards him, her robes slipping a little lower with each movement.

"You…" She didn't look the same anymore. She was older. There was an air of something . . . more about her. He flushed at the unholy gleam within her beautiful blue eyes that haunted his dreams. There were promises in those eyes – dark promises. "You're older." Chris whispered lamely.

She laughed as she placed her hands on his shoulder and drew him to her. "People do tend to age." Ashe pointed out fondly. "And boy have you grown." Ashe watched in glee as his blush spread further down his body when Chris realized he was still naked. Immediately he covered himself in mortification. "Oh dear Savior." Ashe cooed. "Why so shy? Did you not enjoy Nobody's gift?"

"N-N-Nobody?" The Potter heir fumbled with the sheets to cover himself, but he really didn't feel much better because his body was reacting to his fantasy's closeness. The tent gave it all away. Ashe just laughed and backed off. Chris breathed easier, but longed to feel her again.

"The person who took my appearance to satisfy your deepest desire." She cupped his cheek and Chris inhaled sharply. There it was – the icy magic that had perfumed his room when he unraveled the ribbon flower. "I never knew I left such an impression on you."

"Where is my brother?" Chris's brain finally caught up with him and he smacked her hand away. "You're on his side." Chris spat out in fury. "You're the reason my family is like this!"

The teasing look slipped off Ashe's face as she calmly observed him. Plotting, Chris's mind supplied him. She was plotting something. Yet, his caution faded when tears came to her eyes. "You're not the only one he's betrayed." Ashe tilted her head up to look at the standing boy. "You're not the only one he's left behind." She drew her robes tightly around herself and seemed to shrink. The self-confident seductress was gone. "Why do you think I'm here? At a whorehouse?"

Chris sucked in a breath and tentatively reached out to touch her shoulder. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "He's back you know." He continued when he saw he had her undivided attention. Puffing up a bit, Chris carried on. "He came to visit, but he hasn't gone looking for you I guess. He's pretty focused on Mother." Ashe continued to withdraw into herself. Chris felt pity well up within him. She was dealt a pretty shitty hand in life too. "Look," He swallowed when her eyes rested upon him. "I'll get you out of here."

"At what price?"

He faltered at her questions. Being the good guy and all, Chris knew that he should be helping her out of the kindness of his heart, but he knew what he wanted from her. He had wanted her those years ago and that want had only festered in the waiting period. Experiencing her . . . well not really her . . . he wanted to taste the real thing. And here was the chance to get what he wanted. "Be mine." He cursed himself as it slipped out. He was no better than the men who visited this 'Circus'.

Imagine his surprise when he felt her trembling lips press against his cheek and tears falling against his shoulder. "Thank you. It's a deal." Her hands trailed down his back to rest right above the swell of his bottom. Chris shivered, not understanding why her words caused a lead weight to settling into his stomach. Something screamed within him. He was playing with fire, yet he ignored it all. He was getting what he wanted. 'Watch me,' Chris throught coldly. 'I'm not a puppet.'

As he hugged her, Chris failed to notice that Ashe was not crying out of gratitude. She wasn't crying at all. She had bitten hard on her lips to suppress her mirth and tears had formed from how hard she was laughing.

Oh Christopher Potter. You're just too easy.


"Chris?" James sighed as he knocked on his son's door. He rubbed his face wearily. He knew Chris was feeling antsy, being locked up without his friends, but he was a good boy and understood that this was for his safety. James Potter didn't understand how Tom Riddle could be gaining so much weight in the ministry. It pissed him off. Just because the man saidhe wasn't the Dark Lord didn't mean it was true!
"Chris." James groaned when his son didn't answer him again.

He was tired and really didn't want to deal with this. James could hear Lily sobbing upstairs and it made him sick to his stomach. He had loved her so much throughout of the years. How did it end up like this? James promised himself his family wouldn't turn into a stereotypical pureblood household. Yet, somehow, everything just went down hill since Lily spawned that brat. "I'm coming in." James announced only to find an empty room.

Hazel eyes darted around and settled on the jewelry bag on the bed. Clearly Chris has disobeyed and gone out. James sighed in fond exasperation. What was he to expect from his son. Really? His attention was suddenly grabbed by the shimmering phials sitting on his son's desk. James Potter had seen enough as an Auror to recognize the sheen memories held. But he knew that Chris wouldn't know what these were. Storing memories and transporting them were something reserved for senior Aurors dealing specifically in espionage/protection. James picked up the phials. The phials were unusually embellished. What had Chris gotten himself into? He uncorked a bottle and dabbed his pinky into the memory. Licking his finger, he caught a flash of Lily in her Unspeakable robes talking to someone before the taste vanished. James frowned in suspicion at the phials.

Retreating to his office, ignoring Lily's calls for him, he locked the door and withdrew his Pensieve. Perhaps he allowed his son too much leeway.

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