"Kyuubi talking"

Kyuubi thinking

''Exasperation or emphases'

SUM: naruto meets kyuubi at 6 and works to be the next demon king.

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Naruto had just passed out. He entered a shop hopping to hide from a mob. The mob had appeared at a rock concert. Naruto hoped he could join, but round up getting chased out. And when he entered the shop he got beat up, knocked out and thrown into the trash. In short, he got jumped.

When he woke up he noticed he was in a cold sewer.

"We are in your mind."

"My mind you say?

"Yes cough retard cough."

"Why is it all a void and stuff?" around the place was a sewer with water everywhere. And Raman shaped pipes. And let's not forget the giant cage in the middle.

"It's your mind change the sinery. But before that I'm kyuubi." Saying naruto was shocked is an under statement. His body outside peed on itselfHe was now visibly shaking.

"Now don't be scared (a little late for that), you see the forth didn't want kill me so instead he Sealed me in you. Still with me?" naruto noddedalthough he was still dumbfounded.

"Now I bet you wonder who your father is, don't you?" Naruto jumped as soon as she said that. He thought his parents were dead

"Well to bad, you have to do something for me." Naruto was about to yell at her when 2 things went though his head. 1) This was the most powerful being in the universe that can kick his ass in a second. 2) She was asking for him to do something.

"I'M NOT RELSING YOU. " Even if you are a cute bunny."

"I HEARD THAT!!" Kyuubi promised herself she would punish naruto for the bunny thing.

"An I don't want you release me, just tweak the seal. When the forth sealed me it was in four parts. He sealed my soul, Bound my powers, caged my mind and made it so I die when you die.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to weaken the bind and cage. You're to young to completely remove them, and if you did I could take complect control, so by weakening them, I could help you when you're awake and give you more power to fight and become stronger."

"Are you really going to!?"

"Yes, but you just have to think to talk to me."

"Okay" is this good?

"Perfect. Now, can we go back to the seals? Channel charaka to each seal." Naruto did so and was able to weaken the 2 seals. When he weakens the mind seal he instantly felt another form in his mind.

Hey kyuubi there's an ugly face of a bunny in my head.


I'M NOT SHORT. Just height challenged.

"Okay when you wake up I'll teach you a few things, but go and eat breakfast alright?" Okay.

Naruto woke up to find himself in a dumpster.

"At least they didn't bury me. What a weird dream and that ugly rabbit seemed kinda cool.


Sorry kyuubi. So you said go eat right?

"Yes go eat then. Go into the woods on the East side of town and I'll help you further okay?"

Okay kyuubi sensei.

Naruto went to the ramen stand for a quick lunch.16 bowls of ramen naruto paid and left He headed towards the east gate and snuck past the guards. More like casually walked though. They were all reading 'icha icha paradise'.

Hey kyuubi I found the forest now what?

"Jump and I'll add charaka so you'll go over the fence then run till you see a clearing. I'll do the rest after that." Naruto did as he was told, but before he could make it over kyuubi withdrew her charka and made him fall. This made his boxers get caught on the fence top.


"Shut up kid. That's your punish meant for the 'Bunny' thing. Now free your self and get to the clearing." After five minutes of wedge torture he fell down. After 2 more of checking his ass he ran into the forest.

Hey kyuubi I found a clearing now what?"

Cut your thumb then put it on the ground and say Ninpo Kuchiyose no jutsu! (Summoning technique)

Okay. Ninpo Kuchiyose no jutsu! (Summoning technique.) After the technique a dead fox appeared in a poof. Actually it was a 3 tallied fox, but the other 2 tails were short, like naruto, and over shadowed by the biggest of the 3.

"Alright kit I want you to send your energy into this fox. My sprit will leave and let me communicate and train you better."

Hey won't you technically be free?

"No I'll just have the power of a 3 tails 11-12 Jounin could beat me if they really tried."

Hey wait I can summon foxes?


Then why is this one dead?"

I'll explain later… If I feel like it. "

Naruto got kyuubi's sprit into the fox body. After the fox got up, it changed into a girl around naruto's age.

"Whoa. You look. Great."

"Thanks." Kyuubi said shyly, blushing a little.

"Alright first lessen charaka control. I want you to climb the trees without your hands. Focus charaka into your feet and make it just right o and be for I forget. Kuchiyose no jutsu: Kyuubi Armor." Naruto's body became heavy.


"Sorry I meant for them to be a hundred. Climb the trees with the waits on. Every time you succeed the waits become lighter, but every time you fail it'll become heavier. It teaches you to fluctuate your charaka for different waits. Well I have important business to take care of so later." Naruto stood there stunned till he feel form the waits. Then he just struggled to get up.

"Well better get started." 3hrs later.

Kyuubi came to see a wet exhausted naruto on the ground.

(gee how much did he sweat?)" Hey naruto you done?"

"Yeah I got it in an hour so I went to the library to study more charaka control because I knew you'd give me more

(Whoa. This kid is smarter then I thought)

So I saw water walking and tried it out that's why I'm all wet. And I also mastered it so we save time."

"Not bad kid and your right it dose save time. And if you keep this work up I'll tell you about your family."

"What? No fair, but I do have to become the best ninja in the world so everybody will wish they hadn't of ignored me, and give me the respect I deserve."

(Thank god I thought he wanted to become hokage. It'll make it easier when he finds out he's a demon.)

"So, now what do we do?

"Well now you rest and tomorrow I'll teach you a justu."

ALRIGHT what kind is it.

"I haven't decide just be back here at 6am."

"Yes sir.er.Mam." With that kyuubi vanished. She then reappeared in a room with an Unknown person:

"Have you told him yet?"

"No I wanted to wait till he's more relaxed to me." Kyuubi said, still not used to her new form.

"You do relies he will determine the future of demons don't you?" the strange voice raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"Yes, but if he's shocked at such a young age he may never snap out of it."

"What about the villagers? It's amazing he hasn't snapped already."

"Don't worry on his birthday I'll tell him."

"It's time for you to go. Remember no one must see you and the boy or you're screwed."

"Was that an attempted joke?" kyuubi said with a smirk.

"Just shut up and go." Kyuubi left the room heading off to her cousin. As she reached to his room she was rammed form behind by something. And in the back round she heard female screams.

"Peeping on girls again?" kyuubi said glaring at her brother.

"No, no, I was just." After a few minutes of silence her kyuubi realized her brother wasn't going to say anything.

"You're lucky I have to be some where or I'd beat you down personally." She said while walking to the door.

"But, before I go." She unlocked the door for all the angry girls outside. The last thing she heard was her cousin screaming "I hate you!"

As she got back to naruto's apartment the sun was coming up