Throughout the day naruto had tried to find a way out of the forest. Eventually he came upon a large tower. He had already been wondering around the forest for about a day, and was very hungry. After heading into the building, he attempted to call out whoever may have been inside. No one responded. Some searching revealed a library. Kyuubi had mentioned he should find books to help him advance faster. Fortunately, The 3rd hokage had taught naruto how to read, and even though he was young he knew was an adept reader. Walking around the kitchen a bit more, naruto found a fully stocked kitchen. Naruto ran in and opened up the fridge. Never before had he seen so much food, well, so much food he was allowed to eat. With a drool on his lips, he started his feast. After having stuffed his gut full, Naruto proceeded to the library.

Time skip: Next Morning

"Hey kid." Naruto got up with a start. And looked around. The night before he had fallen asleep in the library. He was on a long table with rows shelves of books all around. Four windows were in the room, but the light bulbs above provided illumination. Naruto looked over to the side, and saw a young girl. She appeared roughly thirteen/fourteen years old. She had on a short brown jean skirt, and brown sweater with a white coat over it Behind her was a sword.

"ah, who are you?" Naruto asked her.

"Name's Claire. And I'm guessing your not part of the Chunin Exams."

"Um, no I just kinda live here." Naruto told her. The girl was skeptical of this, but if he had nothing to do with the test then it didn't concern her. She looked over the books on the table.

"What are you reading."

"Um, I was hoping I'd learn about how to meditate."

"Hm. Meditation isn't something you pick up from a book." Naruto looked downed and sighed. Then an idea came to him. "Wait, can you teach me how to meditate?" He asked Claire with a hopeful look in his eye.

"Sorry, got an exam to finish." Clair headed off to her room without another word. Naruto sat their dejected.

'Should've known she'd say no. No wants to help me.' With another sigh Naruto continued his readings. Through the day other examinees came through the library. Unfortunately they were either unwilling or unable to help Naruto. At noon Naruto was still sitting in the library.

'Maybe gare was right. I think I know what meditation is, but how do I actually do it? It just said I should sit and think. Think about what!' Naruto began messing up his hair in frustration.

"Hey, kid, what are you doing here?" Naruto looked up and saw an older woman walking in.

"I don't remember se-, wait. You're Naruto aren't you?" She asked him. Naruto recognized that look on her face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here Demon?"

"well I-"

"You can be damn sure the Hokage is going to hear about this." The woman turned and stormed off.

"Excuse me" She said as she went out the door. Clair came in a second later.

"What was that all about?" She asked Naruto. For a second she saw sadness in his eyes, then it was disappeared as he gave a grin.

"Ah, no big deal." Naruto said with a light laugh.

'liar' Clair thought in her head. There was something going on with this child, and she wanted to know what.

"You still need help with your meditation?" She asked him. The boy's eyes lit up.

"Really? You'll help me?"

"I've nothing else to do."

"ALRIGHT" Naruto said jumping up.

"Oh wait." Naruto then started to set the books back on the self.

Clair had taken him to her teams room.

"Sister, who's this?" A girl with pink hair like Claire's asked.

"He's some kid I met in the library, he's trying to learn proper meditation, so I thought I'd help him out." The girl grew a smile,

"that's so nice of you sis." She turned her attention to Naruto again.

"Nice to meet you, my name's Sarah."

"Hi, I'm Naruto." Sarah and Clair spent the rest of the afternoon helping Naruto improve his meditation practices, When night came he bid them farewell for the day and went off to the kitchen to get some dinner. At least, that was his plan.

"There you are." Naruto turned around and saw the lady from earlier.

"Come with me, (She forcefully grabs Naruto's arm,) the Hokage wants to see you." Naruto was dragged off to the top of the tower. Once they were at the top the lady shoved Naruto inside. The lady exited with a small smirk on her face as she left Naruto and the Hokage alone.

"Naruto." The Hokage said in a serious voice.

"You mind telling me how you managed to get into this place." Naruto was nervous.

"Well, they were chasing me. So I ran away, and I was here." The Hokage gave a sad sigh. He knew who 'they' were.

"Naruto, this isn't exactly a safe place." Naruto face showed a bit of annoyance.

"Yeah, cause I'm much safer in the village." The Hokage gave another sigh.

"Wouldn't you rather stay in the orphanage with the other kids?" Naruto's face went from slight annoyance to sadness.

"No one plays with me. And they kicked me out on my birthday." The Hokage merely shock his head.

"I can't let you stay in the forest, but I can give you your own place." Naruto looked at the Hokage in surprise "Really?"

1 Week later

Naruto and Claire were in one of Konoha's training fields, He was currently sitting in his meditation position. Claire was practicing her kenjustu on a tree.

"Gare! it's still not working." Naruto called out to Claire.

"If you'd stop complaining every five minutes and actually focus, maybe you'd reach inner sanctuary." Scratched his head in confusion.

"Wait, I thought I was trying to get inner peace."

"You are, well, in a sense. The point of meditation is to bring your conscience to a state where it can be aware of nothing but what's within. At least that's how my father explained it." Claire's explanation got Naruto thinking.

'So, if I want to see kyuubi again, instead of focusing on peace, I should think about him.' Naruto went back to meditating. This time focused on the giant red monster he had previously met. After around ten minutes of this Naruto felt himself sinking. It wasn't so much he was falling, but rather he was going deeper into something.

The sound of dripping water, as well as a deep rumbling noise greeted Naruto. When He opened his he was in his familiar sewer. Before Naruto could jump for joy he felt sharp stinging in both his cheeks. It was as if someone had smacked him multiple times. Accompanying those smacks were Very sharp quick shrieks, "NART" "NART" Next he felt a tiny poke in his arm. The next thing Naruto knew he was waking up in a hospital bed.

"Naruto" Claire and the hokage said. Next to the bed was a man with blonde hair and a long pony tail.

"uh, what?"

"How are you feeling Naruto." Naruto rubbed his cheeks.

"I guess I'm okay. What's going on." Claire spoke up.

"Well, I noticed you were being very quiet, so I tried to wake you up from you meditation, and when didn't wake up I went I got the hokage." Naruto looked toward s the hokage with a questioning look,

"How long was I out?"

"A few hours" The hokage told him.


"We had to get Inoichi to get you up. Speaking of which, what happended?" The hokage said turning to the ponytailed man. Well, from what I can tell, Naruto messed up in his meditation. Normally when you meditate and your mind attains inner peace, brain power is boosted. You can spend hours meditating within your own mind, and have only a few minutes pass in reality. Many shinobi use this skill unconsciously. In naruto's case however, he did the reverse. Instead of having his mind speed up, it slowed down. From his perspectives, he may have only been out for a few minutes. Or even a few seconds, When in truth, 6 hours passed." Naruto sat with his mouth open in shock.

"My guess, it had something to do with his (Inoichi gives a quick glance to Naruto) Unique. Chakra. He just needs to learn some slight chakra control and it should help fix things."

Inoichi left after a quick assessment of Naruto, The hokage then took Naruto to his new home.

"Welcome to your new home Naruto." Naruto's new home, was a two bedroom apartment.

"Woah, I have my own Bed! And a Kitchen. I CAN HAVE SOMRES WHENEVER I WANT!"

"The stove isn't a toy Naruto, so I don't want you using it without me." Naruto nodded and went to check out the bathroom. "Hey, Hokage-sama" Clair called to the hokage.

"Ah, I almost forgot you were here."

"I was just wondering, where is everybody, the building is empty." The hokage took on a solem look.

"Many people in this village don't like Naruto for reasons I can't get into. When the people living here found out where I was thinking of moving Naruto, they all left immediately." Clair thought about what the hokage had just said.

'I wonder why it is they don't like him. It almost reminds me of that scary redheaded boy.'

"If you want, your team can stay here until the exam are over." Claire looked at the hokage with a bit of surprise.


"Well, naruto considers you his friend. Something he's never had a lot of. Besides, Here you'll be closer to the training fields, so you and your teammate what was his name?"

"You mean Steve Jobs?"

"Yes, He comes from that family of famous inventors right?"

"yeah." The hokage chucked."

"I met a few of them. They're quite eccentric."

"His father was Thomas Jobs." The hokage laughed a little.

"Ah yes. Thomas Jobs Jr. I knew his father, Thomas Editson Jobs."


"Yes, He created the portable battery/ Rechargeable batteries.

However, his passion was writing. He'd often take the works of other authors and Edit them into his "sons." Of course, the people who sued him over copyright violation had another name for them."

"Speaking of sons. Where is Naruto." The Hokage and Claire went into the kitchen and saw a sleeping Naruto at the table. Next to him was an empty jug of chocolate ice cream. Clair chuckled while the hokage facepalmed.

"Naruto, that was supposed to be for everyone." Clair carefully lifted up Naruto and took him to bed.

"Hokage-sama." Claire addressed the old man.

"I think I might take you up on that offer."

1 Month later

It had been about a week since Claire and her team had left to get back to sand. Naruto was in his bedroom looking out the window. His meditation was a lot better. One second in the sewer was now one minute in real time. However, as soon as he would try to move, his concentration would break.

Claire had showed him tree climbing, but he could only get 4 feet up a tree at his best. Naruto looked back in his room and saw the gift Steve had left for him on the desk. It was a prototype invention of Steve's. Steve had said it was an improvement on the casseset player his great uncle had played. Except it stored it's music directly within the device eliminating the need for extra tapes. Steve called it the Internal Pocket music Outputer and Downloader, or IPOD for short.

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