Bloody Pawprints.

Summary: ( "Every dream has a beginning.." Before the dream to be Hokage ever forms something will happen that will change the story forever. pairing: Naru(it's a secret)

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Chapter 1: (Acknowledgment)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any other anime or games I'm takin this shit from.

In the Ninja World the major powers are divided among 5 main countries.

The Fire Country with the Hidden Leaf.

The Lightning Country with the Hidden Cloud

The Water Country with Hidden Mist

The Earth Country with hidden Stone

and the Wind Country with Hidden Sand.

Once there was a great 9 tailed Fox demon that terrorized the Fire Country.

Eventually it came upon Kohona, the Hidden Leaf. The Shinobi from Kohona were no match for the sheer might of the great beast. With it's great tails it could cause landslides and tidal waves at will.

The battle to drive it away from the village was very costly and many brave shinobi met their end facing the beast. Eventually a shinobi far more powerful than the rest appeared. This shinobi used an advanced sealing technique that even the Fox demon could not escape. Giving his life force to the Shinigami to forever battle with the Physical essence of the Fox until the end of time in the next dimension.

The one to finally defeat the evil Fox demon was none other than the Yondaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

But.. The story does not end here.. The sealing method he used requires a vessel to seal the Fox demon in.. And being the noble man he was, rather than asking it of someone else, the Yondaime chose his own son hoping that with his bloodline ability to absorb all types of chakra he would be able to contain the beast.

His final dying words were to the Sandaime Hokage.. "Please.. I wish my son to be remembered in Kohona as a hero.. For he bares the greatest burden and sacrifice by far.."

Sadly his request...

Would not be met.



Naruto blinked in confusion. His eye twitched oddly. "Y-you're kidding right.. This is some kinda joke.."

Senbou looked at Iruka with a calm gaze. "Iruka.. Perhaps we should re-consider.. After all he did manage to summon his chakra and though he missed the majority of the kunai targets he did score a passing grade on the reflex exam.

Iruka merely waved him off. "With all do respect Senbou, the test requires you to hit at least 4 targets. Naruto barely hit one.. While he did generate chakra it was a pathetic amount.. Even some first year students can generate more than that ..

And finally Naruto was able to dodge the balls from only 30 feet away.. That may be "passing" in the classroom, but if I sent him out as a genin, even the simplest C class mission would be a deathtrap.

But.. More importantly.. If he'd spend as much time on his studies as he did on his incessant pranks he'd be a straight A student!" "He has no one to blame but himself!"

At this the rest of the class erupted in laughter. Naruto glared at Iruka.

Senbou nodded in irritation. "Yes but.." He leaned in and whispered the next part. "If you fail him we'll have to deal with him all next year.. I can't stand another year of having to look at that demon's face."

Iruka gave Senbou a warning glare. "You know we are not to speak of that Senbou.. One more outburst I will have to report you to the Hokage.

He then came out of the huddle and looked at Naruto's hopeful face. Iruka closed his eyes and dismissively waved his hands. "I'm sorry Uzumaki Naruto but you have not graduated.. Report to the start of the next school year for remedial training.. Next.. Roga Ardoma.."

Naruto walked slowly back to his seat his head hung in shame. This was beyond embarrassing. He was so certain that if he could just graduate and become a ninja then things would change.. Then.. Someone.. Would have to acknowledge him.

Then he had to go and fail. He didn't hear anything else, tuning out the lecture and other exams. When all was said and done only 1 forehead protector remained on the table. Naruto sat slumped in his chair as the other students filed out happily.

Iruka packed away the other items and saw that Naruto was sitting up there by himself. He told himself to go over and talk to the boy. His hatred of the fox surfacing yet again. He sighed.

Next year... next year I'll get to know him..

With that Iruka walked out and told Naruto to get up he needed to lock the door. Naruto slowly complied stomping out with a scowl on his face. Iruka bowed stiffly and wished him a good summer.

"Yeah yeah.." he muttered letting Iruka brush past him as he was walking extra slow.

As soon as Iruka's back was safely turned the boys lips curved upward. He lifted his middle fingers up and murmured "Up yours Iruka-sensei" Then he dropped his head and walked out into the sunlight.

Naruto walked over to a tree and slumped against it. He could hear the murmurs.. The whispers.. He knew what they were saying.

"Thank goodness they didn't let him become a ninja.." "Look it's him, look at him sitting there that smug demon.. Bastard killed my brother.."

"Why doesn't he just take a hint and disappear..loser.."

Unable to take anymore Naruto rose to his feet and walked away the murmurs fading into background noise before completely tapering off.

Eventually he came across a park. The kids there were his own age. He smiled lightly and strolled forward as he came across a young boy sitting on a dock staring into space. Naruto went to the edge of the rocky ledge and called out to him. "Oiy, you wanna play with me?" The raven haired boy turned to look at the blonde smiling hopefully. His cold demeanor never changed.


Naruto's soft chuckling died off halfway through. "Eh.. O-ok. Well you need to get the stick out of your ass!"

The boy simply turned around and stared off into space. "Don't you have some sandbox to play in?"

Naruto ignored the obvious insult to his maturity. He huffed and walked off closing his eyes. As he turned he opened his left eye and slid it back to look at the cold boy out of the corner.

He sighed.

They had a fight like this every time he visited. Naruto never really understood him but the boy didn't seem to really like anyone. He walked toward the park and as if on cue the parents of all the kids decided it was "time to go."

He dropped his head as he sat down in a swing. The park was now deserted as the kids had all left with their parents. Naruto slowly pushed himself off with his feet. He slowly rocked back and forth in the swing as the only sound heard was the creaking of the metal chains.

Suddenly he heard a voice. He turned his head in surprise and found himself face to face with another set of blue eyes. Naruto slipped into his immediate fake smile mode.

The set of eyes blinked as they were revealed to belong a girl about Naruto's age.

"Hi my names Ino.. What's yours?"

Naruto widened his smile. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Ino tilted her head to the side. "Nice to meet you Naruto."

She hopped in a swing next to him. "So are you a villager or a shinobi.. Cause I haven't ever seen you in any of my classes.." Naruto nodded. "Yeah I started the academy when I was 5... so I'm on my 4th year.." Ino widened her eyes. "Really.. oh then you're a genin?"

Naruto dropped his head. "No.. I failed."

Ino gasped and burst out laughing. "Wow.. You must suck."

Naruto let his head drop.

Suddenly a voice called out "Ino.. INO!"a man came out of nowhere with a good natured smile on his face.

As soon as he saw Naruto it twisted into a snarl. "What are you doing with my daughter demon!"

Inoshi was enraged. Damn the 3rds law.. That demon was here alone with his daughter planning to do who knows what.

"Ino get away from him.."

Ino stopped laughing and turned around. "But daddy" she began but was quickly cut off. "NOW!"

She widened her eye and nodded as she slid off the swing and was quickly positioned behind her father.

Naruto looked up in surprise at the furious man. He got off the swing slowly and was about to walk away when the venomous voice called out. "No.. I don't think so demon! If you ever come near my daughter again.."

He blurred through the air. Appearing in front of him and kneed him in the gut breaking his ribs.

Naruto cried out in pain. "I will kill you."

He backhanded him into the sand box and he landed crushing a sand castle. Inoshi quickly took his wide eyed daughter and headed back home.

Naruto on the other hand suddenly began to feel strange. His vision went from completely black to a lighter shade of black.

He also went from laying down to standing up, and the ground.. Was damp..

He took a step forward and then another cautiously observing his surroundings. Suddenly in front of him he saw as th darkness faded more and gave way to a shape of a... gate?

Brilliant gold shooting up high into the black shadows. Slowly as he neared the gate he saw that it was attached to a large cage.

A set of slit crimson eyes slowly opened glowing with a terrible aura.

"Who dares intrude upon my sanctum."

Naruto gulped. "W-who are you.. Where am I?"

"Is it.. The vessel.. So you have come at last.. Intriguing."

Naruto blinked in confusion. "So who are you and where am I?"

A loud rumbling laughter was heard from the deep echoing voice.

"Who I am..." A shifting was heard. A rumbling step then another then as more of the massive form came into the light the beast grinned barring it's razor sharp teeth.

"Where we are.. This is the inside of your body.. The seal on your stomach to be exact.."

Naruto placed a hand behind his head and scratched. "So.. Who are you then?" the massive beast widened an eye while the other began to twitch spasmodically.

"Imputent Mortal... are you implying that you've never heard of my greatness!"

Naruto squinted his eyes and muttered. "I'm not implying anything.."

The great Fox roared.

"I am the legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune, 9 tailed Demon Fox and greatest among the tailed beasts!"

Naruto's eyes went wide. "But I thought you were killed by the Yondaime!"

Kyuubi widened it's eyes. "What.. That's what the other mortals told you.."

Naruto blinked in confusion. "Um.. What do you mean.. You're really not dead?"

Kyuubi looked at him and narrowed it's slit eyes. "Yes I'm dead! That's why I'm sitting here right in front of you talking, of course I'm NOT DEAD!" "No mortal could vanquish the great Kyuubi.. My power is known even in the demon realm!"

Naruto blinked in confusion. Then.. Why are you here.. I thought you came here to destroy the village.."

Kyuubi tilted it's massive head to the side. "You honestly don't know.."

Amused, it lightly opened a set of razor sharp teeth. "Well then.. I'll tell you all about your great leader and his so called 'victory' over me."

"I had come to the village to find the one who attempted to summon me.. When I discovered that the shinobi here were hostile my bloodlust got the better of me.. This made me careless.."

"The so called 'defeat' was nothing more than a sealing technique.."

"And do you know what he used as a container to seal me in..."

Naruto's eyes widened in realization. "N-no.. why.. why would he do that to me WHY!"

Kyuubi laughed, roaring in it's deep rumbling voice. "Why? That's simple.. Because he was too weak to defeat me.. So he compromised and locked me up inside this infernal cage inside the seal on your stomach.."

Naruto fell to a sitting position. "It.. It all makes sense now.. Why they always call me a demon.. How many other people knew about this!"

Kyuubi snorted. "How should I know.. Most likely everyone there since it was the only way they're still alive."

Naruto couldn't accept this. If it was true.. Then he'd never have anyone acknowledge him..

Kyuubi growled and began to turn to go back into the recesses of it's cage. .

Naruto saw this and suddenly he cried out. "Hey wait!" Kyuubi stopped.


"If you're locked up inside of me then.. You'll always be here right.."

The Kyuubi didn't answer. It simply walked back into the darkened corners to plot it's horrible revenge.

Naruto smiled. "Ok well how do I get back to my normal body?"

"The tunnel you came in through.. Now begone, the presence of a mortal in my domain sickens me!"

Naruto didn't need a second warning. He bolted for the tunnel which he'd come through and sure enough when he hit the end he was suddenly engulfed in a bright light. As it faded he saw darkness.

Slowly opening his eyes he found he was still laying in that sandbox. It had begun to rain now. He slowly sat up and climbed to his feet as the wet sand dropped from his hair. The soft patter of the raindrops tapping the ground was heard all around him as he made his way home.

He had a lot to think about. He know knew that the Yondaime wasn't the big hero everyone thought him to be. In reality he was just a big fake. And Naruto was the one who had to pay the price.

He walked up the stairs to his apartment and pushed the door open expecting to find it ransacked. He was not disappointed. Hate messages were etched all along his walls. Tables overturned.

His bed was smashed and sitting crooked now, all his Ramen supply was out as they'd ripped everything out of his drawers and cabinets. Once again the other clothes he had were gone.

And they wondered why he always wore orange.. It was the only outfit he could keep around long enough wear and the only color they wouldn't take.

With a mind full of questions and regrets he climbed into his crooked bd and fell asleep.

In the morning he saw Ino with some of her friends. She looked like she wanted to come over and talk to him but her friends warned her about the strict rule of her father never to talk to the boy again. If she did she'd be grounded for the entire summer. If she was seen talking to him, the year.

Naruto dropped his smile and walked silently to the Hokage tower. When he got there the guards snorted at him. "What do you want!"

Naruto simply said he needed to speak with the Hokage. The guards narrowed their eyes. "He's busy now beat it kid.. Or we'll escort you out!" Naruto sighed and was about to turn when above on the balcony a voice caled out. "Nonsense.. I have time for any of my villagers so long as they work it into the schedule.. Come on up Naruto I'll be with you in just a minute." Naruto looked up and nodded.

Brushing past the two infuriated guards he heard the mutters. "-can he let that.. demon in his office, the old man's going senile.." Naruto walked in through the doors and came to the large set of stairs. He walked up higher and higher. To the 9 year old they seemed to go on forever until finally.. He reached the waiting room.

The secretary looked at him indifferently. "The Hokage will be with you in just a moment." Naruto shrugged and sat down against the wall on the polished wooden floor. Closing his eyes he began to drift off and he focused on the same feelign as before.

He was surprised when he actually ended up in the damp dark tunnel again. Slowly he curiously walked forward. And once again he saw the massive cage.

So it wasn't a dream.. Thought Naruto.

He crept closer to the cage and peeked around what he thought was a corner.

"K-Kyuubi.. You here?"

A rumbling from the cage was his response. Naruto kicked his foot against the ground scuffing it along. "Um... so.. I was wondering.. what's it like in here?"

Kyuubi came to the front of the cage and looked at Naruto with a strange expression.

Naruto blinked a few times. "What?"

"I want to eat you." The Kyuubi said simply.

Well Naruto did exactly what any other 9 year old would do when told that a 40 foot tall fox wanted to eat him. He bolted for the exit to the tunnel and jumped out the end.

In the background the Kyuubi gave a menacing smile at the retreating figure.

"Amusing.." with that it turned around and retreated into the shadows of it's cage.


Naruto came out of the sleep with a jolt. It appeared as though he'd woken up from a nightmare to the outside eye. In a way he had. A few seconds later the Sandaime Hokage came out and nodded at Naruto.

They walked in and he asked Naruto what he wanted. Naruto explained that his house had again been ransacked. Sandaime sighed. "I see.. I'll have this investigated.. And you'll need to make a list of items that need repairing." Naruto nodded and left the office of the Hokage.

Sarutobi sighed. I'm sorry Yandaime-sama.. Your wish doesn't look like it's going to happen..


The next day Naruto went inside the seal during the morning while he slept overtime. The Kyuubi chased him out again. Later that night he tried again and again he was forced out, this time from a doton jutsu.

The next morning he tried and came out singed from a fire jutsu basting through the bars.

This continued for a week and slowly it almost became a kind of game for Naruto. Strangely enough for the Kyuubi as well. A sadistic game.. But a game nonetheless.

Until one day Naruto walked in expecting to be chased out by a suiton flood or something. Instead he saw th Kyuubi laying down at the front of it's cage. Naruto walked closer than he'd ever been before. "So you aren't going to try to kill me this time?"

the Kyuubi looked at him lazily. "I'm bored."

Naruto grinned. "Well that's good cause I can tell you all about this new jutsu I'm creating."

The Kyuubi raised an eyebrow. (if it has any)

After Naruto's explanation of his jutsu the mighty fox simply stared at the grinning boy. "Are you serious.. Even for a mortal.. That technique is absurd!"

Naruto shook his head. "Meh.. What do you mean! This technique is awsome!" Kyuubi twitched it's ears. "You are a LOUD brat aren't you.."

Naruto grinned. "You should try it.. It's fun to just let go and say whatever." The Kyuubi chuckled. "Indeed.. Though when I did it, it was a bit more.. Threatening."

Naruto squinted his eyes. "Oiy, you don't scare me!"

Kyuubi narrowed it's eyes and let off a evil grin "Well, it seems I'm no longer bored."

Kyuubi's eyes lit a bright red and a set of vines and plants shot in to wrap around Naruto. He jumped over a set and bolted for the door grinning widely. "Oiy, I'll come see you tomorrow ok Kyuubi-san!" with that he disappeared.

"Strange... he is.. not like the other mortals.." Kyuubi turned and walked back into it's shadowy recesses.

The ninja summer is 4 months

That summer Naruto was picked on, beat up, stolen from, and belittled as always. But one thing was different.

He had a happy place. If he learned something new or made a cool new jutsu he would show it to the Kyuubi. Whenever something happened and he needed to cry it out he'd go into his seal and talk to the Kyuubi. Sometimes the fox made fun of him. Sometimes it laughed, genuinely amused. Sometimes it looked angry.

The container was weak, this made the contained look weak. Sometimes Kyuubi would simply remain silent. No matter the reaction though the great fox always listened to him. Never once did Naruto hear I'm too busy or I don't care.

In fact the Kyuubi actually seemed to care. Sometimes the Kyuubi would actually talk to Naruto. If it had a question about mortals it would ask Naruto and the boy would do his best to answer. Sometimes Kyuubi would reminisce about the past and it's former glories. Though it would never admit it.. The fox actually came to look forward to the boy's visits more and more till it was almost as much as Naruto did.

A few times Ino and her friend Sakura would be out and they'd see him. Ino alwys tried to walk over to say hello but her friend would warn her about her dad's wrath so she never got a chance to do anything.

He told Kyuubi about this and the fox snorted. "The brat sounds stuck up to me.."

Naruto sighed. "Yeah I guess.. Oh well at least I have one person who acknowledges me."

"Oh.. Who would that be?" Naruto grinned.

Naruto and Kyuubi spent a very big part of the summer hanging out in the seal. Finally the day before he was to go back to school Naruto came to visit Kyuubi and found it sitting down staring into space.

Naruto walked in and greeted it loudly. The fox seemed to snap out of a trance and it sighed.

"Hello Naruto."

Naruto looked at the great form of the Kyuubi sitting like a dog. "What's with you?"

Kyuubi smiled. "Have I ever told you about the minor powers?"

Naruto blinked. "Uh.. No what are they?"

Kyuubi loked off to the side. "The 5 main shinobi countries are the major powers, but the minor powers are the other smaller countries...there was a place I had wanted to go for quite awhile it was the original reason I came to this world from the demon realm.."

"I'd found it centuries ago but I never got around to going there.. Getting side tracked for a few thousand years... then the battle with Hachibi forced us both into hibernation to regain strength. "

"That's when the foolish mortals of your village tried to summon me a thousand years later."

Naruto nodded. "So what's so special about this minor power continent?"

"It's a very special place to me..."

Naruto realized at this point he shouldn't pry any further.

Kyuubi lifted it's head sighing. "But, there's no use dreaming about the past or what can never be.. I'm in this seal until you die and then my very essence will be destroyed."

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Yondaime.." he growled.

Naruto turned around and said muttered something before punching his hand in finality.

"What?" Kyuubi wasn't paying attention and didn't catch what he said.

Naruto turned around with a smile on his face. "Ne, I have to get ready for the academy tomorrow Kyuubi-san, it was nice talking with you .."

With that he bounded down the hall and out into the bright light. He got up off the flor and shook his head a little to clear it.

His eyes however.. were focused and determined, Uzumaki Naruto had a goal.. He didn't have the foggiest clue how to get there but he knew where he wanted to be.

He walked over to his bed got his pajamas put his cap on and slipped in falling asleep. The next day his second chance at becoming a ninja would start.

And this time it would be different.

Note: and so begins "Bloody Pawprints". Ok this is a lil different from dbfs b/c it's not as crazy. The characters will remain in Naruto universe type stuff. There will be some DBZ and YYH but nothing like dbfs..

They won't shoot energy blasts or slam each other into craters from 100 feet into the air or anything. But.. It's me so Naruto will be super powered. This chapter doesn't really foreshadow much of where the story is going but I came up with some really good ideas that are almost believable if they happened in the way I want them to.

Anyway look for more to come from this story cause I got abt 10 of the chapters mapped out and outlined already.. Plus I still know exactly what I want to do with dbfs (with the exception of how to make him go back..)