I just think Marta+AL is cute

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Al, Edd and Marta have arrived in Ishbal. While passing through the streets, they hear footsteps.

" Soliders, If they see Marta it'll mean trouble." Ed thought aloud. Marta was one step ahead of him and already inside Al's body. The immortal alchemist didn't flinch, he was used to this. In fact it felt good to feel heat and a heart beat inside him. He smiled at the feeling. The soilders stopped to saulte the FullMetal and continued on their way. Even after the soilders were long gone, Marta remained inside Al.

" You seem to be enjoying youself." Ed said to his brother with a smirk. Al started squirming nervously, he didn't like where this was going. " You like having her inside you, don't you?"

" I..um... I"

" You don't need to explain, It's probably the closet thing to sex you'll get until we get our hands on the Philsopher's stone." Said Ed casually. Al could feel his metal heating up, and it wasn't just him blushing.


" Ignore him Al. The closet he's gotten to sex is when that pycho with the wrench fixes his leg." Said Marta.

" Take that back!" Ed shouted, Marta smirked.

" Alright I will. Besides your dick is most likely tiny cause the rest of you is so small."

" Come and out and say that ya freak!" Ed screamed at the snake chimera.

" Look whose talking." Marta repiled.

" Brother, Marta. Please don't fight." Said Al.

" Are you siding with her Al?"

" Um..."

" Thought so. Since she usually jumps in without telling you, that would make her a domantrix. Of course you're siding with her." Said Ed.

" Alright now you're gonna get it." Al put his hands on his head to keep Marta from getting out. " Al let me out." He did so.

" HAHA! I knew she was a domantrix!" Said Ed and started running with Marta on his tail. Al sighed as he watched his brother and his girlfriend, I mean girl that was a friend, fight each other.

No point, just humor. RR