The day was just about to end, the sun was setting in the west. The sky was beginning to turn shades of beautiful pink, red, and dark orange. The setting sun casted shadows over the peaceful land. Nocturnal animals were leaving their homes, to run around in the darkness. The summer nights were always like this, so calm and tranquil. Nights like these always put Yugi to rest.

Yugi was walking home from the library that warm night. He loved when fireflies would come out, and you didn't need to wear jackets. Yes, summer was Yugi's favorite season of the year. Also his birthday was coming up, actually his birthday was tomorrow. Yugi couldn't wait, he was going to be sixteen. Sweet sixteen at last!

Walking up the dirt path to his old house, Yugi let out a long sigh. To bad I'll have no one to share my birthday with. He thought. You see, Yugi didn't have any friends, or living relatives. Yugi lived with foster parents, who could care less about him now that they had their own son to ogle over. Of course they spent some money on Yugi but not a lot. Yugi didn't know why when they had more than enough money to go to both kids. Yugi's foster parents owned a hot spring spot, that's why their house is isolated from the city. Many people came to have a vacation there, so Yugi's family was practically rich.

Yugi opened the front door to his house, took off his shoes and ran upstairs to his room. He set his book bag down on his oak desk, and did a belly flop onto his bed, putting his face into the fluffy pillow. He breathed in the scent of summer breeze fabric softener. Yugi turned over to look at his clock, it was six o'clock. His family, if that's what you can call them, would be sitting down for dinner now. Yugi, however didn't feel like joining them, and they wouldn't care.

Sighing again, Yugi walked over to his walk-in closet. He weaved his way through his mostly leather clothes, all the way to the back of the closet. Sitting Indian style on the floor, Yugi lifted a piece of floorboard. Hidden beneath the floorboard and some dust, was a cherry oak jewelry box. Yugi smiled sadly at the box, and opened it. A soft melody played as soon as the lid was opened, and Yugi started humming along with the music. He then stuck his fingers inside the wooden box and pulled out a key, just a key. That's how people would see it as, just a plain boring key, but not Yugi. No, to Yugi this key was very special, it was the only thing he had from his real parents.

The key was a sterling silver and flat, it looked like those really old keys they used in European countries. The part that you put into the lock had an unusual pattern. The parts sticking out looked like swirls. The handle was Yugi's favorite part of the key. It was carved to look like a side view of a dragon's head, and in place of the eye was a half black half white stone. Along the pole of the key were little holes, that looked like they once held other jewels. Connected to the key was a small silver chain. Unhooking the chain, Yugi put it around his neck and re-hooked it.

Returning the box to it's hiding place, Yugi sauntered over to his window seat. Yugi looked out into the darkened sky at the shimmering stars, while fingering the key he held close to his chest. Yugi only wore the key on the night before his birthday, and his whole birthday. He thought it might bring him good luck, and make his wishes come true. However, Lady Luck never listened to Yugi, and his wishes remained dreams.

Pressing his forehead to the glass window, Yugi stared into the lifeless skies above. Yugi was just about to get up when the object that would turn his dreams into reality, shot across the sky. A shooting star! Closing his eyes Yugi made his wish, I wish I could be some place where I am wanted, surrounded by friends and people who love me. Opening his eyes, Yugi smiled softly and went to get ready for bed.

Little did Yugi know, that as he slept his wish was starting to come true. As Yugi slept another object fell across the sky and landed in one of the hot springs. It was an amethyst stone. All through the night it sat in that hot spring, just waiting for the person to awaken its power. It just sat there waiting for the Shepard of the Dragons.


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Chapter One.

The sun was peaking up over the hills in the east, and birds awoke to sing to it. The world came to life as light returned forcing the shadows to retreat. It was a calm peaceful moment, summer mornings were always like this. However, the peacefulness didn't last forever, like all good things it came to an end by the shrill scream of an alarm, clock. Yugi's alarm clock actually.

Yugi always got up early on his birthday so he could go relax at his secret spring. No one else knew about this spring that was hidden so perfectly behind some rocks, only Yugi did, so it was his secret spot. Getting out of bed and turning off his alarm clock, Yugi rushed over to his closet. He took out an extra back-pack he had, that was bigger than his school one, and started packing things into it. Yugi planned on staying outside all day, because it was Saturday. He pack a couple of towel, was clothes, a bathing suit, a picnic blanket, some pencils and pens, and his sketchbook.

Rummaging through is closet, Yugi picked out his favorite pair of leather pants, his favorite sneakers, and his favorite shirt, which was black and sleeveless. Yugi grabbed his big back-pack and ran downstairs, as quietly as he could. He ran into the enormous kitchen and took out the food he prepared yesterday, and put it into his bag. He then went over to a cabinet and took out a first- aid kit. You never know when you might get hurt. Finally, Yugi checked if the key was still around his neck, which it was, and ran out the back door to his secret spot.

Climbing the rocks and boulders with ease, Yugi finally reached the secret spring. Yugi jumped off a rock, and stretched his arms above his head. He giggled as the breeze ruffled his tricolor hair. Yugi walked over to the ledge of the spring, and was about to set his stuff down, when he saw something glimmering in the water. He bent down to pick it up, while he was doing so, he didn't notice that the eye of the dragons head on the key started glowing.

As he lifted his hand from the water grasping the object, he gasped when he noticed that key started floating in mid-air. The part that went into a lock was pointing at his clenched hand. Yugi's eyes were even wider than before. Wondering what the key was pointing at, Yugi opened his hand. Before he could even see what the object was, he was engulfed in a bright amethyst colored light.

When the bright light was gone, Yugi was lying on a dirt ground, with his back-pack ontop of him. Yugi sat up and rubbed the back of his head. He then looked at the hand he was using to rub his head with, realizing it was the one that held the object, but it was now empty. Where'd it go? Yugi wondered. He then looked down at his chest seeing that the key was still hanging there. Yugi let out a relieved breath, he then noticed something. One of the holes on the key was filled with an amethyst stone. Was that what I picked up in the hot spring? Standing up, Yugi put on his back-pack, and looked around, "I'm definitely not at the hot springs anymore." Yugi said to himself.

He was surrounded by tall trees, and there were all kinds of plants and shrubs. Yugi stood next to a crystalline river, that held the clearest water Yugi has ever seen. Yugi looked in the direction the river was flowing, seeing some big black dot into the distance. Letting curiosity get the best of him, Yugi walked cautiously over to see what it was.

Yugi wasn't prepared for what he saw. For the black dot, was a man. Well, Yugi didn't know if it were a man, because unusual things were protruding from its body. The man had wings, or one wing. One of his wings was missing, and there was a stump left on his back. The wing that was left, however, had rips and tears in them. Coming out of the man's back side was a long scaly, shiny black tail. Seeing that the stump ,were a wing was supposed to be was bleeding, Yugi wanted to help the man. Taking off his back-pack, Yugi reached into the front pocket, and pulled out his first-aid kit. Taking out a disinfectant spray, Yugi extended his arm about to push down to release the spray, when he was slammed on his back into the ground.

When Yugi opened his eyes, he saw crimson. Yugi realized that he was staring into the face of that man. Yugi tried to get away of the man's fierce glare by backing up, but he was pinned down by the man. It was at that moment when Yugi looked back into the man's face, not fixated on the wings or tail, and noticed similar features he and the man share

The man had the same weird hair Yugi did. Only his had blond lightening blot streaks, and the tips of his spiky black hair were colored crimson, unlike Yugi's which were violet. The man's eyes, however, were narrow and were the color of blood. While Yugi's were wide, and a light shade of violet, almost an amethyst color. Also, while Yugi's skin was pale and creamy, the man's skin was tanned and marred with scars and bruises. Yugi was brought out of his daze by a deep, smooth voice.

"How are you?" Yugi looked up into the face that asked the question. "What were you trying to do?" The man asked another question.

Yugi was terrified and he forced his voice to work, "I'm s...sorry! I was just trying to help you! You're bleeding you know!" Yugi looked back into the man's eyes.

"Help? Why would help me? How can I trust you?" The man flung even more questions at Yugi. Yugi was so scared he didn't know what to do.

"Your hurt! Why wouldn't I help?" Yugi asked. He was just trying to be nice. "I was just trying to help you." Yugi whimpered.

After a moment of silence, the man spoke, "Your eyes hold no lies. They hold an innocence that keeps you from liing." The man staed and got off of Yugi. Yugi couldn't help but notice that the man flinched when he moved. As Yugi watched the man touch the stump on his back, Yugi grabbed the disinfecting spray he had dropped when he was tackled.

Yugi sat beside the man, "Here, let me help you." Yugi looked into the man's eyes, and the man sighed. He turned his back to Yugi to give him access. "This might sting a bit." Yugi warned before he pressed down on the spraying button. The man let out a hiss as the spray hit the bleeding stump. "There," Yugi said, "let's get that wrapped up." Yugi reached for his first-aid kit and pulled out some linen. He carefully wrapped the stump with the bandages.

While he was wrapping the man decided to speak, "You have a strange attire. Where are you from?" He asked, startling Yugi.

Yugi told him about the hot springs, and his foster parents. He then told the stranger about how he ended up in this place. The stranger didn't say anything at first, it was as though he was in deep thought. "If you don't mind me asking," Yugi started, "what are you?" Yugi asked.

The man was brought out of his thoughts, and looked at Yugi, "I'm a dragon of course." He stated like it was obvious.

Yugi's eyes widened, "A dragon? I thought they weren't real!" Yugi exclaimed. He finished tying the bandages, and the man turned around to face him.

He smirked at Yugi, "You really aren't from this world." The stranger stated. "Your name human?" The man asked.

"'s Yugi." The boy said. He was stilled perplexed at the thought of a dragon existing, and he thought dragons looked like lizards, not humans. Yugi was so confused.

"Well Yugi, I'm Yami." The man, now known as Yami, stated. "Let's go. I'll take you to her, she'll explain everything." Yami smirked, and stood up wincing in a bit of pain. "I would fly you there, but seeing as how one of my wings was ripped off, and the other has tears, I can't. Those bastards will pay." Yami said, whispering the last part to himself.

Yugi stuffed his first-aid kit back into his back pack and hoisted it onto his shoulders. "Who is 'she'?" Yugi asked.

Yami looked at him, "The Fountain Fairy." He said simply. "She knows just about everything, and if we're in the Forest of Nen, then it's not that far to go." Yami said, turnig away from Yugi. He tried to take a step forward, but an immense pain shot through his body, and he grabbed a tree branch for support.

"Oh no. We're not going anywhere until you're mostly healed." Yugi said, forcing Yami to sit back down. He took his back pack of again, and took out his first-aid kit and some washcloths. Yugi walked over to the river, dunked the washcloth in it, and rung out the extra water.

Yugi walked back over to Yami, he started to gently scrub Yami's face. "Who gave you all these injuries?" Yugi asked Yami. Yugi started spraying disinfectant on some of Yami's cuts, and put band-aids on them.

"No one to concern yourself with." Yami said in tone that told Yugi to drop the subject. "You missed a spot." Yami said, smirking as he led Yugi's hand that held the washcloth to his chest, which Yugi just realized was bare. Only ripped pieces of shirt remained. Yugi blushed a deep red, and started scrubbing Yami chest. Yami just smirked and watched Yugi blush as he scrub his marred chest.

When Yugi was done mendind some of Yami's injuries he reached for his back pack and took out his food. He took out two pairs of chopsticks, and opened the box lunch. He took a pair of chopsticks and handed them to Yami, who looked utterly confused. "What's that and what are these?" Yami asked, staring at the lunchbox and then the chopsticks.

"This," Yugi lifting up the box, "is bento(1)." He then lifted up the chopsticks, "And these are chopsticks. You use them to eat with." Yugi explain, giggling as he saw Yami trying to stab a piece of food. The next thing Yugi knew, Yami broke the pair of chopsticks Yugi had given him. So Yugi gave Yami his, and taught him how to use them, it took a while, but Yami was a fast learner. Yugi just tried to use the other end of the chopsticks when Yami was done, which took a while considering Yami wanted to eat the whole thing.

That night Yugi fell asleep with his picnic blanket wrapped around him, leaning against a tree. Yami sat next to Yugi staring up at the twinkling stars. Yugi offered him the picnic blanket but Yami wasn't cold. Yami was deep in thought, he saw what dangled from Yugi's neck. That was the real reason he was going to the Fountain Fairy. He wanted to see if Yugi was really the chosen one. He also wanted to know if he was on of the chosen dragons. Even if he wasn't, and Yugi was the Shepard of the Dragons, Yami would still protect him. Yami had grown attached to the human boy so quickly. It was Yugi's eyes, they held an innocence that drew Yami in, like a moth to a flame.

Yami closed his eyes, and put his head on Yugi's. Under the bright night sky, while those two slept, a path was beginning to unravel for both Yugi and Yami. Nither of them knew it, but since Yugi first met Yami their paths intertwined, and wouldn't be parted anytime soon.


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1. Bento is a box lunch with assorted food items.

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