Chapter Three

The group traveled for about a week already. Yami did not let Yugi go back to his own world. Yugi got frustrated , and gave up trying. Bakura and Yami got into daily fights, always causing Ryou and Yugi to separated them. If Yugi and Ryou weren't there, it was highly likely that they would kill each other.

On the ninth day of walking north, things were strangely calm. Yami and Bakura weren't fighting because Yugi gave them each some food, which they happily munched on. Yugi looked over at Ryou, "Ryou, why would being with Bakura not help your clans?" Yugi up at Ryou who was walking by his side.

Ryou looked down at Yugi, a sad smile gracing his face, "Marriage to a dragon in a different clan is illegal. My marriage to Bakura, if anyone found out, would cause even bigger chaos." Ryou looked ahead, "Even if I wasn't a prince, a marriage to a thief would just be a great cause for banishment. Just my disappearance caused a ruckus, if people found out I married Bakura, a full blown war would brake out." Ryou said.

"Ryou, look just drop it. What's done is done." Bakura said. "We're never going back, they'll never find out where we are. So it doesn't matter." Bakura assured, going back to his food.

Ryou smiled a small smile, "Thank you Bakura." he said softly. Bakura grinned at Ryou, and Ryou smiled back.

Yugi felt a sharp of pain inside of him when Ryou mentioned that dragons can't be married to anyone outside their clan. A picture of Yami entered his head when Ryou said that.

Yugi was startled out of his thoughts when Yami made a sudden stop. "Yami what's wrong?" Worry leaked into his voice.

"Something's coming." Yami said, in a low voice. "I know that scent." Yami said, most likely to himself.

"Yeah, I do too." Bakura said, sniffing the air. "They aren't allowed this far up north though." He added.

"What's going on?" Yugi whispered. He felt someone touched his shoulder, he turned to see the terrified face of Ryou. "Ryou? What's wrong?" Yugi asked.

Ryou looked at Yugi, "We have to get out of here. Now." Ryou whispered. "You have to keep quiet Yugi. Don't shout." Ryou informed.

"But!" Yugi shouted, but Ryou shushed him. "What's going on?" He said in a softer voice.

"It's the Saber Tribe. They're known for their brutality, even throughout their own tribe." Bakura said. "Ryou take Yugi, and fly north. We'll catch up with you." Bakura ordered.

"Too late." Yami said. "They're here." He breathed. Sure enough the ground started to vibrate, stopping and surrounding the group, was some of the ugliest things Yugi ever saw.

They were about the same size of Yugi. There were a whole lot of them, there were like over one hundred. They had fangs protruding from there mouth, that were about a foot long. They had long nails on both their fingers and toes. They had strange markings on their skin, and at least all of them had scratch and bite marks. They had pointy ears, and were bald. They all were carrying a weapon of some sort.

Yami spoke up first, "What are you doing up north? You have no right to be up here." Yami said, in a frightening voice Yugi had never heard before. "Where is your leader?" He asked.

A buff saber stepped forward, "Why do you care Red Eyes? You have no control over us." It said, growling at Yami.

"You hate the cold. There must be a reason why you're here." Bakura spoke up.

The saber said, "Kicked out of our territory, we were. By those stupid Mahogany Eyes. Greedy little bastards they are." It growled.

His statement caused Bakura to raise an eyebrow, "Why are they taking over territory?" He asked, Ryou touched his arm and shook his head. Bakura mouthed, 'I want to know.' Ryou stopped.

"'Why'!" The saber exclaimed. "So they can control us, and make us fight for them." It said. "Stupid bastards!" It snarled.

"Let us pass them we have no bone to pick with you." Yami ordered.

"Now, now. You know we don't do anything without something in return." It smirked.

"Yugi stay close to me." Ryou whispered into Yugi's ear. Yugi just nodded in response. He grabbed Ryou's sweaty hand, and held it tight. Yugi was scared of these things.

"How about we take this one off your hands." A different sabor came out and grabbed Yugi. Ryou shouted a 'no!' and pulled Yugi back. Ryou then took off in flight holding a shaking Yugi.

Everything happened so fast though. One moment Ryou and Yugi were in the air, then the next they were on the ground. Ryou's wing had been shot with an arrow. His right wing had been injured. And he was on the ground cringing in pain, Bakura at his side. While all this was going on, the sabers grabbed Yugi, and ran.

"Yami!" Yugi shouted, reaching out for Yami. "Yami, help!" He continued shouting and yelling, as the sabers ran off with him. Yami started sprinting after them.

All of the sudden, the earth in front of the sabers, a wall of earth shot up blocking the sabers' path. Yami looked back to see Ryou's eyes glowing bright green. His hand was also glowing bright green, as he channeled his power through the ground.

Some of the sabers slammed into the wall, others were preparing to attack. They stilled had Yugi though. Some fireballs shot through the air and hit some of the advancing sabers. It was Bakura. The next thing Yami knew was that he was surround by sabers.

Noticing that the sabers were casting shadows, Yami decided to use his power of the shadows. Speaking in a different language, the shadows began to shift. Then out of the shadows came big black hands, which grasped, and suffocated the sabers until they passed out. Looking over at the rock wall Ryou created, he summoned more of his power, this time gravity. He used it on the wall, causing it to fall over and crush some of the sabers beneath it. The one holding Yugi fell, his legs got smashed be the wall when he tried to run.

Yugi pulled himself out of the creature's grasp, he started running over to the direction where Yami was. Yami was holding his arms out waiting for Yugi to jump into his arms, but Yugi ran right passed Yami and straight to Ryou. Yami's eye, and fingers started to twitch. "That's fine…" Yami ground out to himself, and walked stubbornly to his charge, Ryou, and Bakura.

Yugi frantically getting out his first-aid kit and started fixing Ryou's wound. "I'm sorry Ryou. This is all my fault, I can't protect myself!" Yugi cried, tears forming in his eyes.

"Don't blame yourself Yugi. I should've left with you as soon as I sensed them. I am the sorry one." Ryou smiled kindly at Yugi. Bakura held Ryou close, and kissed him. "Don't worry about me Bakura, I'm fine." He said as their kiss ended.

"Are you two done being mushy? I'd like to go now." Yami said, still steamed about not getting a hug from Yugi.

"Yami!" Yugi shouted and hugged him. "Are you okay?" He asked. He started checking for any wounds.

"So now you want to hug me." Yami said to himself. "I am fine Yugi. As I see you are." He smiled at Yugi, now a little less bitter since he got his hug.

Yugi smiled back, and the group continued their journey north.


Yugi pulled on a jacket, gloves, and a hat. It was so cold up here! Yugi told Yami, Bakura, and Ryou to put stuff on, but they declined. They were stating about how ridiculous they would look. So, Yugi stopped badgering them.

"How much longer? I can't walk another step!" Yugi complained, and he had every right to. They walked for hours without stopping. "I think my legs are frozen." Yugi whimpered.

"Come on Yugi, I'll carry you." Yami said, offering his back to Yugi. Yugi smiled and climbed on Yami's back. Yami turned his head s bit and smiled at Yugi. "It shouldn't be too far Yugi. If we don't have any interruptions we should be there in about a day." Yami said softly, Yugi just nodded in agreement. The up and down motion when Yami walked was putting him to sleep.

"Looks like someone is tired." Ryou giggled, looking at Yugi. Ryou looked over at Bakura, and he began to worry.

Bakura, being really tan, was surprisingly pale. He was panting heavily, and he was sweating profusely. Ryou reached out a delicate hand and touched Bakura's face. The sweat was cold. Bakura's eyes were cloudy, and were drooping. Bakura was ill.

"Bakura! Oh, I am so stupid! I knew you can't handle cold weather." Ryou berated himself. "Yami, may we stop? I have to treat Bakura." Ryou pleaded, looking over at Yami.

"Of course." Yami said simply. "We have to find shelter first though. Over there!" He said, letting go of Yugi with one hand he pointed at a small cave near big glaciers. They moved towards as quickly has they could.

Once they were in the cave, Yami put an awaking Yugi on the frosty floor. He then sat next to the sleepy Yugi. Bakura staggered into the cave, Ryou supporting him. Ryou then propped Bakura up against the frozen wall of the cave. Yugi looked up at Bakura through sleep-foggy eyes. "Hey," He said, "is he going to be okay?" Yugi asked, looking at Ryou for an answer.

"If we don't get him warmed up he won't be." Ryou said quietly. Pressing his hand to the ground, Ryou summoned some wood roots. However, the roots had to brake through frozen soil, causing Ryou to drain most of his power. The roots formed a big pile in the center of the group. Ryou fell back against the cave wall, breathing heavily. "Bakura, if it is not too much to ask, can you please start a fire?" Ryou looked over at Bakura.

Bakura slowly opened his eyes, he lifted his index finger and shot a tennis ball-sized fireball at the roots. The roots ignited, slowly warming the small cave. Bakura moved his arm, he wrapped it around Ryou's waist and pulled him close. He nuzzled Ryou's silky hair, inhaling his scent. "Love you." He whispered into Ryou's ear. Ryou smiled and said the same thing back to Bakura.

Yugi smiled at the sweet scene, despite the danger they were in, Bakura and Ryou looked really happy. A gust of wind blew into the cave, the fire flickered, and Yugi shivered a bit. He gasped when Yami pulled him near, so Yugi now sat in between his legs. Yami wrapped the trench coat given to him around Yugi, sharing his warmth.

Yami looked outside the cave opening, a blizzard was arising. There was slight movement against Yami's chest. Yami looked down, and couldn't help but smile. Yugi looked so cute snuggled up to Yami's chest, he was sleeping soundly. Yami was surprised that Yugi could sleep at a time like this, but he decided not to make Yugi worry.

"Yami, when do you think the blizzard will end?" Ryou asked, running his fingers through a sleeping Bakura's hair. Bakura shifted a bit, and then snuggled into Ryou's warmth.

Yami looked back outside, "I don't know. The north is famous for its long-term blizzards." Yami looked down at Yugi, who cuddled deeper into Yami's chest. "All we can do now is sleep and hope it ends soon." Yami said.

Ryou looked at Bakura, and silently prayed that Bakura would live through this. He also prayed that they all would live through this.

After hours passed, Ryou had dozed off. Yami, however, was tired but was still awake. Sleep was not an option, he had to make sure the fire still burned. Yami was surprised that the wood lasted this long.

Yugi shifted in his spot, and slowly opened his eyes. "Yami?" He said, blinking the sleep from his eyes. Yugi looked up at Yami, noticing how tired he was. "Yami, you should sleep." Yugi advised.

Yami shook his head, "No. There's a blizzard, and someone has to make sure the fire doesn't go out." He stated.

"Blizzard?" Yugi repeated. He looked outside, and his eyes widen, "What're we going to do?" He asked, his voice filled with panic.

"I've been thinking about that. If it gets any worse, I was thinking maybe we can all travel to your house." Yami explained.

Yugi looked up at Yami and smiled, "Yami, you are a genius." He said, keeping his hushed tone when he noticed Bakura and Ryou were still sleeping.

Yami shrugged and smirked, "I try." He said simply.

There was a sudden strong gale of wind, it entered the cave and blew out the fire. "Yami!" Yugi shouted in fear, clinging to Yami's shirt.

"Shh…It's okay Yugi, I'm right here." He said rubbing Yugi's back soothingly.

"Is everyone okay?" The voice belonged to Ryou. "Bakura?" He called out.

"I'm fine." Bakura said softly. He was still weak, and sick. Bakura tried to summon a fireball in his hand, but the cold had taken full toll on Bakura.

Yugi rummaged through one of his bags, and took out the mirror. "Let's go to my house. We have hot springs, Bakura can warm up and get better. Then we can come back after a bit." Yugi said.

Ryou quickly agreed to the idea of getting Bakura healthy again. Yugi placed the second mirror on the cave floor. They all placed their hand on the mirror Yugi held, a picture of Yugi's house appeared in the mirror.

"Home." Yugi said clearly. There was a shimmering light, and the four of them were transported to Yugi's house.

Their feet touched the ground softly. Ryou and Bakura looked around curiously, this being their first time here. Yami just went over to the bed and sat on it, enjoying the softness of the mattress. Bakura, still a little weak, fell to his knees on the floor.

"Come on Ryou, let's get him to the hot springs." Yugi said, helping Ryou support Bakura.

They made their way to Yugi's secret spring, carefully avoiding any customers. Once they were there, Yugi told them to undress, he left undressing Bakura to Ryou though. Yugi handed them towels with his eyes closed, telling them to tie them around the waists.

Ryou helped Bakura slide into the spring. He sat next to Bakura, running a wet washcloth over Bakura's skin. "How're you feeling?" He asked.

Bakura turned his head to face Ryou, and gave him a smile he only saved for Ryou. "I'm feeling a little better. The spring is helping." He said.

Ryou smiled brightly, "I'm glad." He said, and kissed Bakura's forehead.

Yugi, meanwhile, was looking around for Yami, who was not in the bedroom when Yugi returned. Yugi decided the best place to search was the kitchen, considering Yami liked Yugi's food.

Yugi walked into the kitchen, once he stepped in there he noticed a black tail sticking out from the fridge. Yugi stomped over to the refrigerator, and yanked the tail. "Yami." He ground out. "Stop eating all the food." He ordered sternly.

Yami turned around and looked at Yugi, "Yugi, I'm hungry!" He whined. "Your food is so good." He said. "Yugi can you cook me more of this stuff?" He asked, shoving a half-eaten steak in Yugi's face. "Please?" He pleaded.

Yugi sighed, and gave in, "Fine, but don't eat all of the steak. Save some for Ryou and Bakura." He said, pulling some raw steak out of the freezer.

Yugi finished cooking the steaks as Ryou and a much healthier looking Bakura, walked in. Yugi told them to sit at the table, as he placed the food on the table. He served them some lemonade, and sat down in his own chair. Yami and Bakura tore into the steak, ripping the tough meat with their sharp canines. While Yugi and Ryou politely ate their food.

"Yugi, this is better than the one I ate earlier." Yami said, his mouth full of chewed steak meat. Yami smiled at Yugi, and continued eating his tasty food.

"Thank you, Yami." Yugi said, taking a bite of steak. "When are we going to go back?" He asked.

"I'm feeling better now. I guess we can go back tomorrow." Bakura said.

"You guys can sleep in my room tonight. Then we can pack up more food, and head back. I'm just worried that Bakura will get sick again." Yugi said.

"Me too." Ryou said quietly. "Thank you for your hospitality Yugi." He thanked.

Yugi laughed, "No problem. You guys are my guardians, I have to take care of you."

That night Yugi set out the only futon he had, and gave it to Ryou and Bakura. Since he didn't have another one, Yami had to sleep on his bed. Yami, on the inside, was leaping with joy. However, Yami's plan to snuggle with Yugi was ruined, when Yugi made him sleep at the end of the bed.

Yami guessed it was a good thing Yugi was short, or else he would have to lay on Yugi's legs. Yami was curled up at the end of the bed, covered with the blankets Yugi had given him. Yami lifted his head up a little, and looked at Yugi. He smirked when he saw that Yugi was asleep. Yami quietly got on all fours, and crawled up next to Yugi. He then, trying hard not to disturb Yugi, shimmied under then covers and cuddled up to Yugi.

Yami couldn't contain his smile when he felt the sleeping Yugi snuggle into him. Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi's slim waist. Yami sighed contently and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning, Yami and Bakura woke up to find Yugi, and Ryou packing things into Yugi's book bags. Yugi and Ryou greeted them with a 'good morning' and continued stuffing the bags. Yugi left to go downsairs, and came back up later with breakfast for everyone.

"Shall we leave now Yugi?" Ryou asked, handing a bag to Bakura to carry.

Yugi nodded, "Yes. Let's go now." Yugi said. He grabbed the mirror, and they teleported back through the mirror.

However, when they landed, they were not in the cave. When they landed, they found themselves in a large room. By the looks of it, it was a library. Huge shelves lined the walls, filled with books and scrolls. Candles, and a huge fire place lit the room; desk, chairs, and couches were also in the room.

"Where the fuck are we?" Bakura asked, taking in his surroundings. The others were confused too.

"I see. So the mirror was a portal." A voice said. Yugi and the others turned towards big doors, made of what looked like ice. There was a man standing there holding some scrolls.

The man was very tall, probably around six feet. He had brown hair, and cold blue eyes. He wore black leather pants, a long sleeve dark blue shirt, and a white trench coat. Covered by his trench coat, hooked to his belt, was a long sword. Around his forehead laid a thin hoop of silver. In the center of his forehead, on the silver crown, was a blue sapphire.

Yugi's body tensed up, it was the same feeling he had when he ran into Ryou. Yugi fell to his knees, shaking. Yami quickly knelt next to Yugi, holding him close. Yugi looked up and pointed at the man's crown.

"He has a gem." Yugi said. "He's a Blue Eyes." Sure enough, the man had a long light blue dragon tail.

The man smirked, "It appears that the boy is the Shepard. I knew it." The man walked further into the room, and stopped in front of Yugi. Yami growled at the man, and Bakura was ready to attack. Ryou was calm, but ready to step in if anything was to happen.

The man was about to grab the key around Yugi's neck, when Yami jumped in front of Yugi. The man smirked again, "We have not had dealings with Red Eyes since the sealing of the Great Beast." He said. Yami growled at him again.

Yugi found enough strength to stand up. He grabbed Yami's shirt to steady himself, "Who are you?" He asked, looking up at the man.

"Seto." He said simply. "King of the Blue Eyes." He added. "You need this don't you?" He asked fingering the gem in his crown.

Yugi nodded, "Yes. Will you join us?" He asked.

"I do not like being bounded to anything," Seto started, "the only thing I'm bounded to is my clan." He said.

Yugi looked crestfallen, "You won't have a clan if you don't help us." Yugi said.

"He's right you know? Seto." A new voice had entered the conversation. This voice however, clearly belong to a woman.

Seto turned and looked towards the door, "Kisara." He greeted, bowing slightly.

Kisara was a real beauty. She had long, silky, flowing, platinum hair. Her eyes were crystal blue, but unlike Seto's, they held some warmth in them, and her skin was nearly as white as snow. She wore long light blue robes, on her head was also a silver crown.

"You should go Seto. Your clan needs you to." She said, walking gracefully into the room.

"My clan needs me here, dear sister. I will not leave them." Seto said.

Kisara looked into Seto's eyes, "I'm perfectly capable of running this kingdom, Seto." She said.

"I know." He said simply, turning sharply and walking out the door.

"Forgive him." Kisara said, turning to look at Yugi and the others. "Seto isn't really that bad, once you get to know him. He's never really that cold when he is with me or Mokuba." She said. "I guess it's because we're his only family." She said. "I'm Kisara by the way." She smiled at them.

"I'm Yugi." Yugi said, smiling back at Kisara and bowing. "This is Yami, Bakura, and Ryou." He said, pointing to each of his guardians.

Kisara looked into each of their eyes, smiling sweetly. "Yugi, you are indeed the chosen one. I can not allow my clan to die, therefore, I'll do everything to get Seto to join you." Kisara said. "Come, I'll give you rooms for your stay here." She said.

They walked down crystal hallways, the castle was so beautiful. Everything was made of ice, or crystals. Kisara led them down a long hallway, until she came to two doors. She gave one room to Bakura and Ryou, and the other to Yami and Yugi.

The rooms were huge. The room had couches, a desk, fireplace, dressers, and a queen size bed. The bed was the only problem, because there was only one. So naturally, Yugi made Yami sleep at the end of the bed. Yami, of course, had to protest.

"But Yugi," he whined, "there's plenty of room up there." He said.

Yugi sighed, "Now Yami," he said, "be a good dragon, and go to sleep." Yugi cooed, petting Yami on the head.

Yami pouted, but that pout turned into a smirk. "I don't want to be a good dragon." Yami crawled over to Yugi, who had turned around to get under the covers. Time seemed to move faster in this world, it was already nighttime here.

Yugi, who was busy getting under the covers, finally heard what Yami had said. He turned around just has Yami had pounced on him. Yami started tickling Yugi's sides, and Yugi started laughing nonstop.

"Y-Yami…I…c-can't br-breathe!" Yugi squealed. He squirmed under Yami's hands, trying to get out of his grasp.

"Can I sleep up here?" Yami asked, still tickling Yugi's sides.

Yugi was gasping for breath, "Y-yes!"

Yami immediately stopped, "Thank you Yugi. You are very kind." Yami laughed and dove under the covers. He popped back up and laid his head on a fluffy pillow. He smirked at Yugi.

Yugi, who was still trying to regain his breath, turned his head and glared at Yami. "You're so mean." Yugi pouted.

"Now, now. Who's the one who makes me sleep at the end of the bed?" Yami chuckled, waging a finger at Yugi.

"I'm sorry." Yugi said, and crawled under the covers. "Yami, do you think Seto will join us?" Yugi asked.

"I could care less." Yami said. "I can tell he's an asshole."

"Yami!" Yugi protested. "You just can't judge him." Yugi said.

Yami let out a long sigh, "Whatever." He said. "If he does join, it better be soon. We don't have forever." Yami rolled over, his back facing Yugi.

Yugi looked over at Yami, "Is something bothering you?" He asked.

Yami looked over his shoulder at Yugi, "Just some things I don't wish to talk about." He returned his head to his former position.

"Well, if you ever want to talk about it, I'm here for you." Yugi told Yami, and closed his eyes. Sleep soon enveloped him, and brought him to dreamland.

Yami turned back over, smiling when he saw that Yugi had fallen asleep. He lifted his hand, and brushed a blond strand of hair out of Yugi's face. "Goodnight Yugi." He whispered.

Sleep heavy eyes blinked open, small hands rose up to rub the sleepiness away. Yugi sat up in bed, looking around. He gazed outside the balcony doors, it was still dark outside. Yugi carefully got out of the bed, trying not to disturb Yami who was resting peacefully.

Yugi pulled on his shoes, not really wanting to walk on ice floors with just socks on. He walked towards the door, his curiosity getting the better of him and telling him to explore. Yugi opened the heavy door, and walked out into the hallway.

Yugi's gaze bounced around to take in his surroundings, from the masterpiece paintings on the walls, to the gorgeous ice sculptures. Yugi tip-toed around until he came to two huge doors, which he remembered to be the library. Yugi didn't know what led him here, but he decided just to go with it. He opened the doors, and stepped inside the room.

The room was still lit with the fires of the burning candles and the fireplace. When Yugi looked towards the desk he knew why. Seto was sitting at the desk reading some ancient looking scroll. Yugi heard an intake a breath and a rustle of cloth, and turned his gaze to the couch.

There was a little boy sleeping on it, he was draped with Seto's white trench coat. He had a chubby face, that was framed by shaggy black hair. He was snuggled deeply into the couch, and his hands held Seto's coat in a death grip.

"That's Mokuba, my little brother." Yugi turned his head upward, and found Seto staring at him.

"He's a cute little kid." Yugi said. "He must be precious to you." Yugi whispered.

Seto shifted his eyes to the slumbering Mokuba. "He and Kisara are very precious to me." Seto answered. "So is my clan." He added.

Yugi looked at Seto, "I guess that's why you don't want to come." Yugi said.

Seto nodded, "I don't want to leave them, Kisara and Mokuba. They keep me grounded. Sometimes, I think that I would be a horrible, cold ruler if it wasn't for those two." Seto explained.

"You thought of what might happen if you don't come, haven't you?" Yugi asked. Seto just nodded. "But, you know, if you don't even try, you will never see them again." Yugi said.

"I know. I came to the decision that I can't take that chance. I need to go with you in order to save them. Even if I don't come back alive, I'll die knowing that they will be." Seto said.

"So, you're coming?" Yugi asked. Seto nodded. "That's great." Yugi sadi, trying not to wake Mokuba.

Seto lifted himself from the chair he was sitting in, and strode over to Yugi. He put his fingers to his crown, and plucked out the sapphire gem. He then handed it to Yugi, "You have my full guardianship, Yugi the Shepard." Seto pledged.

Yugi smiled at Seto, and took the offered gem. "Thank you." Yugi said. He placed the gem into a hole on the key around his neck. There was a swirl of light blue that surrounded Yugi, and then it ended.

"We shall leave tomorrow I think." Seto said. "I shall have servants pack some food, and other supplies in the morning." Seto added.

"I'm just a little worried." Yugi started. "I mean, we have to travel to the Golden Eyes' territory. Both your clans are enemies." Yugi explained.

"We'll think of something." Seto said, scowling slightly when Yugi mentioned the Golden Eyes. "Now go back to bed and rest. We have long days ahead of us." Seto said.

Yugi nodded and walked back to his room. He took off his shoes, and climbed back into bed. He was surprised when he heard Yami speak, "Is he joining us?" Yam asked.

Yugi smiled, "Yep!" He said cheerfully. He then laid back, and let sleep take him a again.

Yami just grunted and muttered to himself, "Great, another asshole I have to deal with." Yami couldn't believe he now had to deal with Seto and Bakura. He hoped that somehow things would get better.

The next morning Yugi, his guardians, including Seto, stood at the exit gate of the Blue Eyes clan. The servants, like Seto had said, packed food and supplies needed. They were about to leave, when Kisara and Mokuba ran up to them.

Mokuba gave Seto a bear hug, "Come back safely big brother. I'll miss you!" Mokuba cried softly into Seto's shirt.

Seto patted Mokuba's head, "I will, I promise." He said. "Kisara," he started, "take care of Mokuba and the clan. I trust your wisdom and your judgment, I give you my blessing." Seto said, bowing to Kisara.

Kisara bowed back, "I'll my best." She said. "Good luck, all of you." She added.

With saying their goodbyes, Yugi and his guardians were off to continue their journey. "Seto, will Kisara be okay?" Yugi asked.

"Women are highly respected in our clan. She'll be fine, Kisara is no pushover." Seto said.

"Yugi , what if Bakura gets sick again?" Ryou asked.

Yugi just smiled, "Don't worry I have got it covered." He said. Ryou and the others looked confused. Yugi dug through one of his bags, and pulled something out. "Heating pads!" He laughed.


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