This is just something I thought up. How would Legolas react if we're assuming he and the twins have been friends for a long time and they arrive with the message from Elrond and Arwen's banner?

Legolas readied his bow, Aragorn by his side, as the strangers drew nearer. Through their travels of Middle Earth, he knew there was no telling what creatures would approach the army of Rohan in days as dark as these. His bow bent beneath his fingers, it was a testament to the power and finesse he attacked and killed with. With a battle so near, at the first sight of danger he would fire. Enemies beware.

The stoic elf did not release a sigh of relief, for it was not his way, but he was relieved nonetheless when it was Halbarad. Aragorn was on the edge, the fear and determination piling up beneath his tough face, and would need all those he loved near his side. He did not listen or bandy words with the mortals, but had his eye on two riders very close to Halbarad. They were hooded and cloaked, and the days of late had turned very dark and even the elf, whose sight was keen and precise even at night, could not see very far. Though he could not see their faces, there was something so familiar about them.

Legolas felt a slight smile come to his face. Elladan and Elrohir. Of course it was. He listened with intent at the message from Elrond, and his smile grew when the twins handed over a covered bundle. Arwen had shown him her work, and he had praised her heartily for the thought and for her skill. It had not done anything to ease her pain in knowing Aragorn would go to face Sauron himself, but his comfort was the only gift he had to give her.

"What are they here for, laddie?" Gimli asked softly, leaning heavily upon his axe.

"They are Aragorn's brothers, and they wish to be here with him. They know where he is headed." Legolas replied in the same quiet tone, his blue eyes dark with foreboding. He too knew the truth of the Mountain, and did not wish to enter it. They had lost Gandalf going through Moria. Who would they lose while traveling through the Paths of the Dead?


Legolas was dreading the Dimhult Road. He was an elf and did not like the caves. He would endure it for Aragorn and for Middle Earth if he had no other choice, but it did not mean he liked it. His heart was quailing with fear, but pride would not allow him to show it or speak of it, even with Aragorn or Gimli. It was a demon he was determined to fight alone, but it was one foe that he could not overcome on his own.

"Mellon nin." Legolas turned around smoothly. A small smile came to his face.

"Mae govannan." He nodded. "Elladan, it is good to see your face once more." The younger twin came out of a nearby tent after speaking with Aragorn. "Elrohir, you as well."

Elladan looked at Legolas, appraising him. "You dread our journey." He pointed out.

"Indeed." Elrohir agreed, leaning over to whisper loudly in his brother's ear. "I think he's terrified." His eyes were dancing with laughter. Humor was a method that had always helped Legolas in the past.

He gave a small smile for appreciated the attempt. "I am. I love the trees. Bare rock only represents evil beginnings." He felt a shiver dance up and down his spine. "I loathe what we shall meet."

Elladan put a hand on Legolas' shoulder. "Do not be afraid. Nothing in there shall harm you. We're here." He said assuringly.

"After all we have been through together, what in our history has ever given me assurance that you will guard my back?" Legolas asked dryly.

"Well, there was that one time… wait…" Elrohir paused to think. "He actually has a point."

Elladan rolled his eyes at his brother. "Elrohir…" He trailed off, shaking his head. "Legolas, do not fear the Dead. We have life, and they only want peace. They will not force us to join their ranks. You are too great for such a fate. This is my word, and as such is beyond contradiction. Do not let fear rule you, for anger breeds from fear, and from anger, pain." His voice became stronger and more intense as he continued to speak. "We will protect you, for you have done so for us countless times. Legolas. You are the greatest warrior Middle Earth has ever seen. Do NOT forget that."

Legolas was suddenly overcome by emotion and turned away to let his tears fall. Elladan and Elrohir stepped beside him and put their arms around him, letting him let go of his emotions there, so there was nothing to hide. So he could remain strong to battle the fear and the evil ones before the gates of Minas Tirith.