The Unexpected Visit
Chapter 2: Meet and Greet

Waiting for her, Jack was becoming anxious. He didn't believe that she wouldn't show up and he wasn't sure how long it would take her, but he knew he'd be there waiting. Surprisingly, Sam walked out of the shadows of the Cheyenne Mountain complex less than ten minutes later. Guess I won't need plan B, he thought as she came into view.

"Sir?" Sam called the minute she saw the man standing there.

"Hey! I see you got my letter." He pointed to the envelope in her hand.

"Meet me on the surface is considered a letter?"

"Ah, you know how I am with words, and it obviously worked."

"What if I wouldn't have come up?"

"I would've come down and dragged you out of your lab."

"Plan B?"


"Jack," She said his name almost in a whisper, "You didn't pull me out of there just to say hi, did you?" She looked at him curiously, trying to find out the real reason he was here.

"Would I waste your time with that?"

"Well, you have…" Sam started before being cut off.

"Don't answer that. Anyway we should get going; we have to beat the lunch crowd."


"We have to go." He said, tapping his watch.

"Uh, where." Sam asked perplexed.

"And everyone calls you the smart one…" He stopped, receiving a death-like glare. "Sorry, but can we please get going. I am starving, and don't try to tell me you're not hungry."

"I am, but if you haven't noticed, I have a job that I have to get back to…sir." Sam realized she had started to raise her voice, to bring her point across. "I should just go." She said starting to walk back.

"It's been cleared. The general even told me us to have a good time." Jack called, knowing it would make her stop and turn around.

Doing just that, she smiled "Really?"

"Yeah, sure you betcha'. So, what do you say? "

"Alright." Sam looked down after agreeing. "I should go change first." She said indicating her current attire.

"I can take you home on the way." Jack offered. He had practically blurted it out. Little to anxious there, O'Neill, don't push it.

Actually pondering this, Sam stepped back towards him. Breathing in, she glanced down again to avoid direct eye contact. She bit her lip when she answered, "Let's go."