It was a cold, cloudy, dark night. A young kunoichi was in a black shinobi suit with a mask as she swiftly went branch to branch swiftly. Her movements were nothing but a blur, and she didn't let off any sounds revealing her presence.

"I'm almost there..., about freakin' time," she whispered to herself. She immediately stopped once she saw a large group of people discussing their plans.

"After the robbery, we will split into two groups. Group A will head northward, and the Group B will head southward to shake them off. Then we all come back to this spot at midnight to regroup. Any questions, Genji gang?"

"Naw, Boss. This will be as easy as any other job we did. Right, guys?" The whole crowd started hollering loudly, unashamed of their actions and unaware of their future consequences.

They were about to leave, but the woman jumped in front of them to block the exit in the direction they were heading.

"Well, hello there, boys," she said as she slowly peeled off her mask. And with that, it released her long, luxurious, blond hair. She threw the mask in front of them, and stared at them in a seductive manner.

"Well, hello there, babe. Boss, you mind if I'm a little late on our way to the bank?" one of the gang members asked with a smirk.

"Ha ha... I'm not one to break up a good thing, and I do mean good, but you can always do the girl later. We have business to handle. Lady, feel free to get yourself hot and wet for when we get back," the Boss replied with a laugh.

The other guy sighed in disappointment as he re-observed the beautiful person in front of him. He was about to open his mouth, but the woman started to softly touch his chin. He started shaking his leg in excitement as the other guys hollered like animals, cheering him on.

"Aww, but I don't want you to go. All of you...," she said softly and sweetly. The other guys slowly developed a wide, happy grin, including the Boss.

"Well, a little delay is not that big of a problem. I got first dibs on the lady though!" he declared loudly as rest of the Genji gang rooted him on. He walked forward, but the kunoichi pulled the guy she was fondling with in front of her.

"Do you mind if I play with him, first?" she asked in her same sexy, seductive tone.

The Boss reluctantly agreed as he stepped back to allow his subordinate have a fun time with this mysterious and beautiful stranger.

The guy quickly took initiative and grabbed her ass and pushed her toward his body. "Let's get it on then!"

She smiled as she pulled his arms away from her rear. "I tend to play hard-to-get..."

He gave off a bewildered expression on his face. "What you mean, baby?"

"I mean...," she started. The woman took a couple of steps back, and without warning, she sent a strong high kick to his jaw. His feet left the ground as he went up in the air from the impact of the attack. She jumped along with him and squeezed his neck. Then she kneed him in the stomach hard enough to flip his body upside-down, and she used his neck to slam him hard into the ground, head through the dirt.

"Hard-to-get as in that I'm gonna give a hell of an ass kicking before any of you half-wit morons can ever touch me!" she spoke suddenly in a more aggressive and rough manner.

The Genji gang showed shock as they saw her brutal assault on their comrade. Their expressions changed gradually as they looked on though. The image of disbelief turn into mischief, as all of them grinned revealing so.

"Quite a feisty girl, ain't she?" one of them said as he licked his lips while staring at the woman's body.

"Very," another one said as he started chuckling.

"There's no need for me to say it, but don't kill her. I'm not in the mood of fucking a dead corpse tonight," ordered the Boss. They grinned wider as two guys ran forward with kunais.

One went forward for a stab, but she spun her body gracefully to dodge it. She grabbed the arm with the kunai tightly. Then spun him around and knocked the other guy out with his own comrade. After that, she threw the guy that she was spinning around very high into a tree, leaving him hanging on a branch, to dizzy and scared of heights to do anything else.

"Who's next?" she asked in a mocking, soft voice.

They were about to all rush forward, but the Boss stuck his hand out to stop them. "The bitch is mine!" he declared in a calm voice as he stepped forward. He got into a boxing stance as he waited for her to attack.

She smiled as she looked at him. "Are you sure you want me to strike you first? I'm warning you, I'm no joke for you or anybody for that matter to be thought little of. I will pound you into next Thursday before you realize it. It would be so painful that by the time you wake up from my beating, you would be in the next millennium as an old geezer with two fake legs, twenty broken bones out of your remaining twenty five, no teeth, and balls with the size of raisins that haven't got any action for a long time. Actually, I don't doubt if your dick isn't already like that now, eh little man?"

The Boss showed a very irritated face and threw his fist forward in rage. She caught it with one hand before it touched her chest. "I doubt the results will change if you attempt to hit me first either, so..., too bad for you..." He pulled his hand back and threw another punch with the same hand. She caught it once again. "What is this? A fight or a dance? Anyways, I don't have time to play with weak boys..."

She pulled his fist down, making him tumble forward. She raised her knee and smashed it in his face. The guy stood straight up for a bit, and she quickly did a jumping spin kick, knocking him hard down to the ground. He was about to get right back up, but stayed down and slipped into a coma.

"She's a monster," they murmured among themselves as they saw how quickly their leader was defeated.

One of them raised his voice to guide his comrades. "She may be tough, but she's only one person. There's near 30 of us standing! There's no way in hell can a female beat all of us!"

"Well, aren't you Mr. Sexist?" she commented. "Please by all means, show what you boys are capable of that doesn't involve picking on the defenseless..."

They yelled out battle cries as all of the Genji gang came toward her. The woman started doing some handseals as they came in closer. One was about to come into contact to her with his fist, but she disappeared right in front of him.

She re-appeared in middle of the crowd and spoke loudly of her technique's name. "Delusional Crush!"

Seconds later, the gang members were all on the floor, unconscious. She let out a loud yawn as she talked to herself.

"Man, I thought a group of 30 something guys was going to give me some sort of challenge. Not even close! I swear, Team 14 had given me more fun days than going solo. Everything is just so boring when you're by yourself..."

Meanwhile, on another side of Konoha was a small hut in an isolated part of the woods. There was a man in there, resting and drinking tea. He had long hair and was wearing armor over his clothes. There was also something peculiar about his eyes. It had no pupils, just all white. The side of the eyes had veins sticking out too.

As he was about to take another sip of his tea, he threw the cup aside and jumped out of the window. Seconds later, the hut blew up with a huge explosion that could've instantly killed anybody that was still inside the place.

The man stood right back up and dusted himself off. "I assume you are after my head for what I did this afternoon."

A male shinobi in full dark uniform, including a mask that covered most of his head, appeared in front of him. "If you know what you did will make you a wanted criminal, why did you do it?" he questioned his target.

"I have my reasons... my Byakugan eyes see lot of compassion in your eyes. Are you will to do what it takes to bring an outlaw, like myself, down?"

"We'll have to see, won't we? Hyuuga Toukaru, you will pay for your treason against the Hyuuga household and Konoha!"

"Treason, huh? Well, do what you have to do. But I warn you, I won't allow myself to fall so easily, regardless of your rising reputation of being one of the bests," Toukaru advised.

He ran forward and was about to get up close and personal with the fighting style the Hyuuga clan was known for. But the other guy responded by blocking the fierce attacks toward his tenketsus (chakra holes) with the hilt of his katana, which was still in its sheath, connected to his belt. The shinobi jumped back and pulled the katana (along with its sheath) off the belt. He quickly swiped the air with it, sending enough air pressure to send the case of the weapon off. Then the shinobi went on the offensive and attempted a slash on the Hyuuga. Toukaru dodged it by bending backwards. He kicked the enemy's wrist upward to give himself enough room to flip backwards, creating distance to re-adjust battle tactics.

The katana fumbled in the air from being kicked in the wrist by Toukaru. The blade pointed downwards and was coming back down toward the shinobi's head. Without leaving the target off his sights, he hit the dull side of the weapon and caught it on the side with the hilt.

He brought his hand back with the katana pointing forward, as he bent down low. "Shall we restart?"

"By all means..."

The shinobi dashed forward and took out two shurikens from his pouch. He threw them forward and both aimed toward the neck of the Hyuuga. Toukaru swiftly moved his hands in front of them and caught them. While he was distracted for that one moment, the shinobi ran toward him quickly and swung his katana right at the head of Toukaru. He barely dodged the deadly attack, leaving some hair strands of his cut off.

"Foolish, hot blooded-child! Let the 64 Points of Divination and your misery!" He was about to get into the stance to signify the start of a vicious Hyuuga clan attack, but he couldn't move. The moon shined for that one instance before it was covered by the clouds again, revealing wires all around him. "What is this?"

"I guess even with the Byakugan you guys can be careless. Only a rookie would go in for the kill without a back-up plan," he said as he wiggled the wires with his other hand. "You think way too little of me even though you know who I' am. I have been taught better than that by several great men." Then the shinobi of Konoha raised his katana and pointed it at the side of the neck of his mission objective. "Game over!"

"Hmph, it'll be years before you can match fist to fist with me..., KAITEN!" He spun around quickly, forming a tornado like shield, knocking the enemy on his back as well as cutting the wires wrapped around him. As the shinobi fell, he dropped his katana beside him. Toukaru paused for a second to glance at how pathetic his opponent was now.

The shinobi slowly got back up and noticed his target was gone. He was about to grab his katana, but his hand was kicked away and two quick hand thrusts stabbed his shoulders. The shinobi gave a short cry of pain as he stepped backwards.

Toukaru grinned as he held up the katana. "I'm afraid it is now game over for you... But, unlike you, I'll give you a second chance to live. Dismiss at once! I don't want to see a talent, like yourself, throw his life away."

"Please..., don't underestimate me!"

He suddenly threw forward a rain of needles at the Hyuuga. Again, Toukaru was perfectly prepared for the attack. "Kaiten!" He spun around in blurring speed, knocking away all the needles aimed at him. Right as he stopped, a shuriken was mere seconds away from making contact between his eyes. He brought the katana horizontally up in front of him to block the projectile. The shuriken suddenly jerked up 20 degrees, going right at his forehead. Toukaru bent backwards again to avoid the weapon. The projectile stopped in mid-air and wrapped around the katana. Then the shinobi yanked it back, and it slipped out of the hands of the enemy.

He caught his katana smoothly and smirked at him. "My attacks aren't some open book, like you assume..."

"Very nice. But how did you know about my one second of vulnerability after my Kaiten?"

"After I saw you did it the first time, I notice you fumbled minorly and messed up your footwork. So in an attempt to get back my weapon, I decided to use distraction (rain of needles), display (due to vulnerability of the body, Toukaru used the katana to defend himself from the shuriken), and retrieve (using a wire tied to the shuriken to wrap around the blade and pulled it back) plan."

"Hmm, you're pretty clever for a person your age. But don't gloat too much, I'm just starting," Toukaru warned. He got into a Hyuuga fighting stance as he stared at his opponent.

"Actually, I have no desire to lengthen this fight any longer. I'm ending it now!" he said in an emotionless tone. He started doing some complicated handseals and then yelled out, "Gaben!" His eyes turned green, while his pupils turn in a small "swirling" image. He looked at his target straight on and continued more handseals. "Gaben Evolution!" The size of the swirl increased as it covered 70 of his eyes now.

Toukaru just looked on with curiosity. "So the stories of this doujutsu are true... It's emitting such power. This is unbelievable! And his chakra supply seemed to have increased greatly!"

The shinobi put a foot forward as he looked into the Hyuuga's eyes. Then without warning, he popped up high into the air, holding up his katana up high. Toukaru looked up and prepared for the worst.

Next, he charged his katana with chakra. It started glowing a little right before the moon shined on the blade. He quickly closed his eyes as a blinding light was produced. It temporarily incapacitated Toukaru's sight, causing him to squint his eyes. Then the shinobi landed beside him swiftly, ready to take his head with his katana.

"I'll let the Hyuuga household decide your fate!" He brought his katana back slowly. Then he did a backflip kick, launching Toukaru into the air, still blinded. Then the shinobi jumped up high enough to be right in front of the Hyuuga that is now dazed and confused. He took out two kunais and launched each one to the shoulder, which was properly protected by his armor. They penetrated the armor and was stabbed into the shoulder, deep enough to be attached to the bloody wound. Toukaru gave a short cry of pain as blood dripped from his shoulders.

"H-how can this be? My armor can most definitely stand up against some small, basic projectile!" he exclaimed in anguish as they were still in mid-air.

"That's the secret power of my doujutsu, known as Gaben. In its evolved form, it opens up a hidden storage of charka in the user's body and allows the user to mold it into any form without complicated handseals. In this case, I molded my charka as an extra layer of toughness for my kunais for it to be able to break through the armor. Now let's finish this!"

A rope of charka was formed from the shinobi's hand, and he tossed it forward. It connected and tied around the finger hole of one of the kunais stabbed on his shoulder. He pulled it back, and it ripped Toukaru's wound more, causing him to yelp in agony again, as it was pulled out. The shinobi pulled his charka wire till the kunai fell back into his hand. The rope disintegrated as he launched the kunai back at the Hyuuga, but now at the side of the stomach.

Toukaru yelled in pain again as the weapon broke through his armor covered stomach and ripped his skin. A little blood gushed out from the wounded area while they fell closer and closer to the ground. "You son of a bitch! How long do you plan on torturing me?"

"Don't worry, this is the last one…" He pointed his katana behind him as charka blasted out of it, pushing him forward to the enemy. He slowly pulled his katana forward as he came closer to Toukaru. He raised his deadly weapon and slashed it downward beside the enemy. Then he twirled his signature weapon upside-down, planting it into the ground as they landed. His target's jaw made hard contact with the hilt of the katana while he landed on his knees. The impact knocked him down and out.

Then the shinobi formed another charka rope and retrieved his sheath. He put his katana back in its case and re-connected it to his belt. The he picked up the unconscious Hyuuga and walked back home as he cancelled his doujutsu.

"Another mission completed, another service to Konoha done with…," he told himself in a tired voice.

Two missions were completed from 2 of 3 of the Konoha's rising stars in the ninja business. The final man in this powerful trio (although now they're separate) was about to finish up his mission in yet another side of the forest near Konoha.

A chase was taking place. One person was jumping branch to branch swiftly with the other trying his best to keep up. They reached an open area, and the target jumped into it. This person took her mask off to release her long black hair and somewhat beautiful face. She turned around to face the person chasing her, who was standing on a tree horizontally.

"Good, the whole chase was getting troublesome…, hey, look at me! I'm talking like my sensei now!"

"Sorry, but you're not going to get any shit from me if that's what you're planning. I'm going to bring this secret scroll back to the Hidden Rock Village no matter what!"

"Land of Earth, huh? I'll make sure to check there if you manage to slip away," he said with a smirk. Clouds that was covering the moon, slowly moved to the side, allowing the light of the moon to shine on the ninja's face. He had short white hair with a mask over his mouth and below the rest of his face.

"White hair and mask…? Don't tell me you're the legendary Copy Cat Kakashi. Hatake Kakashi!" the female thief exclaimed.

"Sorry, but you won't be honored with the presence of him. But don't be too overjoyed just yet, you're facing his son right now! Remember the name, Hatake Xin, the person who will drag you back to face your punishment!"

"Well see what you got…," she stated confidently. Then she pulled out two kunais with explosive tags attached to each end, and she threw it straight forward to Xin.

Xin just smirked under his mask and jumped in the air. He flipped in mid-air and landed behind the enemy. "You have to do much better than that if you want to beat me, Carazu Kuina…"

Right as the explosion set off on the other side, he jumped and twisted his body to kick her at the side of the neck. She held her hand up and blocked the attack. She pushed his leg away, but Xin came at Kuina with another kick immediately right afterwards with his other leg. It connected straight to her face and sent her flying to the side. She twirled around while still horizontally in the air to properly land on the ground. A little blood dripped off the side of her mouth, but she just wiped it with the back of her hand as she stared at her opponent.

"You sure know how to deliver a kick, but don't think any more than just that! I won't lose!" she shouted. Then she performed several quick handseals, and the ground launched up from under Xin. He, however, easily jumped up from each extending pillar of dirt to avoid its fatal force. Then he jumped forward and did some handseals of his own to counter. A clone was formed, and it headed straight to Kuina with a kick. She put arms in front of her to block the oncoming attack, but it didn't work out exactly as planned. The clone went straight through her and dissolved behind her, surprising her tremendously, because she was now left open in the lower abdominal area. Xin took this time to quickly maneuver to beside. He spun his body and kneed her very hard in the guts to send her flying back. "Time to initiate Konohaden."

She fell on her back, but immediately tried to get back up on her feet. When she got up, she was surrounded by several clones of Xin. "I won't fall for this again!" She got into a fighting stance to prepare for the real guy. They closed in on her with their arms ready to launch a brutal assault. At the last moment, Kuina decided to defend herself, because any of them could be the real one.

They were all physically real, and they proved it by launching her into the air with fiery uppercuts. Her body burnt like the sun as she went up higher and higher. She cried out in extreme pain due to the heat wave spreading all over her body and intensifying. She opened her eyes at the right moment to see the next move of the enemy. Xin was in the same level in mid-air as her as he yelled out, "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" A huge ball of flame aimed right at her front side, as she threw arms instinctively to shield from the searing heat. She closed her eyes tightly in fear of being burnt to ashes. But as she waited for the flame to singe her skin and melt her flesh, she felt nothing. She opened her eyes and saw Xin gone. "Damn, another genjutsu trick! That asshole is playing with…."

Xin came from the ground to right behind her in one leap. He launched his left knee to her lower back, while he delivered a right hand chop to her neck. She was sent twirling vertically, like a shuriken, into a tree. BAM! Kuina collided into it head first, and now her body was dropping lifelessly onto the ground at a dangerous height.

The white-haired shinobi waved his hands as leaves gathered into a pile to cushion her fall. Then it morphed into a tied net and contained her. Xin landed gently back on the ground and walked over to her. He reached into the net and ripped out the scroll, tied to her back.

"In the name of Konoha, you will now be transferred to a prison where you'll be punished accordingly for your crimes of theft and for crimes against the Country of Fire."

All three are connected through the fate of Team 14 under the leadership of Nara Shikamaru. Together, they ventured through tough and challenging times to build them into the heroes of today. Let us rewind the time of the tale to tell the Adventures of Team 14.