The Voices We Hear

The Voices We Hear

Chapter 1


A little boy with vibrant green eyes and ebony black hair was sitting outside of a moderately sized house looking up at the sky. It was a perfect summer day and the boy was very tired from his numerous chores. In fact, he had just stopped to take a quick break.

Turning his head from the beautiful clear blue sky the boy looked down at his hands. They were covered in mud, scraped up, and resting on his old, worn, hand-me-down grey pants. He sighed wishing very much to have just one friend. Even just to talk to, having one friend was better than none. His cousin, Dudley, had friends, so why didn't he? Was there really something wrong with him? Was he really that much of a freak?

And then, miraculously, a voice answered him, 'Of course not little one. You could never be a freak, you just haven't met someone disserving of your friendship.'

The boy jumped, "What, who?" He turned around but there was no one there. "Hu?"

'I'm in your mind little one,' the voice snickered, 'There's no reason to speak out loud. People might get the wrong idea and think you're crazy.'

The boys eyes widened at this, 'So uh…you can hear my thoughts? Where are you? What are you?'

'A friend,' the voice answered.

'A…a friend? Are you sure? I've never had one of those before?'

'Well, you do now. What's your name little one?" answered the voice.

'I'm…uh…Harry, just Harry…and...uh…who are you?'

'You may call me Tom'

Then suddenly the boy smiled the widest and happiest smile he had smiled in years, 'I'm very glad to meet you Tom!'

'And I you…Harry'

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