As The Weeks Go By

Summary: The sequel to My Summer, set five weeks later. Their pact to stop active searching lasts all of five seconds after another fortutious discovery.

Rating: A big fat G. No change there then.

Disclaimer: Not again...ok, I own nothing so far in this chapter, but I may bring in new characters later on, which will belong to me and me only.

Thank You's: Thanks must be given to those who reviewed my last story and sent feedback. Also to Chloe, Alex and Loz.

The summer was still dusty and hot, the same as the summer before and the summer before that. Roswell's period of tourist activity had well and truly begun, and none of the tourists that visited knew anything about the discovery of the Truth Teller five weeks before.

But some things never change, and Max was continuing to find it difficult to stop thinking about two things in his life. His proper home, and Liz Parker.

Whenever he tried to bring up the subjects of the Teller, or searching for any more artefacts, with either Isobel and Michael, he was brutally rebuffed by whomever he had approached. It seemed that both his sister and his best friend had been bitten by the love bug. Isobel and Alex were rarely seen without each other these days, whether it be on the streets of Roswell, or at either of their homes.

Michael and Maria had been spending nearly all of their time in the past month working in the Crashdown Cafe, Michael as a short-order cook and Maria as a waitress. They still were inseperable, and Max had to admit that he had never seen his longtime friend so happy. Maria had brought out the best in him, and he was seeing a different side to Maria whenever she was around Michael.

Why couldn't he, Max Evans, learn to let go, as Michael and Isobel had so obviously done? He hadn't brought himself to enter the Crashdown's doors since long before the Teller debacle. And the longer that he left it, the harder it became. From Michael, who had heard it from Maria, he had learned that Liz had been working all the hours that God had given her, and that a certain Kyle Valenti had been into the Crashdown more times than it seemed to be strictly neccessary.

Kyle? What does he have that I don't? Max thought to himself as he lay face down on his bed.

Stupid Evans, he mentally reminded himself, twisting himself round so that he could see the ceiling of his room. He's got human blood for a start, as well as the fact that Liz has security when she's with him. There's no wondering what Sheriff Valenti might do, there's no rushing around at all hours of the day in pursuit of leads that turned out to be dead ends.

But still these thoughts didn't comfort him, that Liz would be with someone that gave her a stable relationship. He knew, however, that he didn't have a choice anymore. He should just let her do what she wanted, as if she wouldn't anyway. Liz had always made it clear that she was her own person, except that theory had conveniently gone out of the window whenever they were together. Max would just have to let her be. If she wanted to be with Kyle, then that was what he'd give her. Nothing more, nothing less. Just friendship was all that he would offer.

And he'd offer it tomorrow. When she was working, and hopefully Kyle wouldn't be there to spoil everything, as he somehow always managed to do.

He'd make everything right this time.

"I can't believe that I've never been here before," Alex Whitman enthused as he and Isobel wandered the streets of Sand Wood. Isobel had wanted to come back, to see more of the town no that she knew Max wouldn't be screaming instructions at her like a deranged drill sergeant. Alex wanted to be anywhere where Isobel was, but he too had discovered an enthusiasm for the tiny town. "So where did you find out that the Truth Teller had been here before?"

Isobel pointed to the ramshackle store. "Just there. He was a really nice guy, Angus Kirkland. He had tried to get it to work, but after seeing what the Teller does first hand I'm not so sure that he did."

"Perhaps it works in different ways for different people," Alex suggested, "depending on what you want to see."

"It could do, yeah," Isobel agreed. "Come on, do you want to go in? There were some really nice things in there."

So they entered the shop, not knowing what they would find...

To be continued...what do you want to happen? Please let me know, because I only have very vague ideas.