As the weeks go by Part 2

Summary: Despite their efforts to stop searching, the Czechoslovakians are suspicious of a new relic.

Rating: G. And not for the first time, either.

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"Hi, I'm back again," Isobel said awkwardly as she and Alex entered the shop 'Memories of Yesteryear'. "Isobel? I came into your shop not too long ago?"

Angus Kirkland looked up from the newspaper that he was reading, and smiled after a few moments. "Of course. You came in with two others, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting this young man before." He stood from his seat behind the scratched counter, and extended a hand. "I'm Angus Kirkland, proprietor of this humble establishment."

Alex shook his hand, saying quietly, "I'm Alex Whitman."

Angus smiled at him and sat back down. "So what can I do for you two young people on such a fine day?"

"Um...we found the Truth Teller," Isobel said. Angus opened his eyes wide, but remained silent. "Some friends of ours picked it up from a second hand shop in the mall in Roswell."

"Did you get it to work?" Angus asked. Isobel looked flustered, and said,

"Uh...we may have done, but we're not sure. I just wanted to ask you something about when you used the Teller."

"Anything you ask, I will do my best to answer," Angus replied.

"After you used it, did it disappear? Or did it actually stay with you?"

Angus looked faintly puzzled, but answered her question, "No, it stayed with me." Suddenly, he looked concerned. "Are you telling me that the Teller has disappeared?"

Alex nodded. "After Isobel used it, it seemed as though it vanished from thin air. No-one knows where it has gone."

Angus crossed the shop floor, and picked out a tiny object that looked like a misshapen fish. He placed it in Isobel's hands, and said, "This is something that I have often wondered about. It is something that was also given to me by the same hardware store owner thirty years ago. Because it is not..."

"Attractive?" Alex asked with a wry smile on his face, and Angus returned the smile.

"I was looking for the word 'conventional' but your word is good too. As I was saying, I have never been able to sell it, or at least, people never seem to want to keep it."

Isobel turned it over and over in her hands. It was a dark, dark forest green, and seemed to be made out of some sort of ceramics. There was a head, and a tail, but strange formations on the surface filled the space where the body should have been. "What do you mean, they never seem to want to keep it?"

Angus sighed,and motioned for them to pull up two rickety chairs that were resting on the far wall of the shop, and they placed them in front of the desk where Angus was sitting. "I have sold it to at least ten people, and that's only in the past five years or so. About seven of them never gave me a reason for the returning, and because I am a local, I recognise the tourists when they come back, so there are no questions asked. But three of these people, who are locals, gave me a reason."

"How many people would you guess had returned it altogether?" Alex asked.

"About thirty, I would say one a year. But you have to understand that I have never had any problems with the thing, I'm not at all sure why. One of the reasons alomst made me think about throwing it away and not keeping it in the shop at all.

"It was a lady that doesn't live in Sand Wood any more. She was browsing in here about three years ago, and liked the thing so much that she decided to buy it and keep it in her family room. It couldn't have been more than ten days before she returned it.

"She said that everything else on the shelf where she kept it had been destroyed overnight. The shelf was left hanging by one hinge, and the fish was left there, in the exact spot where she had placed it."

"That doesn't sound too bad. What else happened?" Isobel asked.

"There was a note imprinted into the wooden shelf. Granted, this lady was slightly high-strung, but I saw the evidence myself. It didn't seem to be written by anything that could be of this earth. It's hard to explain, and unfortunately, the shelf is now destroyed. But it was very eerie, and said,
'This planet is not safe. The aliens will come for you.' "

Alex and Isobel shared a look that was part disbelief and part shock. Angus noticed this, and said, "I understand what you are feeling. I dont' think if I had actually seen it, that i would belive it either. But, I do believe it, and I think that something is afoot with our ceramic friend."

"How much do you want for it?" Alex asked, digging into his trouser pocket to find his wallet.

"$10 will suffice, Alex." Alex took a ten out of his wallet, and handed it to the man. "If you are ever in this area, I trust you will pay me a visit and tell me if anything out of the ordinary happened?"

"You can count on it," Isobel promised as she and Alex replaced their chairs to their original places. "We'll come back as soon as we can..."

The Crashdown cafe in central Roswell was stuffed full to the seams. Liz, Maria and Michael were all rushed off their feet, and had been since that morning. It didn't help that Kyle was in his favourite booth, right in full view of the drinks server. This meant that Liz was unable to talk to Maria about how she felt about Kyle, as he would have heard, and Liz didn't want that.

"Miss? Miss? Where is my Rocket Launcher that I ordered five minutes ago?" A tinny, persistent voice startled Liz out of her reverie, and she opened her eyes to find a tiny man in her line of vision.

"Um...I'm sorry about that, let me go check in the kitchen for you," she told the man, giving him an apologeic yet reassuring look, and making her way into the kitchen, where Michael was flat out of work.

"Michael? A Rocket Launcher that I ordered about five minutes ago?" she asked him. He looked up from the fat fryer, and said,

"I did it as soon as I got the order, and I yelled Ordering about twenty times, but you were too busy stargazing at Kyle to hear me. It's back in the freezer, get it yourself." He turned away from her and his attention went back to the frier.

"Sorry..." Liz apologized as she went back to the freezer near a large window, and pulled out the ice-cream sundae. "My mind's some place else today."

"Well, can you bring it back to here please?" Maria asked, who had entered the kitchen in time to hear the last part of the conversation. "We're rushed off our feet here, and I can't deal with you staring at Kyle all the time. You haven't been too bad today, but yesterday? I was practically dealing with thirty customers myself for all the help that you were being."

Liz disappeared to deliver the Rocket Launcher, during which time Maria and Michael shared much expressive eye rolling. When she swept back into the preparing area with an armful of dirty plates, she said defensively, "I was not mooning over Kyle yesterday!"

"Liz. It does not take half an hour to explain the contents of a Jupiter burger," Michael told her. "Now stop protesting, go out there, find Kyle's tongue, shove it back into his head, and tell him to go home."

"Why should I do that?" Liz asked. Maria scoffed, and said,

"Because you are leading the boy up the garden path. You only want tsomeone to flirt with to make Max jealous, and he already knows about Kyle becoming a permanent fixture in this place. So stop stringing him along, and go chuck him out."

"What if I'm really serious about him?" Liz asked. "I made a mistake with Max. He doesn't want to be with me, so I'm moving on. And Kyle is the bus driver that's taking me away from...Czechoslovakia. I don't care if Max sees Kyle and I together, because as far as I'm concerned, he's the one that ended things. End of story."

"Max is hurting just as much as you are, Liz," Michael said. "You're both in denial."

"I'm in a perfectly clear mind right now," Liz said. "I just need some distance from you and the whole inter-planetary cosmic visions thing."

"Wow, sounds heavy," a voice came from behind the gathering at the frier. The three turned to see Kyle Valenti stood behind them, and obviously had been there for some time. "Which planets, and what on earth is going on?"

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