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"How could this happen" thought Debra Scott as she slid slowly to the floor of her newly decorated bathroom. She looked again at the pamphlet in her left hand and read it once more to be certain she hadn't misunderstood. But it was there in black and white. Red was negative and blue was positive. Deb stared at the white plastic stick in her right hand, the blue becoming clearer. "How could this happen?"

Slowly Deb rose to her feet and wiped away the tears that she hadn't realised she had shed. Stepping into her bedroom, Nathan waited patiently for the news. She smiled faintly at her son. "It's positive. I'm pregnant".

June 4th. That was a day Nathan Scott would probably remember for the rest of his life. As his mother stood in front of him and revealed that she was now pregnant with her second child, he couldn't quite find the words to describe how he felt. His parents were going through an ugly divorce and now she would have to tell Dan that despite the impossible odds, she was now having his child. That would go down well - another child for Dan Scott to screw up. And what a job he's done with Nathan and his half brother Lucas.

June 4th was also the day that his annulment to Haley came through. They were no longer married, no longer Nathan+Haley, no longer anything. The dull ache in his chest was unbearable when he thought of that and the fact that she was back in Tree Hill and probably hating him. Bouncing the basketball in front of him, Nathan lined up his shot, released the ball in let it float towards the basket. It missed. Great. Haley wasn't a part of his life anymore and he had cut off his so called brother. Brooke was in California and Peyton had been a wreck since Jake left. That left Tim to hang out with. What a fun summer this was going to be.