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Lucas sipped his takeout coffee and winced when it burned his tongue. He waited patiently while his brother pulled up in his new SUV, hopping out and admiring it again as he clicked the remote lock and alarm.

"If that car was a woman, Haley would have reason to worry." Lucas commented as Nathan approached him.

"I can't help it, I love this car. The seats even massage my backside while I'm driving."

"I know, you've told me 50 times already." Lucas sighed. He had skipped out of work early today and was still dressed in the $2000 suit that Brooke had made him buy. Nathan was casually dressed in jeans and his old Duke University hoodie.

"You wearing that to Burger Barn?" Nathan balked at his brother's attire.

"I didn't have time to change. I have so much to do before I move to New York, you're lucky I even made it here on time."

The two men stood across the street from Tree Hill elementary school in comfortable silence as other parents began to gather outside the school, waiting for the final bell to ring.

"How's Haley?" Lucas asked.

"Hormonal. The third trimester is just the worst. She kicked me out of the house Monday night because apparently I'm an insensitive bastard. Seriously, she only let me back yesterday!" Nathan shook his head and muttered. "Women!"

Lucas chuckled and blew on his coffee again.

"I don't mind all that much though." Nathan continued. "The little guy is due in 4 weeks so it'll all be worth it then. Did she tell you we picked a name?" Lucas shook his head. "Logan James Scott." Nathan smiled wistfully.

"LJ. Not bad." Lucas nodded his approval.

"When's your transfer coming through?"

Lucas swallowed the last of his coffee and threw the cup into a trash can 8 feet away. When it went in he smiled smugly at his brother. "Still got it. Moving in 2 weeks. Brooke's been calling me every day since she got to New York to talk about fabrics and colours for the apartment. There's so much to do before I go. That reminds me, will you remind me to stop by the church later and confirm the booking? If I forget, she'll kill me." Lucas had just recently earned a coveted position in the New York office of the publishing company he'd been working for since he graduated from Stanford two years ago. Brooke was ecstatic of course and had quickly found the perfect property for her boutique just outside the city. "This wedding is costing me a fortune." he muttered, but was secretly pleased that it was finally going ahead. In the 2 years since they graduated both had been too busy with their jobs to plan their wedding even though they had been engaged since they were 20. Brooke had opened her own boutique in Tree Hill with the help of her parents and business had been so good that she now could afford to open a second store.

"That's what happens when you marry Brooke Davis." Nathan joked. His and Haley's wedding had been as low key as their first one. Just their nearest and dearest in a small ceremony at Lake Como in Italy. It had been perfect and paid for with Nathan's share of Scott Motors when his mother sold it to Keith 3 years ago. It was also paying for Haley's PhD and their dream house. After playing college ball at Duke, Nathan was now coach of the Tree Hill Ravens and was doing so well that he was being scouted by some of the country's best colleges with coaching positions. He was waiting for something to pop up close to home, especially now that the baby was on the way and Haley was aiming to get a job lecturing at North Carolina University.

Nathan pondered for a moment how much had changed in the last few years. His mother was now living with Martin, the guy who had taken over as manager of Scott Motors all those years ago and she was blissfully happy which satisfied Nathan to no end. Selling the company had been the best thing she ever did especially for Keith who had finally moved back to Tree Hill and by a wonderful twist of fate had married Karen. It seemed they were all about to go their separate ways, with Lucas and Brooke moving to New York. They would be back at Christmas to get married in their hometown but it was still going to be so strange when they were gone. Nathan wasn't ashamed to admit that he was going to miss them terribly. He should probably work that into his best man's speech. Peyton never did move back to Tree Hill, although she did visit occasionally. She was going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding and thankfully she and Haley had made up a few years ago so it wouldn't be awkward when she and Jake came back to town.

Finally, the school bell rang and kids instantly came running out shouting and screaming and walloping each other with their bags as kids do. Nathan and Lucas both straightened, looking out for the familiar raven ponytail. They soon spotted her chasing a little guy around the quad. Lucas crossed the street to and waved to her, scooping her up as she came bounding up to him. "Lucas!" Kaylen squealed and hugged him tightly. "Do you know what day it is today?" Lucas crossed the street back towards Nathan with his little sister still in his arms.

"It's Friday isn't it?" Lucas asked, a confused look on his face. Kaylen laughed and playfully pinched his cheeks.

"No silly! It's my birthday! I'm 6 today!"

"What! Are you serious? Oh my gosh, Kales, I completely forgot!" Lucas slapped his forehead as punishment. Kaylen jumped across into Nathan's arms and he kissed her forehead and straightened her ponytail.

"Nate, Lucas is being silly. He says he forgot my birthday but I don't believe him!" she giggled

"It's your birthday?" Nathan asked, incredulous. "Darn it Lucas, why didn't you tell me?" Kaylen was laughing hysterically now and she gasped when Nathan opened the back door of his SUV and the entire back half was covered in pink balloons.

"Are they my balloons?" she asked breathlessly.

"No they're mine." Nathan informed her. Kaylen rolled her eyes at him and jumped into the back of the car and allowed him to buckle her up. Lucas and Nathan hopped into the front and both turned to face her.

"Ok, we didn't really forget your birthday." Lucas exaggerated a sigh.

"I told you!" Kaylen's huge blue eyes widened and she threw a balloon at her brother and broke into a fit of giggles. "You always pretend to forget but you never do. I knew you guys were just pretending!"

"So it's that time of year again, Kales. You get to decide where we go and what we do today." Nathan winked at his little sister. "Have you made up your mind yet?"

Kaylen thought for a moment and smiled devilishly. Her birthday was her favourite day. She would spend the entire day after school with her brothers doing all the stuff she loved and it always ended with her staying up late with them eating ice cream and watching whatever movie she wanted. That was her favourite part. "Ok… What I want to do is… have a tea party with the Queen!"

Nathan and Lucas turned back around and Nathan started the engine. They looked at each other and simultaneously said "You're the Queen!"

On the other side of the street, a man sat in a relatively new Porsche, silently watching the two young men collect the angelic little raven haired girl from school. He studied her face intently, memorising every detail. There was no doubt about it, she was a picture of her father. Dan Scott sat back and watched the SUV pull away. There was no reason to follow, he knew where to find them when the time was right. He was a patient man, after all hadn't he waited 6 years for his moment. Dan smiled into the rear view mirror. The time would be soon. The time had come for Kaylen Sarah Scott to meet her Daddy.