The Sins of Alchemy and the Tools we call Shinobi

Chapter 12


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Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto Crossover

((Ha! I updated quick, didn't I? I'm glad my story's so popular, 12 chapters and still running! w00ts! Anyway, this Chapter is part romance, part military and part ramen, also, part taco. In the words of that idiot George Bush "Hahahahaha, Tacos Rule!". Also I might not be on the net for a bit, due to the fact that I'm moving next weekend. But in that time I'll have another fresh chapter on the press!

This is a bit of a romantic drabble too, but it's important to the next chapter. The reason I'm doing this one is because I've always wondered how well I stacked up in romance...))

Naruto grabbed his bowl. "Seconds please!" he yelled to the chef at the Ichimaru Ramen Shop. The old man nodded and smiled as if to his grandkids. Edward picked at his ramen, Chicken Flavor. "Try the pork ramen!' yelled Naruto, grinning. Edward looked to Naruto as if he was an idiot and then stopped picking at his food. "I wish we had another lead…" Naruto grabbed his new bowl and started shoving food down his throat. "Why? It seems pretty clear that Orochimaru has the stone, so why wait for another lead?" Edward groaned. "There's probably more than one st-"

"NII-SAN! NARUTO-KUN!" yelled Alphonse behind them. Both Ed and Naruto jumped and looked to Edward's younger brother. Edward soon recovered. "What's up?" Alphonse was happy, obviously. "We got a new mission, me, you, Winry-chan and Sakura-chan." Naruto yelled, angrily. "HEY! What about me?" Alphonse sweatdropped. "Sorry Naruto-kun. I forgot you, I didn't quite see you there…" Edward laughed in triumph. "Shrimp," said Naruto into Edward's ear and he snapped, jumping toward Naruto. Thankfully, Naruto was quick and Alphonse was holding Ed down. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A BEAN-SPROUT MIDGET?" Alphonse sighed. "He didn't say that Ed!" Naruto grinned. "What are you, chastised by your brother or something?"

Edward growled again and calmed down a bit. "What does Tsunade want anyway?" he yelled toward Alphonse. "Umm. She says the Coloniel and Riza were found in the Hidden Sand Village, or near it or something like that. They're there now, but I'm not too sure why she needs Winry-chan. She can't fight very well-"

"But she sure has one hell of an arm" said Edward, wincing in pain to the memories of when she'd hit him across the face with a wrench in the mission to find her. Naruto laughed. "Isn't she some kind of mechanic guy though?" asked Naruto. "Maybe we need her to navigate past the desert with some kind of machine?" Edward laughed. "Sorry, but me and Alphonse walk deserts and a lot of places pretty well." He remembered Xenotime and Lior. "Now that I think about it, we go through a lot of deserts."

Sakura walked in and smiled toward the group. Naruto had hearts in his eyes and waved. "Hey, Sakura-chan!" Edward looked up, half surprised and looked down at his ramen. "Oh, hi" he said, looking down. Naruto looked oddly toward Ed then looked to Sakura, smiling. "So, what's up?" Sakura made her order for diet ramen and sat down. "So, how'd your last mission go." Edward looked up. "Fine, just fine" he said jittery. Naruto looked to him and whispered. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. "You haven't told her about seeing Sasuke yet, have you?" he said in such a low whisper. Naruto looked surprised, then nodded. "Ah Sakura-chan, can I talk to you out back?" Sakura looked slightly surprised but said yes.


"What's up?" asked Sakura, moving the pink hair out from under her eyes. Naruto slightly blushed and pondered how to break it to her. "I-I have something to tell you." A memory fleeted his mind.



The cursed seal spread throughout Sasuke's body as the demon-like charka-body around Naruto got ready. He smiled, slightly evilly. "It is true that you are special," he said, still as the cursed seal turned his body black, yet making his eyes odd and grey. "But I am more special." The black turned into grey as his hair grew also, turning slightly grey. He spread wings around him and hit Naruto back. Naruto started forming charka, creating a miniature typhoon, the Rasengan, with demon charka around it. Sasuke formed charka also, but this was different. A ball of thunder was in his hand, he rushed toward him and Naruto did the same.



They hit, a sphere of energy was around them, Naruto held back, just to see if Sasuke would continue to attack. He got ready and was going to punch him, but due to the intensity, he only scratched his forehead protector.

The battle ended and Naruto blacked out.

Naruto gulped. "We-we met Sasuke last mission when we were fighting the homunculi." Sakura looked surprised and felt slight tears come to her eyes; she fought them and looked to Naruto. "And…?" Naruto looked back and told her exactly what Sasuke said. "Well, he said, um, this is exactly what he said when I asked him if he knew Orochimaru was going to take his body. 'The only thing I want is to kill Itachi and I don't have the power to. Neither does Orochimaru, but if he can use his abilities along with mine, we can kill him, we can destroy him. I don't really care what happens to you or Sakura, or Kakashi. I just want my vengeance.'" Sakura gulped and felt tears waterfall down her eyes. "Is that… really-"


Sakura started to weakly hit Naruto in mild sadness. "Why did he… did he even care?" Naruto felt sick. He didn't want to deal with this, but he'd have to calm her. He embraced her and she stopped crying. "I'm sorry, but the promise is still on." Sakura smiled. "Thank you…"


"Your mission begins tomorrow" said Tsunade. "It will take 3 days." The group was there, sighing. "I have an interest in this Coloniel Mustang." Naruto looked to Edward and Edward looked to Naruto and they turned their backs-

"Wait, there is one more person going on this mission" said Tsunade. "Nara Shikimaru." The ponytaled ninja walked in. "What a bother…."