As Petals Fall

Disclaimer: I do not own Phantom of the Operain any of its many forms and I do not own Beauty and the Beast in any of its forms either.So that being said, enjoy the story.
Prologue: The Enchantress

Once upon a time there were a king and queen who lived in a castle deep in the woods. They were very happy with their lives and lived richly, enjoying the finest things that money could afford them, but they were very selfish and unkind. One day the queen became pregnant and both parents were overjoyed at the prospect of having an heir. But their luck was not to last.

One cold winters night an old beggar woman came to the castle and asked for shelter, the king turned her away, disgusted by her appearance. The woman turned to the queen, now heavy with child, and offered her a single red rose for shelter from the cold. The queen also sneered at her ugliness and turned her away. The woman warned them not to judge her for her outwardly appearance, but they did not listen.

"Be gone from my sight old hag!" the king demanded.

At his words the woman's ugliness melted away, leaving in its place the awesome beauty of an enchantress. She scolded the couple who now cowered at her feet and placed a curse on their unborn child before vanishing into the night.

The night the child was born the queen wept chagrin at the sight of it, for he was ugly beyond belief with death's own head upon his frail shoulders. Horrified by his appearance they fashioned a mask for the child before even allowing the creature to feed. That night the enchantress returned and gave the couple an enchanted rose, telling them that if their son could not find true love before the last petal fell then the curse upon him would never be broken.

For years the king and queen lived in the castle with their child, but eventually even they could not stand his presence and abandoned him with the servants, who had been bound to him. There he would remain until true love would come to set him free. But his own ugliness repulsed him and all hope faded, after all, who could love such an ugly monster?