Title: In her Hands.

Summary: When Kim leaves Shego is left alone with her thoughts.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible or anything related to the show.

Rating: PG

Chapter Six

When Kim left Shego's room she found the stairs and rushed down them and through a passageway until she came in to a living room with two doors leading off from it. Shego's apartment was unsurprisingly decorated in varying shades of black and green.

Kim chose to go through the door closest to her on her left and ended up in a spacious modern kitchen. She sighed and hoped that the front door lay beyond the other door in the living room otherwise she'd be lost in Shego's apartment and have to go back to her to ask how to get out. Would that be so bad? A voice inside her head asked.

She ignored it and went back in to the other room to try the last door and found herself in the hallway with the front door directly in front of her. Her hand rested on the handle, but she paused and turned to look back at the door she'd come from.

The rational part of her told her to get out while she still could and run for freedom, back to her safe home where she could be surrounded by her family and friends, but the irrational part of her seemed to have the majority and, unable to leave Shego, she found her way back to the stairs and climbed them cautiously. The tenth stair creaked and Kim hesitated, the sudden noise in the silent house temporarily making her think of what she was doing. If she went back then Shego would know she did want her. Was she ready to admit her desire for the older woman? Did she really trust Shego enough to give her that kind of knowledge and leverage over her? She trusted you enough to admit her feelings. Kim was starting to like the little nagging voice in her head.

She crept silently in to Shego's room and paused as she sat on the edge of the bed. Shego's breathing was steady and she lay curled up, as though shielding herself. Was she asleep?

"Shego?" For the first time that night her voice was steady and showed no hesitation or fear. "Are you awake? I don't want to go yet." Shego didn't reply, but from the hitch in her breathing Kim guessed she wasn't really sleeping.

The teen heroine lay down carefully beside Shego's curled form and draped a hand around her enemy's waist. Shego's green tinted skin felt on fire from the contact and she tried to steady her voice before replying to Kim. "Why?"

"I thought that was my question." Kim smiled and stifled a yawn. "I don't know why I'm feeling what I do."

"Feeling?" Shego centred on the word.

"I can't keep pretending I don't have feelings for you Shego. If I leave now and just try to forget about tonight, then I'll go insane. I need to understand this thing."

"It's called love Kim. Get used to it." Shego rolled over so that she was facing the teen hero. "I have." She was close enough for her words to tickle Kim's lips and the red head found herself staring in to Shego's eyes as she leant forward to place a gentle kiss on them.

As Shego pulled her closer and Kim rested in her arms she closed her eyes and tried to make sense out of the mess that her mind had become. She had no idea what kept her with Shego, it could be lust or maybe even love, or possibly insanity, but either way she was comfortable where she was. Safe in Shego's hands.


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