The World At Its Knees

Chapter 1?

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Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Oz, Willow/Xander, Willow/Oz

Spoilers: Everything in Btvs is fair game. But 'The Prom' especially.

Rating: Pg-13 just to be on the safe side. Violence, language, but nothing too extreme.

Summary: A rewrite of 'The Prom'. Buffy reacts a little differently to the breakup.

Warning: This is kinda angsty. I don't really like to write angst but I just had to do this.

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A.N.: This starts off at the sewer scene in 'the prom'. I use some lines from the actual episode. I wrote this ages ago but I never posted it.

Angel: "I've been thinking about our future. And the more I do, the more I feel like us, you and me being together, is un fair to you."

Buffy: "Is this about what the mayor said? Because he was just trying to shake us up.

Angel: "He was right."

Buffy: "No. No, he wasn't. He's the bad guy."

Angel: " You deserve more. You deserve something outside of demons and darkness. I mean, you should be with someone who can take you into the light, someone who can make love to you."

Buffy: "I don't care about that."

Angel: " You will. And children."

Buffy: "Children? Can you say jumping the gun? I kill my goldfish."

Angel: "Today, but you have no idea how fast it goes, Buffy. Before you knowit you'll want it all—a normal life--

Buffy: "I'll never have a normal life."

Angel: "Oh, right. You'll always be a slayer, but that's all the more reason why you should have a real relationship instead of this-- this freak show."

That struck Buffy to the core. She could have sworn her heart stopped beating and cracked apart. How was she still alive?

Angel: Seeing the look of anguish on her face he realized how he sounded. "I-I didn't mean that."

Buffy: "I'm gonna go."

Angel: "I'm sorry. All right, Buffy. You know how much I love you. It kills me to say this."

Buffy: "Then don't. Who are you to tell me what's right for me? You think I haven't thought about this?

Angel: "Have you? Rationally?"

Buffy: "NO! No, of course not. I'm just some swoony little schoolgirl, right? God' I am so sick of every one telling me how to live my life, to be the Buffy they want me to be. But you are the last person I ever expected this from!

Angel: "Buffy--

Buffy: "No! You don't wanna be with me FINE! But don't expect me to do what you or anyone else in 'the Buffy's life committee' say! This is my damn life and I'm gonna live however the hell I want. Whether you're part of it is up to you. But I'm done."

Buffy turned and stormed out, leaving a miserable Angel behind her.

She stomped down the streets of Sunnydale muttering angrily to herself. " This is my damn life, and he thinks he can just tell me how I should be living, tell me about the bright future I should have. What the hell does he know? He's gonna live forever. I don't have that long nor do I want a life that he's not in. Every one thinks that just because he's a vampire and I'm human that we can't work out." Hmm. There's a thought… That bastard thinks I'm just gonna sit by and let every one else decide my future, well they've got another thing coming.

With that though in mind she took off running towards Willie's. In the words of Angelus "Things are about to get very interesting."

Angel walked back to the mansion in deep thought. Had he done the right thing; he wondered. Will she hate him for this? Will he be able to live without her? More importantly, will Buffy be ok? He really didn't know.

He entered the mansion and stared into the flames of the hearth feeling the full weight of his loss. She was his everything. His world. What would he do without her?

And for the rest of the night, he brooded.

She walked through the door of Willie's bar, stake firmly in hand. She wondered briefly, if she should have gone home and changed. Oh well too late now.

The minute Willie saw her, his eyes went wide.

"Don't worry Willie I'm not here to beat you up. Actually it's the vamps I need to talk to."

"Why the hell would we wanna talk to you, slayer?" one vamp yelled.

"Cuz I've got an offer worth your wild. And I think you're a pretty smart vamp. Must be, I haven't staked you yet. Seems I only stake the stupid ones." She replies exasperated.

"Yeah an offer, to which one of us you can stake first." The vamp snapped.

" No actually I'm talking about me not hunting ever again, not demons anyway. Hey, you seem like you got guts. You don't fear me like others do."

" I don't fear anything." He growled.

" Don't get too cocky or I'll change my mine about choosing you."

" Choosing me for what?"

" Willie, if you ever repeat any of this, believe me when I say, I will kill you!

What's your name vamp?"


" Cyrus. I want you to sire me Cyrus. Turn me."

All the patrons had been listening attentively and gasped at her last statement.

"What! Ha, that's funny. How stupid do you think I am? You might as well ask me to walk into the sun. I'd be a hell of a lot safer."

"I'm not joking! But there is a catch. You can't tell any one about this. You've gotta keep your slayer trophy kill a secret. Other than that you're home free. I'll even put my stake down. You can give it to your buddy over there for safe keeping."

"If you wanna be turned, why doesn't your pet Angelus do it?"

"This has nothing to do with him. And he's not my pet. And frankly if he ever finds out before I want him to, I'll forget what I said and I'll kill every one in here. There are my terms. Take 'um or leave 'um. I kind of need an answer n-

"I'll do it". He interrupted quickly. "They say slayers blood is better than any other. You wanna do it now?"

"Yes I do." She replied. "Willie I meant what I said. Not one word. I want it to be a surprise for those assholes."

"You got it. Not o-one word slayer. I-I'll take it too my grave." He said not even attempting to hide his terror

"You!" she pointed to the vamp that was sitting next to Cyrus " Take a couple of friends and go keep an eye on Angel and the rest of the of them. The kids and my soon-to-be-ex watcher and make sure they stay far away from here! I don't want them ruining our plans.

Oh, and if you're spotted they'll kill you. Or Angel will anyway. "

"Who died and made you queen!" the second vamp snapped angrily. He didn't like being given orders.

"You will if you don't get your ass out of here and do as I say!" she growled back.

The vamps immediately left to go and accomplish their task. It was obvious that even as a fledgling, she would be a really powerful master vampire. The hellmouth was in for quite a ride.

As she watched their retreating backs, she turned and led Cyrus to a private room in the back of the bar where she would be turned.

Angel had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. Something was very wrong. He needed to go check on Buffy.

He left the mansion and in his hurry to get to Buffy, he didn't notice that he was being followed.

When he arrived at her house. He lurked outside and saw that she wasn't home. She's probably patrolling, but if she's in the same mood she was this afternoon then she might just stake me if she saw me watching her. He thought grimly. So he turned and headed back to the mansion.

Buffy's eyes snapped open. She was lying on a cot in the back of Willi's bar. She tried to sit up but collapsed back down when a shot of pain surged through her body.

" Easy little one…" Cyrus soothed. " It'll only hurt for a minute."

Buffy gritted her teeth against the pain and forced herself to stand. She was shaky at first but it soon subsided.

"How do you feel?"

"Hungry…" vamp Buffy replied. " Different. Everything's so bright so loud… smells different." She was confused, yet she felt an anger that she didn't know the source of. She looked at the brown haired vampire. This was her sire. She had asked him to turn her. It was as if her brain snapped into place and everything became clear.

Slayer. Vampire. Sire. Childe. Hunt. Kill. Torment. Destruction. Love. Hate. Soul. Buffy. Mom. Giles. Willow. Xander. Cordelia. Angel. Angel. Angel. Angel. Angel. Soul. Love. Hate. Passion. Curse. Betrayal. Leave. Angel. Mate… Eternity.

All of these things made sense to her all at once. Buffy walked over to her sire and plunged a stake into his heart. As his ashes settled, an evil grin broke out on her face. Her sire had to die because he was above her. He was her sire and she would have been expected to respect him, answer to him. She answered to no one. With a new air of confidence, the new vampire walked out or the back room and into the main area of the bar. When she entered the patrons fell silent. She sniffed the air and smelled the intoxicating mixture of excitement, fear, and alcohol.

She walked farther in and spotted the vampire she had seen earlier with her now dead sire.

"Why so quiet?" she asked smirking. "I'd have thought you'd throw a party, now that you've got the slayer off your hands. Yeah I know another one will be called soon but by the time she gets here it'll be all over, won't it."

"What are you talking about? What'll be over? " Some random vamp asked.

"This town. We're gonna run it ragged. There's another slayer here already but she's evil and she's a push over. I'll kill her soon enough."

"Tough talk for a fledgling."

"I'm no ordinary fledgling. I'll prove that to you soon enough."

"Where Cyrus?"


"What? You killed him! He was your sire! I knew we shouldn't have trusted you!"

"Oh stop whining, he didn't feel a thing. I won't be killing any more of you, I promise. You know, unless you disobey my orders."

"Your not master! You take orders not give them!"

No one even saw her move. She was across the room with him slammed against the wall, he forearm pressing into his throat.

"That mouth of your is gonna get you into trouble real soon! You don't quite get it so I'll explain. I am a vampire. I was the slayer. The slayer died when I died, and when I rose again, so did she. So I have my slayer powers and my vamp powers. What does that make me?… hmm? Oh sorry I guess you can't speak."

She dropped him to the floor.

"Now what does that make me?"

"A bitch."

"Yes but a powerful bitch. More powerful than you. Any of you. You can't stop me so you might as well join in the fun."

"Bill she's right." Another vamp told him

"Yeah I know. Ok master what's the plan?"

"Be patient. We'll have to take out the white hats, and quickly so they don't try and stuff a soul in me. That's first priority. But before that, I'm thinking we celebrate."

"What did you have in mind."

"A massacre, of course. Not here though. Someplace bigger. Get a car, we're going on a trip."

Bill and another vamp named Steven left to get a car. They returned soon after and Buffy and her new gang consisting of : Bill, Steven, Jason, and Inigo, drove off.

"So, were is this massacre going to take place?"



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