The World At Its Knees

Chapter 6?

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Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Other pairings will follow.

Spoilers: Everything in Btvs is fair game. But 'The Prom' especially.

Rating: Pg-13 just to be on the safe side. Violence, language, but nothing too extreme.

Summary: A rewrite of 'The Prom'. Buffy reacts a little differently to the breakup.

Warning: This is kinda angsty. I don't really like to write angst but I just had to do this.

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Angel drove down the highway headed to LA when a feeling of dread washed over him. Something was gonna happen, he knew it. He had to go back to Sunnydale. He got off the highway and went the other way, back to Sunnydale.

He never knew what a mistake that was.


As soon as Angel got within a foot of Giles' apartment he knew something was wrong. He quickly entered and was met with the sight of Willow dead on the couch. He rushed over to her and saw the wound on her neck and felt how cold she was.

Who ever did this must have known I was leaving. Angel thought. Angel quickly searched the apartment for Giles. Not finding him, Angel returned to the living room where he sat in a chair and put his head in his hands.

Angel was so wrapped up in his grief that he didn't notice the vamp watching him.


Steven was ecstatic. His master and her two favorite minions were off blowing up a convenience store. He had gone to spy on the apartment and had seen the souled vamp return. When his master heard this maybe he would get a chance to be favorite for awhile…

Steven ran towards the small building and saw Oz locking people inside and Buffy and Jason setting bombs.

"Master! Master!"

Buffy turned and looked at him sharply.

"I thought I told you to keep watch!"

"I was! I did. He's returned. The souled one. He's back!"

"Well…this is a fortunate turn of events. Help Oz bar the people inside then we'll blow this place and can go and get Angel."

Steven did as he was told.

Buffy and Jason finished with the bombs and the four vampires backed away from the building. As it exploded the vamps reveled in the brief terrified screams and were sorry they didn't last longer.

Then, with Steven leading the way, they made their way to Giles' apartment stopping only to snatch a young girl and knock her unconscious and took her with them.


Angel's head shot up as he apartment door opened. His jaw dropped as his beloved Buffy walked in.

"Buffy?" he quickly stood up and went over to her but stopped when she backed away.

"What are you doing here? I came to see Giles."

"Giles isn't here, Buffy. I think something happened to him. A lot of things have been going on. Where were you? We were worried."

"Sorry about that. Had to get away for a while. I think I know what's going on though."

"Really? The murders, the bombings, everything?"

"Yeah. This is really gonna get bad. "

"Yeah. Oz is missing also."

"No he's not. I know where he is."

Suddenly they heard a crash coming from outside.

"I think the vamps that have been watching this place are back." Angel told her.

"Lets go." She said picking up a stake.

She followed Angel outside where he was surrounded by vamps.

"Buffy, this looks bad."

Buffy picked up a brick and hit him in the back of the head and Angel crumpled to the ground.

"No it doesn't." She said sweetly to his unconscious form.


As Angel came to he noticed that he was on his back and his hands and legs were bound and there was something on his head preventing hi from lifting it. He began to struggle but stopped when he felt something burn his face.

"The more you move, the more it will hurt." Said a male voice that Angel didn't recognize.

"What are you doing to me?" Angel demanded.

"Preparing you." The vamp answered cryptically.

"Preparing me for what? Who are you?"

"You ask a lot of questions."

"I need a lot of answers." Angel snapped as he renewed his struggle.

"You're not doing any good. Your bounds are enchanted. The more you struggle, the tighter they hold you. And you're going to burn your skin if you bump my hand. Applying these sacred tattoos is tricky work. Not to mention the dye is laced with holy water and if it goes where it's not intended to it will burn you. As for who I am…well you're going to find out anyway so I might as well tell you. My name is Inigo, one of the master's minions."

"The master? You mean Nest? He's dead."

"Not Nest. The leader of the new order."

"And that is?"

"No more questions!"

"Hell no! Where is Buffy? What did you do to her!"

"Nothing. She wouldn't let me. Not yet anyway. I figure if I stay on her good side, she'll let me do a lot of things to her eventually. For now it's only Oz and Jason. Though I figure you'll be next once the ritual is done."

"What the hell are you talking about!"

"Everything in good time, my sweet Angel." Buffy's soft voice said from the door.

Angel looked at her and froze when he saw her face.

"Buffy?" Angel chocked out in disbelief and despair. "Buffy? No! Please no! Anyone but you…"

"Don't cry on my behalf, Angel. It is you who you need to worry about." Buffy said, her voice emotionless. "You and this world."


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