Chapter 1

It was a busy day as usual. The four had their ears glued to the phones.

Elliot and Olivia were at their conjoined desk looking through their files.

"Hey Liv, ready for lunch?" Elliot asked

He was worried about her. For the past four and a half weeks she has been acting strange. She's sort of been acting like she's hiding something so she won't get in trouble.

"I um… have to…" she said trailing off looking over Elliot's shoulder. It was her boyfriend Sean. Sean was a tall bulky man. Liv only came up to his chin, 'If that much'.

Elliot turned around to see what Olivia was looking at. When he saw he asked,

"Could I help you sir?"

The tall man said, "I just coming to pick up my girl," with a weird grin on his face.

"Um… ok" El said then asked "What is here name?" in hope that he wasn't talking about Olivia.

"Ha" Sean smirked, "You must be the infamous Elliot Stabler?"

"How-?" Elliot started but was cut off.

"My Olivia has told me all about you"

Elliot look at Olivia and Olivia look at Sean, and then she dropped her head down.

Sean said "Come Olivia we have reservations."

She hesitantly walked to Sean. He then smacked here on her bottom and said,

"Come on Livvy I have plans for that thing tonight baby." As he followed her out, he glanced back at Elliot and winked.

As soon as they left Elliot look at Munch and Fin, who was watch a cute guy walk out with their Olivia, not to mention he was hot.

Munch then look at Elliot and says, "What was that all about?"

Fin said "It was what it looked like old man. Clean your glasses"

Munch and Fin then look at Elliot was still standing there dumb founded.

About minutes later Elliot finally said

"I don't like him"

"Elliot you never like the men Olivia dates"

"I know, but this is different. I just have this umm… this feeling"

"Hey Elliot chill" Fin said

"Yeah Olivia is fully capable of taking herself. Just let her be happy for once. She's been alone for to long." Munch replied.

"I guess your right. I just don't want to see her hurt"

"We know, we don't either"