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Olivia showed up just in time at the 1-6 precinct.

"Hey El" making her presence known to her partner sitting at his desk.

"Yeah" he responded in a grunt rather nonchalantly

Wondering what the hell his problem was Olivia asked

"What's up with you?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were dating, and a sleaze at that?"At this point Olivia was pissed. He wasn't her father you know!

"Look, I'm not one of you daughters so quit getting mad about when I date ok?"

"Whatever," the truth was he was jealous of her new boyfriend.

Olivia went the rest of the day not really talking to the guys, they had all made comments about Sean. Olivia sighed when she saw him headed for the precinct door and tried to get her stuff together before he came in.

Olivia had just stood when Sean got to her desk, "so what's up? Ready?"

Yeah, in a sec we'll go.

Hi, I'm her partner Elliot. Elliot introduced himself to her new boyfriend and asked to speak with him as Olivia finished getting ready to go.

As the guys stood at the doors Olivia was frantically trying to get her shit together. Olivia had almost reached them when Sean basically ran to her and threw her at Elliot, who luckily caught her before she fell.

If you wanna lay her so bad you should, go ahead, actually you should do it in front of everyone here, just throw her over a desk! Go ahead…

At all the commotion Cragen emerged to two of his best officers standing being yelled at.

Ah, now you won't act, I knew you were a pussy. A real man would of taken her by now if he had the hots for her, I guess you're just to ugly for him Olivia. Is that it lover boy, cause a few sec's ago you were saying how much you wanted to take her.

I was not!

Sean, please you're making a scene, just come on and we'll leave.

No, this is how its done let me help you out Elliot." at that Sean threw Olivia over a desk and held her neck to keep her there. Olivia was quiet and just watched to see what would happen.

Let her up and get out of my precinct. Now. Cragen was a soft but strong voice and Sean left leaving Elliot picking Olivia up from the desk.

What the hell is your problem, pulling him aside like that! Elliot Stabler, you just lost all my respect and if I were you I'd not get in my way. Olivia left the precinct getting into the car with Sean before she cried.


Elliot what was that about? " Cragen had an awkard look on his face Elliot couldn't read.

I'm not sure, hopefully not what we're all thinking.

Yeah, Olivia would be to stubborn to say and it could cost her.

As Cragen left Elliot pondered his look he looked like he knew more than he was letting on.



Olivia was slammed into a dresser and shoved to the wall. She ended up on her knees being hit with a pro baseball bat when he hit her in the ribs with a huge swing. The bat cracked and split down the middle.

"AGGGGHHHHH!" Olivia tried to breath but it felt like she had a semi on her side.

"Awww, did that hurt hun? So sorry."


At that Sean whipped off his belt and started pelting her until no part of her body, except for her face, was un bruised.

"Sean stop!" Olivia was frantically trying to hide and breath at the same time as the belt pelted her relentlessly. Yet another night her pleas went unheard.

Olivia left when Sean fell asleep. Ending up where she always did, at her home away from home lightly knocking on the door. As it was opened she fell into his arms and he sat her on the couch.

She was a liar and when Sean found out she'd pay. The man who had tailed her drove closer an peered through the window and saw her in his arms and drew a breath when they shared a lite gentle kiss. He couldn't wait and drove to wake Sean, ohm wouldn't he be thrilled.

When Olivia walked through the door Sean was waiting behind it. As Olivia turned a collar was latched around her neck and she was forced to the floor.

"I hear you've been a bad little doggy?"


"I've had someone following you."


"shhhh, or I'll tell everyone at the precinct."

"go ahead its not what you think and everyone there will understand."

"I told you once I'll tell you again I let you tell one person for support but if anyone else finds out you'll die oh and end your relationship with him now!"

At that Olivia was gaged and sodomized over and over. Hearing snaps of the whips on her and the click of a camera she was hell bent on destroying soon. All the while Sean whispered on thing over and over until that's all she heard even when he wasn't talking.

"Don't you see livvy? It's like I said before, I'm the only one who'll ever care about you like this again, to anyone else you're ruined goods. I'm the only one who'll give a shit about you. So don't you dare tell me to stop, you have no right to."

What he said repeated in her head until she accepted it, she had no right to stop him, he loved her. In the back of her mind she knew better but, as always, in the present she accepted it.


She went to the precinct the next day and looked at all the gaping faces. Wondering what was up she looked at her computer as the picture changed. it was a picture of her from the night before outside of his house, glancing up she saw him not to far away, then the next picture came on of the small kiss they had shared and she gasped. She was plotting how to talk it off when a third picture came on, one of Olivia, in a dog collar and a leash. Olivia was half naked in just her underwear and you couldn't see the bruises on her body from the way the light was but you could no doubt see her face. Her eyes were closed and she was on all fours. Instantly she realized this was on all the computers and she realized what everyone was thinking.

"Olivia, you should leave."

It was his voice the voice of the man who had always been so important to her, telling her to leave. The voice she had probably just gotten fired because she was to stubborn to say anything about Sean. The voice of the man who was as close to a father as she'd probably ever have.

All she could do was gasp before she rushed toward the door in tears as Elliot came in confused until he saw the slide show on the computer. Olivia turned and faced the man who was practically her father and muttered a small sentence before racing to a place where noone would find her; the entire precinct shocked but quiet " I-, I'm sorry-, I, I'm so sorry…"


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