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The Saisei stories have been written over a long span of years. The first was finished up in 2001, to the best of my recollection — and the use of my fingers for counting backwards. So, there's style changes, as to be expected, and a slow drift towards a unifying plot-like thingie. I'm slowly adding more stories — but it'll be a while before there's any kind of satisfactory conclusion.

Yiddle Warning: Seifer and Zell like each other. If you can't stand the pairing, don't read the fics.

And, so as to not violate FFnet's posting rules, here's silly babble so the chapter actually contains content(prologue? Theme song? Background mood music?) and not just an author's note (seeing as how each ficcie already has author's notes…). Those wanting to get to the fics, jump ahead. Those that like silly babble that have nothing to do with the fics, read on.

Updated: 01-05-06
Saisei's Journey added.

Way back in 2001 I went through a spurt of inane Saizeru prosery (poetry written by a hack with an incomplete grasp of the English language). Here's the first of many, a conversation between Seif and Zell, and your guess as to who's who is as good as mine.

so, y' see, i was a'thinkin'
you were thinking?
yeah, no biggie, so i sat
what a surprise!
uh-huh, watch me roll my eyes
and i thought,
there's nothin' greater!
than to run a little later!
i'm tryin' t' tell a story...
but babe, you're always boring
i was thinking!
you were drinking
that too, but here's my idea:
if we waited...
we have waited, and my appetite's unsated
while you drone on with your story, which admit,
is rather boring

and i refuse to be baited
so quit all this bemoaning, and listen,
for a minute— that's what we should've waited...
my heart's all twitterpated!
...that's a word?
how should i know?
and your story goes...?

a minute, just a minute!
which is what we should have waited?
while our desires go unsated?
and my heart's all twitterpated?
i suppose... i do forget, what i thought was so urgent
whilst lost in argument...
i've not once disagreed!
but you do ignore my pleas, see me now?
i'm on my knees...
and don't think i don't appreciate
your position, on your knees, begging won't i please
just shut up and let you speak
so i'll reciprocate, and quieten so you'll relate
your most awesome idea, for which we both must wait
a minute at the most...

a minute, there, or close...
for what?
i've no idea! it all started with a thought
which by now i've lost, in the muddle of our words
hell yeah, i'm pretty groovy!
i give up, let's catch a movie...
...but you're still on your knees...
and now i've an idea of my own...

watch me smile and walk away!
you're such a tease!
i want to hear it! reap what you've...
sown, i know the saying
but i'm not used to asking, point of fact
i'm used to masking, but if that's all you need to hear

well, it's a start
i'll say my part! if that's how you want to play...
go ahead
...make my day!
so, no 'baby, rock my world?' or 'do your worst
i'll never break?'
you've got quite the ego, but i'll stroke it, stoke it, we go...
way back, i know, it's true...
the only one i need is you.

First three Saisei stories posted.

Here's the story, of the lovely Zellie
Who worked down at the corner grocery store
He had hair of gold, though he didn't spike it
'Cept when feeling bored

Here's the story, of a man named Seifer
Who was living with a yap-yap of his own
They were content, in their grungy apartment
Yet they were all alone

Till the one day when our Zellie met this fellow
At the hotdog stand to grab a bite of lunch
That this odd grouping thought themselves a family
That's the way they all became a screwed up bunch
Some crunch-a-munch, some spiked fruit punch

That's not in these fics, I've got a hunch!

Contrary to the above, the Saisei stories are actually sorta, kinda serious. Imagine that. And not much like the ditty.

What? My parody theme isn't good enough for FFnet's iron fist? Hmph.

These stories are all about Seifer
Whom Esse pronounces like Keifer
It shortens to Seif
Which sounds just like leaf
Hey, what are you looking at me f'r?

Ehn. It's supposed to be a limerick, though I can't get the 3 foot, 2 foot thing down, no matter how I try. Short short long, short short long, or un- un- stressed, un- un- stressed. aabba! Heh, if I were Shakespeare — well, I'd be dead. And a guy. A dead, English guy. Who'd demand royalties, dammit!

Still not good enough? Geesh, what's with you people tattling to FFnet? Fine.

his heart is fragile
frost gives way to soft blossoms
a snarl of pale warmth

There. A haiku. And if ffviii poems ain't good enough for chappie one, you're no friends of mine. Besides, I'm more of a proet. What are you doing down here? Go read the stories already!