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The Crush…Or Love?

Chapter 1

May's Pov

Ash, May, Brock (in this fic, Max isn't there with them) are on there way to the Pokemon League. But after two hours of walking they decide to stay in Soothpolis Hotel. Meanwhile, a certain person is currently deep in thought. This certain person was no other than May… Why am I always thinking about Ash? Sure, I had a crush on him since he saved me ….


'' Help me!'' I shouted, since I was on the urge of slipping of my grip on the mountain. This is the end I thought. I slowly then lost my grip on the mountain until someone grabbed m hand and pulled me up.

''Thank you…ASH?'' I said.

''Yeah, what is it?''

'' Why did you save me?''

''I saved you because I didn't want to lose a best friend..,''

'' Er…tha…thanks …f…for…sav…saving…me!'' I stuttered, as I started to blush

''No problem!'' he said, smiling.

''Hey you guys ok?'' said Brock, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

'' Yeah we are,''

Flashback out

Well, I better get over this crush…thought May. But then May was then interrupted by someone's voice. This person's voice was Ash's.

''You feeling okay May? Cause you been staring at the wall for ten minutes,'' said Ash.

''No I'm okay, but thanks anyway,'' replied May.

'' Well I'm about to go to the all you can eat buffet with Brock, do you want to come?'' asked Ash.

''Okay!'' May said. Maybe food will stop me thinking about Ash… thought May

''Well, are you going to stand there all day or are you coming with us to the buffet?'' said Ash patiently.

'' Oh ye I'm coming, just let me get my bag and I'll….,''said May. But then she suddenly stepped on a piece of soap making her tip over. But was then saved by Ash.

''You should be more careful!'' said Ash, while carefully putting May back on her feet.
'' I will in the future Ash. I will,'' replied May, confidently.

''Well, come on! The best food in the buffet must be gone by now!'' shouted Ash, hurrying out of the door. Then his head popped back in the room.

''You coming or not cause Brock isn't going to let me go to the Buffet if you're here, so please come on, I'm starving!'' whined Ash. Suddenly, my belly rumbled, and in an alarming way too.

'' Guess I'm hungry too,'' said May while walking through the door.

''Wanna have a race to the buffet?'' Ash asked.

''Ok, Ready Set…,'' May said, until I started to run right before I said go.

'' No fair!'' shouted Ash, who just started to run.

Suddenly, Ash was able to catch up to my speed and tackled me right to the ground. We then started to roll until my body was right on top of his. I then started to blush as Ash was a inch from her lips. He started to lean in and me too. We were 2 centimetres away until someone interrupted us.

''Did I just interrupt you guys?'' said Brock, smirking.

''No!'' I said to Brock.

''Ye, we weren't doing anything…,'' Ash said.

'' Well let's go to the buffet already, I'm starving here!'' complained Brock.

'' Then let's go already!'' said Ash, who was running to the buffet as fast as the speed of light.

'' Well, come on Brock! Let's go already since Ash will surely eat everything in the Buffet if we don't go now!'' I said, also running to the buffet.

''Lovers who won't admit it,'' said Brock, before running after May and Ash.

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