The Crush or Love: SOON HOPEFULLY!

A/N: Hey guys, it's been a while since I updated this story, which is why I wanted you readers to know that it will be updated soon. I've been busy with IRL stuff, and it's been dragging me down, but I have some spare time, so I decided to update with another chapter.

This story has been ongoing for such a long time, from December 2005! I was pretty young back then (I won't say the exact age, but I was around 10-14 .), which is one of the reasons why my spelling, writing structure, everything sucked. So, if you are one of those readers that have read from the very beginning to so far, then I won't disappoint with this next chapter. I hope for it to be longer, and better than anything I've written. At least 3,000 words is a goal, so please say tuned.

If you are new, and just clicked on this to see what it was, I hope you enjoy the chapters, and keep tuned in. Finally, I want to say that this story has accumulated over 48,000 hits, with over 12,000 from the first chapter! Thanks for making this possible guys, and later.


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