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"Hey, Lily."

"Yes, James?"

"What's with the 'yes, James?'-ing?"

"I'm trying to study for my Arithmancy exam. And you're interrupting me every two seconds."

"I've always said you study too much, it just isn't natural."

"Maybe not to you."

"Oh, come on, Lily. Lighten up a bit. It's sixth year. We're supposed to be having fun—you know, spiking the pumpkin juice at dinner, sneaking to Hogsmeade on weekend, slacking off, all that—"

"Spike the pumpkin juice then, I don't have a problem with that, but you'll get in trouble with McGonagall."

"But you're supposed to be rebelling too! We're sixteen, aren't these supposed to be the best years of our lives?"

"If you call tripping over your own feet in the Great Hall, then transfiguring Sirius's robes into a pink tutu to detract attention from yourself, then I suppose they are the best years."

"That was just the one time."

"Believe me, James, I could go on if you'd like me to."

"No, that's really okay, it isn't necessary…look, I just thought…I don't know, I…"


"I—well, I just thought I'd ask you…"

"Ask me what?"

"If you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me this Saturday?"

"I thought the next Hogsmeade visit wasn't for two weeks."

"It isn't, we could sneak in—it isn't hard, there's a passageway we could—"

"James, no."

"—it's safe really, Sirius and Remus and Peter and I've gone there so many times, it's really—


"—fun, and it could be the beginning of your rebellion against authority, always a good thing—"

"I said no."

"—Hondeyduke's…wait…you said no?"


"I wouldn't transfigure your robes into anything—"



"Now will you let me study?"

"In a minute."

"Well, say what you've got to and hurry, because I need to do well on this exam."

"Okay, I'll make it quick—"




"You know what--never mind, Lily, I just wanted to say that I'm done with this. Put it on your stunning academic record or whatever. Congratulations. You've got what you always wished for."