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Chapter 1- Class Trip

"Japan!" Irma Lair screeched, "Japan!"

"Thank you Irma, I just went deaf in that ear", Cornelia Hale snapped sarcastically. Hay Lin and Taranee Cook giggled, and Will Vandom just shook her head in an amused way.

"Yes Ms. Lair, Japan", Principal Knickerbocker said from the stage, "Your whole class will have the opportunity for this trip, permission slips will be distributed last period. Dismissed"

"Japan", Irma repeated as the girls left the auditorium, "I say we try for it!"

"You would", Taranee said, smiling to show she was kidding, "This does sound like fun…"

"And if we do go", Will added, "It definitely couldn't have come at a better time, what with everything finally settling down in Meridian and all…"

"Yea", Hay Lin said, "Yea, you know, we should try for this!"

"We can talk to our parents tonight", Cornelia said, "Even I'll admit, this does sound like fun"

"Like we don't deserve a little vacation after everything that's happened", Irma pointed out.

"Three hundred dollars!" evidently Mrs. Vandom didn't think this was so great, "I don't know Will, that's kind of a bit…"
"Well it is on the other side of the world", Will shrugged, "It would cost a bit to get there"

"Please Mom?" Will said, "Please, please, please? I never asked for anything big, please?"
"What about that time-"

"Okay, I've asked for a few big things", Will interrupted, "But never anything this big and I'll never ask for anything big again! Please?"
"Well…" Will could see her mom cracking, "Okay. You can go"

"YES!" Will cheered happily, "Wait, why am I cheering, I have to go pack! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom!"
She jumped up and kissed her mom lightly on the head before darting to her room.

"What'd your mom say?" she asked Irma as she danced around her room.

"I'm going!' Irma said excitedly, "My parents said I'd could go! And I already talked to Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Taranee, they all got the okay! How about you?"
"We're going to Japan!" Will cheered, "My mom almost said no, but I got her to crack!"
"Yes!" Irma cried, "I'm gonna go pack, talk to you later Will"
"Bye!" Will hung up and continued packing. This was just too amazingly perfect. She and her friends were going to Japan; they no longer had to worry about their responsibilities as guardians, what in the world could possibly go wrong?

"Come on Serena, what could go wrong?" Amy asked a furious looking Serena.

"I can't believe you volunteered for that!" Serena snapped, "Like we don't have enough going on, now we have to look after a bunch of kids! They'll get in the way!"

"Does that mean you think I get in the way to Serena?" Rini asked quietly.

"Of course not", Serena said quickly, "I know you can take care of yourself, I'm not worried about you. But these kids…what are we suppose to do if we run into trouble? Say, "Oh, sorry guys, we have to go save the world, can you take care of yourselves for a little while?"

"Things have been pretty quiet lately", Mina pointed out, "We should be okay"

"I think it would be a great experience", Artemis piped up.

"Says he talking cat", Serena muttered, "Which brings up another point, Luna and Artemis never shut up, do you really want to try and explain two talking cats to them?"
"Hey!" Artemis and Luna snapped at the same time. Serena sighed.

"I'm with Serena, for once", Lita said, "This has bad idea written all over Amy"

"Come on", Amy insisted, "Five kids, one for each of us to hang out with. How hard could it be?"
Serena sighed, "I really don't believe this is happening", she muttered, "Do I look like I want to baby sit?"
"She isn't responsible enough", Lita muttered. Rei and Rini giggled but quickly stifled their laughter at the look on Serena's face.

"Laugh it up", Serena snapped, "I just hope he Sailor Scouts aren't needed while they're here"

That wiped the smile of everyone's face. They'd no where near forgotten about their jobs as Sailor Scouts (how could they?), but it had momentarily slipped their minds.

"Things have been pretty quiet since our last battle", Amy pointed out, "I think we'll be okay"

"For the sake of the world I hope so", Serena muttered.

It had all started one day when Serena had been walking to school. She'd been late (nothing new), and was in a bit if a hurry, when she ran into these kids tormenting a small black cat. She'd shooed the kids off, but had no time to stop and help the cat. Later, she found the cat again. Or rather, the cat had found her. And then…and then the cat started talking! It'd been a little more than surprising to hear the cat talk. By now, of course, she was used to it. The cat (whose name was Luna), told Serena of her destiny as Sailor Moon, leader of the world's hope for life and survival. Talk about a head turner. One by one, she discovered the four other Sailor Scouts who turned out to be kids just like her. Amy was Sailor Mercury, who had power over water. Lita was Sailor Jupiter, who had like an electric sort of power. Rei was Sailor Mars, with the power over fire. And Mina was Sailor Venus. She had sort of power over energy. She had once been "the lone Sailor Scout", but had eventually joined up with the Sailor Scouts. Rini was a whole different story. While the older Sailor Scouts were in their teens, and from present day, Rini was only ten, and from the future! She'd come to the past in search of the Empirium Silver Crystal. Turned out she had it all along of course. She had become Sailor Mini Moon, and Serena and the other Sailor Scouts had taken it up themselves to take care of her. They made a pretty good team. They'd saved the world a couple of times, and had become good friends in the process. Not that they didn't get on each others moods. They still worked well together. Except for when one of them did something the others didn't like. Like volunteering them for babysitting a bunch of kids from America.

"It'll be fun", Mina said.

"I liked you better when you were quiet", Serena muttered.

"We can get Darien to help", Rini piped up.

"Please, the last thing Darien wants to do is help us out with a bunch of kids", Rei said.

"He likes me okay", Rini pointed out.

"I could have sworn we had this conversation already", Serena said sarcastically.

"Lets just see what happens", Amy suggested, "All though I'm sure everything will be fine"

Two Weeks Later

"Oh, this is going to be fun!" Hay Lin squeaked. They were finally getting ready to leave for Japan. The last two weeks had dragged by.

"A three week trip to Japan", Irma sighed, "This is gonna rock!"
Even Cornelia seemed excited. This was going to be great. None of them could wait.

"Okay students, on the bus", Knickerbocker yelled suddenly. The girls quickly scrambled to find seats together, and ended up sitting in the back. At least they were sitting together. They chatted the whole way to the airport. Three weeks in Japan. It was going to take them about three days to get there, but they could live with that. Taranee didn't like the fact they were going to be taking a plane the whole way, but like Irma said, a lot of people had wanted to go; they wouldn't have all fit on a train. Okay, maybe they would have, but going on a plane would take less time. They hoped.

"I can't believe my mom volunteered to go as a chaperone", Irma groaned. Her mom was up front talking to a few other chaperones, "I was hoping to get away from parents", she added as she saw her mom showing another parent pictures, "I can bet you anything those are pictures of me as a kid"

"Ha, can I go up and see them?" Cornelia smirked.

"Over my dead body", Irma shot back. Everyone was too busy trying not to laugh to say anything.

"Finally!" Hay Lin said, looking out the window, "I thought we'd never get here!"
"Try to stay together in the airport", a teacher called over to the kids, "We don't want to loose anyone by mistake"
"Yea that would be slightly bad", Irma muttered, "I can see it now: Hello, Mrs. Cook? I don't know how it happened, but we somehow lost your daughter, she might have gotten on the plane to Europe by accident…"

The girls cracked up (Taranee looked suddenly nervous), and made their way into the airport.

"Just follow the teachers", Will pointed to one of the teacher chaperones, "There's no way we can get lost if we just follow the chaperones"

They managed to get to the plane without any major disaster, and quickly found their seats. They'd made sure to all get seats together. Will, Taranee, and Irma were in one row; Cornelia and Hay Lin were sitting in the row across from them, with, to Irma's great disgust, Martin.

"Hey there sweet cheeks", Martin said as she sat down.

"Martin if you call me sweet cheeks one more time I'll remove your head!" Irma snapped. Martin didn't seem at all daunted by this, all though Will noticed he didn't say another word until long after they had taken off. Luckily, Hay Lin and Cornelia were on the edge (Martin had gotten the window seat) so they could talk without having to go around him.

"Lets play Hangman!" Hay Lin said excitedly, grabbing a piece of paper out of her stow away bag and pulling down the little tray out of the seat in front of her.

"Bored already?" Irma asked. Taranee had pulled out a book and was reading. Will was reading a brochure she'd found on Japan in the little pocket on the seats. Hay Lin shrugged off Irma's questioned. Cornelia quickly agreed to play, so Irma sighed and gave in. They played for maybe an hour before they finally got bored. Irma pulled out her Discman and listened to her new Boyzilla CD. Will was playing a game on her cell phone. Hay Lin had picked up the brochure Will had been reading, Taranee was still reading her book. Cornelia had fallen asleep. This is going to be a very boring plane ride, Will thought as she looked at her friends.

The three days actually went by quicker than they thought it would. They played a lot of Hangman, Irma shared her CD with them, and they talked a lot about who they were going to be staying with while they were in Japan.

"Hope they're nice", Will was saying one day, "Can you imagine staying with someone you don't like?"
"That would be horrible", Taranee said.

"Passengers please buckle up as we begin to descend", the pilots voice came over the speaker suddenly.

"Where there?" Cornelia asked as they buckled up.

"No, he's saying that for fun", Irma quipped.

"Make sure you don't leave anything behind!" one of the chaperones yelled to them. They quickly started looking around to make sure they hadn't dropped anything. Taranee packed up her book, Will stowed her cell phone away in her pocket, and Irma packed up her Discman. They were all hyped with the fact they were finally arriving.

"This will be fun", Amy reminded the girls as they awaited the arrival of the American students.

"I hope so", Serena muttered. This was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. They'd all gotten there "American Buddy" assignments yesterday. Serena had ended up with some girl named Will Vandom. Amy had gotten a girl named Irma Lair. Rei had gotten Taranee Cook (who ever that was). Lita had gotten some Cornelia Hale girl (what a name). And Mina had gotten someone named Hay Lin. She sounded Chinese or Japanese. That had to be pretty cool.

"I wonder what they're like", Rei said, "Hope they're nice"

"They sure don't sound like the delinquent type", Lita said with a shrug, "I bet they'll be fine"

"Like I said before, I hope these next three weeks are very quiet", Serena repeated for about the millionth time.

"I don't remember you ever being this high strung", Amy said kiddingly, "Stop worrying, things will be fine"
"Check it out!" Mina said suddenly, "They're here!"
The girls looked around, and sure enough, a bunch of very American looking kids were getting off a tour bus. Amy smiled happily. She, for one, was glad she'd volunteered them for this job. Even Lita, Mina, and Rei had warmed up to the idea. Serena was thrilled, but she was dealing with it.

"Okay, okay, settle down!" one of the chaperones yelled, "Okay, we have you paired up-"

"Wait!" one of the girls in the crowd yelled. She had bounce, brunette hair, "You paired us up already? We don't get a say in who we have to live with for the next here weeks? That certainly isn't fair!"
"Thank you Ms. Lair", the chaperone said over a buzz of agreement at the girls words, "Now, as I was saying-"

"Lair?" Amy repeated to her friends, "Irma Lair, you think?"
"Probably", Serena shrugged, "Can't be a popular name, can it?"

"Probably not", Amy shrugged, "Well, she seems nice enough"

"Serena Tsukino!" their teacher said suddenly. Serena jumped and looked around, "Yes?"
"Would you like to meet your new friend or not?" he asked sternly. She nodded and looked back at the crowd of kids.

"Will Vandom", the chaperone said. A red-headed girl looked around at Serena, and uncertainly made her way towards her.

"Hi", she said shyly. There was an odd glow in her deep brown eyes.

"Hi", Serena said, quickly switching back to her goofy self, "I'm Serena"

"I'm Will", Will said with a smile, "Nice to meet you"

"Taranee Cook", the chaperone said, "You're with…Rei Hino"

Rei quickly raised her hand, and an African-American girl stepped out of the crowd, towards Rei.

"Hi", Rei said, "I'm Rei, not that you don't already know that"

"Taranee", the girl said, holding out her hand.

"These are my friends", Rei said quickly, gesturing at them, "That's Min, Lita, Amy, and Serena. You'll get used to her"

"Very funny", Serena said as everyone, even Will and Taranee, broke into fit of giggles.

"Cornelia Hale"

"Right here", another girl, a blonde, said.

"Lita Makato", Lita quickly raised her own hand, and Cornelia fought her way out of the crowd towards the girls.

"Hi!" she said in an energetic voice, "I'm Cornelia"
"Lita", Lita said with a nod. She noticed Cornelia flash Will and Taranee a quick grin. Evidently they knew each other.

They watched as more kids partnered up. "Hey", Amy said suddenly, "You guys wouldn't happen to know Irma Lair, would you?"

"Did you get partnered with her?" Cornelia asked. Amy nodded. "Poor you", Cornelia smirked.

"We know Irma", Will said quickly, "She isn't that bad"

"What about Hay Lin?" Mina asked, "Know her?"

"She's one of our friends, yea", Taranee said, "You'll like her"

"She sounds Japanese", Serena pointed out.

"Chinese, actually", Cornelia said, "Her parents have this Chinese restaurant in our town called The Silver Dragon"

"Cool", Mina said as the chaperone yelled, "Hay Lin!"

"Right here!" another girl piped up. She sure had the looking of a Chinese origin.

"Mina Aino", Mina raised her hand and Hay Lin bounced over to her.

"Hi!" she chirped energetically.

"Don't worry", Cornelia said, "She's always like that"

Mina grinned; this was going to be fun.

"Irma Lair!"
"Right here!"
"Amy Mizuno"

The brunette they'd heard talking earlier shoved her way through the crowd, and walked over to Amy. Amy smiled shyly and said, "Hi, I'm Amy"

"Irma", the girl said, holding out her hand. Amy smiled and shook it. The way Cornelia had been talking, she'd gotten a little afraid. Irma seemed okay though. "Hey", she said, noticing Will, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin, "Looks like we get to stick together after all!"
"Yea!" Hay Lin said, "This is gonna be great!"

"You know something?" Serena said, "I really think it is"

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