Okay...It's kinda a sad story but I hope you like it!

Chapter 1 - All It Took Was One

Diana sat in the hosptial waiting room. Her eyes were red and puffy and her throat hurt from crying so much. She looked at her hands, the blood had dried and made her fingers stick together. "Diana?" she lokoed up, her father stood there. The worry was clearly written on his face. "Diana are you okay?"

"Dad he...he said he was okay."

"Diana...tell me what's wrong? Please, tell me what's wrong? What happened out there?" Diana tried to speak but she couldn't find her voice. All she knew was the safety promised on their mission was a flaw. An unforseen event caused her whole world to crumble in an instant on that mission. All it took was one shot. One shot.

"It wasn't supposed...supposed to end like...like this." She pressed her hands together and tears sprang from her eyes again, "Not him. Not..."

"Who Diana! Who! I got a call from the hospital and said one of my children-" Gerad Mystery froze and looked at Diana, "Where's Martin? Diana where is he?" Diana could only point at the doors that led to the operating room. Mr. Mystery looked toward the doors and back at his daughter. He pulled her into a hug and let her cry into his shoulder well his own tears fell. Diana's memory went back to the mission.

Flash back

"Martin, just because M.O.M says it's full proof you just assume that it's perfectly safe. She even said to be careful!" Diana shrilly cried as she wrapped the coat around her body.

"I know. I'll be careful. Don't worry about me. Worry more about yourself," Martin laughed and Diana hit him across the head.

"I can take perfectly good care of myself thank you very much!" She walked ahead of him.

"Is that so?" Diana stopped and turned around, "I bet you can't take care of yourself for this whole mission. I'm always saving you, I bet I'll have to save you again!"

"Yeah right! I can take care of myself!" Diana smirked and walked up closer to Martin, "Okay. We'll make it a bet. If you don't rescue me and I win you have to clean my room for a week and leave Jenny alone for a month."

"Deal! If I win you have to clean my room for a month and be Java's personal assistant for a week!" Diana groaned at Martin's part of the deal but shook his hand anyway. They were supposed to be investigating the recent disappearences of four people but they hadn't found any clues into the case after a day or two.

"This is impossible! Martin, come on, lets go get something to eat. We've been stuck up in this hotel the whole day." Diana walked over to Martin and poked him in the shoulder but he swatted her hand away and turned over. His eyes were closed and he was breathing softly. Diana's face softened. She had taken a nap earlier and assumed that Martin must have too but she was wrong. "Oh Martin..." Diana pushed him off the bed. His body made a thud and he woke up and rubbed his eyes.

"What did you do that for?" Martin asked angrily, "I was enjoying the sleep!" He sat up and tried to find his orange t-shirt. Diana blushed just noticing his atire which was a pair of pants and socks. He found the t-shirt and slipped on a black jean coat. "Coming?"


"To get something to eat." Diana frowned and followed the blonde out the hotel doors. He was heading toward a small restaruant just across the street from where they were staying. Diana made her way through the restaruant door first and found a quiet booth near the back. It was empty, save for the cook and a man sitting at the bar. Martin took a seat beside Diana and watched the man at the bar with a suspiscious glance every now and then. The snow outside blew more quickly now and made Diana wished she had worn a warmer coat. Martin pulled something out from under the table and gave it to Diana and put his own winter coat to the left side of him.

"Thanks. Don't think is what you call rescuing me though!"

"Sure sis. Sure..." Martin wasn't really paying attention, otherwise he would have known that he had won the bet right there. He had just saved his sister from getting a pretty bad cold. "That guy over there," Diana looked at the man at the bar.

"What about him Martin? He's just an ordinary citizen Martin! Get a grip," Diana sipped on her soda.

"I was just thinking, what if he knows something about the disappearences?" Diana sighed and started to eat her meal while Martin got up and went to the man serving drinks at the bar. "Hey, do you know who that guy is over there?"

"You're not 18, are you?"


"Well, take a seat. I can't offer you any alcohol but how about a root beer pop?" Martin nodded and took the beverage. "That man over there is a regular here. Goes after every pretty skirt he sees, no matter what the age. Most of them turn him down though." The bartender looked over at the booth Diana was sitting in, "That's a pretty one over there you know."

"That's my sister."

"Well, you better watch out. Every pretty girl that guy has even talked to lately has gone missing."

"You think he has something to do with it?" Martin asked. He arched his ebrow and looked over at his sister. 'Goes after every pretty skirt he sees, no matter what the age.'

"I don't know," the bartender shrugged and ran a hand through his hair, "If I did I would be a rich man today, wouldn't I?" Martin looked back at the bartender and drank some more of his soda.

"I suppose so." Martin pulled out a four photos, "Are these the girls that he has been giong after lately." The bartender examined the photos and nodded.

"Yep and this one-" he pointed to the photo of a brown haired girl with brown eyes, "Was in here yesterday. She's a regular. Shows up every night on the dote. Shows up around 5 pm and leaves at 5:30 when her husband comes to pick her up. She's a beautiful person and has a wonderful personality. Not a bad rack either...you could just-" the bartender blushed, "I'm sorry. I get like that sometimes."

"Well, thanks for the help. I appreciate it."

"Aren't you a little young to be investigating disappearences."

"Lets just say this a hobby of mine."

"May I suggest finding a safer hobby?" Martin shrugged and got up from the bar stool.

"We do what we do I guess." The bartender shrugged and let Martin leave. The blonde made his way back over to the table where the man was sweet talking Diana. She didn't look to comfortable.

"Go away. I don't want to have to tell you again." Diana pulled away from the man.

"Awe...but baby, you and me...we could make sweet music together. My apartment is just over there."

"I believe the lady told you to leave." The man turned to him and was just about to punch him but Martin stopped him. "What's your name?"

"Jacob Rachet."

"Well Mr. Rachet will you please leave my sister alone. We were just about to leave." Martin pulled Diana up by the arm and toward the door. His speed increased as they made their way toward the hotel. Diana pulled away from Martin as soon they entered the hotel room.

"What did you think you were doing!" Diana screamed, "I can take care of myself!"

"Really...it didn't look like you were getting anywhere!" Martin flopped down on his bed, "You werent doing well at all. You looked pretty freaked out to me."

"I was fine!" Diana sat down on the bed and turned her face away from Martin. "I'm going out! Call me when you get an attituded change!" Diana left the room.

End Flash Back

"I should have stayed..." Diana put her face in her hands and took deep calming breathes. The click of high heels on the hospital surface. Diana looked up and saw a woman dressed in a white coat and pants walk up to her. She couldn't look at the head of the centre anymore.

"Diana," Gerad, having long since found out his son and daughter were part of government agency, a secret one, let the woman talk to his daughter. "Diana...what happened?"

"Martin...he...he protected me. He...saved me." Diana looked up and burst into tears. The teen standing next to M.O.M looked distressed and angry.

"Who did this to Marty?" Diana pointed a shaky hand at he second operating room.

"I...I...I watched the man shoot...shoot himself. He...he said that he..."

"Billy, please go bring back three cups of coffee please." The spiky haired teen nodded and left for the cafeteria in the hospital. "Diana, please tell me what happened."

"I-I left the hotel room because we had a fight. I shouldn't have left but I did because I knew he was right I just didn't want to admit it."

Flash back

Diana walked across the street toward the restaurant. She walked into the door and saw the same man at the bar from before sitting there still. He had a beer in his hand and was watching the tv. She sat down at the bar, in front of the bartender. The man running the bar leaned down and looked at Diana.

"Where's your brother miss?" Diana humphed and looked the man straight in the eye.

"We had a fight. So I came back." The man looked Diana and watched as she glared at the drink sitting in front of her. "Besides, that Jacob guy probably just gives bad impressions in the beginin."

"Haven't you ever heard, first impressions are everything."

"Do you need my brother as proof."

"He seemed to make a good first impression to me." Diana laughed.

"Yeah, but not toward the girls." She looked at the Jacob guy again, "Wonder what makes him so bad?"

"I suppose it's a little of everything miss. You better be heading back, I suspect your brother will be worried sick about you. Here, give him a call to meet you in front of the hotel. What's the hotel number." Diana gave the man the paper and dialed the number. "Yes, hello Mr. Mystery. Yes, could you come meet your sister at the front door. Thank you. Bye now." He hung up the phone, "My names Murry, and tell your brother thanks."

"I didn't need him to meet me but I guess I'll have to go now." She looked and saw Martin standing at the front door. "He's quick."

"He just worries about you. It's written all over his face you know."

"You do know, you just made me lose my bet."

"What's a bet worth worth if you're not alive anymore." The man smiled and Diana nodded, agreeing with the friendly man at the counter. "Have a nice night now."

"I will, thank you." Diana ran out the door and toward the hotel. She didn't notice Jacob get up and leave as well. She had just got outside and was about to cross the street when something grabbed her around the stomache.

"Be a good girl and I wont hurt you." Diana felt the man tug her backwards toward an old looking apartment building. She saw Martin run across the street after her but lost sight of him when she was dragged into the building. The elevator behind her rang loudly as it made it to the floor she was on and she was pulled into it. She watched as Martin just made it into the building but was too late to stop the door from closing.

"MARTIN!" Diana struggled within his grip. "MARTIN!"

"Quiet!" The man snapped, "I don't want him finding us."

Diana, the ever so damsal in distress, bit back a retort. "No way you freak! Where do you take those girls."

"Take them where? They're up in my apartment waiting for you to join them. If you don't be good you'll join them sooner then you hoped for." The man pushed a gun into her back, "In this gun there are four bullets. Three of which I could put into vital areas of your body killing you instantly."

"What's the fourth one for?"

"Suicide. I really don't want to get caught, now do I?" Diana was starting to feel the fear building inside of her. "Now, be a good girl and step into this apartment." The man pushed Diana in and locked the door behind both of them. "Now...take off your clothes."



"EW! No!" Diana looked the man straight in the eye as he pointed the gun at her face. She couldn't let her fear show. Not right now. She ran to the bedroom and pushed the door closed. The gun rang out but she didn't feel any pain. The bullet had missed her completely.

"Darn. There goes one vital point missed. Are you going to make this easier for me now?" Diana didn't like the ton in his voice and barely managed to keep her scream hidden.

"Yeah right buddy! You're not touching my sister." Diana heard something large and heavy make a thud on the hard wood floor outside the bedroom. She looked around and saw four dead bodies laying in the corner. She covered her ears and closed her eyes but it didn't stop her from hearing two more gun shots go off.

"MARTIN!" The worst case senario ran through her mind as she opened the door. Martin was standing there, his hands were covered in blood and his eyes were dull. "Martin...are you...okay?" He looked at her, as if he had snapped out of his trance and picked her up.

"I'm fine." Diana looked over to the man laying on the ground, fear took over again. He hugged her and held her close. "It's over now, we can go back." The centre was called to do clean up but they were informed that M.O.M and Billy had stepped out for a moment.

"Where are the other girls?"

"I-In the bedroom. They're a-all dead." The man in the white suit nodded and she hugged Martin tightly. She broke like a dam and her tears spilled out.

"It's okay now. Sshh..." Martin held her tightly, his own tears falling down his face. He wiped them away with his shirt and looked down. Part of Diana's shirt was red. "Di...move for a second. You're hurt."

"W-where!" Diana asked, scared. She looked down and saw red on her shirt. She felt around and felt no flesh wound. She looked over at Martin and down. Where could so much blood come from. "M-Martin? S-stay still. Don't...don't move."

"Why?" he asked, his funny lopsided grin not there but replaced with a look of pain. Diana rolled up his shirt gently and saw the wound.

"Y-you're hurt. Medic! Over here!" One of the centre medics came over and looked at Martin.

"We can't do anything here. We'll have to rush him to the hospital." The agent called 911. An ambulance came and took Martin away and Diana went with him in the ambulance. He was unconscious now, a mask was used to keep him breathing.

End Flash Back

"They asked me if I wanted to lay but I couldn't. I can't...if I did..." Diana felt M.O.M hug her and she cried. That's all she could do. "It's all my fault! Martin's dying because I had to leave! It's all my fault!"

"It's not all your fault," M.O.M whispered gently in her ear keeping her voice calm. The sad part was that even M.O.M had tears running down her face, "He's going to be okay. I know he is." Diana just kept crying. There seemed no end to her tears. The emergency doors opened and everyone looked up...

To Be continued...Sorry...gotta leave you guys guessing...