Well, the final chapter of this story and I must say it took a lot of re-writes just to get it the way I liked it. I hope you enjoy it


2 Months LaterGerad Mystery fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood. The gun barrel was in Martin's face and Martin was starting to feel the pain and fear making its way into his heart. "Dad...W...why'd you have to take the bullet?" Martin back away and slipped in his own blood that was mixing with his fathers. He looked at his hands and saw they were soaked in the red liquid. He backed away more quickly now trying to get away from the gun. The man screamed his name. "MARTIN! MARTIN!"

"MARTIN!" Martin's head shot up and before he could stop he shouted out.

"DAD!" Martin watched as the science class laughed at his expense. The science teacher was looking a little more then annoyed at the way Martin had dozed off and set down the test tube he was holding.

"Mr. Mystery, although I do enjoy having some peace and quiet in the class I would appriciate that you could manage that by STAYING AWAKE!" The teacher was on one of his last nerves. It was a Thursday, one more day before the weekend, and his car had recently broken down. Martin was still in full panic mode but it was slipping and his cheeks turned a bright red before he stood and left the class, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING? GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" Martin was too far gone down the hallway to hear his teachers voice.

Diana heard the science teacher yell and saw her brother walking away past her own class. She raised her hand and the teacher nodded. Diana stood up and gathered her books before following her brother to his room. His eyes looked haunted like they always did after he had a nightmere. Martin looked away from his sister, trying to hide the pain from the dream. Diana put a hand on his shoulder.

"How have you been sleeping?" she questioned. He glared at her but it fell almost as quickly as if formed and he sighed in defeat.

"Not well," was his reply before he sank down onto his bed. He was angry at himself for letting all that pain torment him. It was only two months ago that his life had taken a major shift and his father had become more supportive but it had taken a gun and getting shot to get his father to grow into that change. He frowned, memories of the past flooding his memory and suddenly he felt angry. Really, really angry! He stood up and Diana backed away and ducked as a text book went flying across the room breaking a glass cup full of orange juice. She learned to expect this and went to help him clean it up.

The glass had been cleaned up and he looked at her, his eyes clouded over with guilt.

"I'm sorry," he said and threw the glass away, "I just...I don't know what came over me." He wasn't sure when his anger had gotten so bad. Diana nodded and helped him up and to his bed. It was the last class of the day so Martin didn't have to worry about missing anymore classes. Diana stood and looked at him.

"It's okay. I'll go grab us some dinner and after you eat I'll sit by you well you sleep." Martin smiled.

"Yeah, you usually end up signing off with me." Diana laughed and nodded. "Hurry back."

"Okay." She smiled and returned rather quickly with two meals. They both ate, finished their homework and talked for some time. Diana smiled as she found Martin nodding off. He tugged at her wrist. Diana locked the door and crawled into bed next to him. Now those thinking of it in the Diana as Martin's lover mode, that's not it at all. Diana was showing her sisterly love, cuddling him like he used to do for her when she was scared of storms. Martin wimpered in his sleep and Diana held him closer and his wimpering stopped. She smiled at her brother.

"You're my hero, I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner."

"You're mine too Diana, you're my hero too." He whispered in his sleep filled daze and found peace in his own dreams.