Author's Note: A Quirk of Fate is a Shikamaru/Hinata fic dedicated to the best friend I never expected I'd ever have, mI.ShOE. Ever since I've met her, I haven't stopped smiling. Even when bad times happen with my family, I can always count on her to be the best shoulder to cry on. I, well, we believe that fate brought us together – and although we certainly sound like Neji, we believe that it was destiny's wish that we meet each other and support each other unconditionally. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone before, Shoey, and I promise to always be here for you.

Summary: (ShikaHina) Leaving trials and tribulations from the past behind them, they allowed fate to work its magic. Unlike her cousin, destiny didn't do them a disservice.

The most ironic of situations can arise, if one allows fate to work its magic. Put the most predictable and grumbling of the group with the most misunderstood and modest.

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Dedications: As I've said before, this is a gift fic dedicated solely to mI.ShOE (um, ignore me and my horrible jokes). It was intended to be a Christmas gift, but Shoey's been so patient despite my horrible attempt at punctuality. So, Merry Belated Christmas (um, is that the right way to say it?) to her!

Inspiration: 1000 Words by Koda Kumi, Always by Beni Arashiro, All for You by Namie Amuro, and Okay by Bennie K.

A Quirk of Fate

The first time he'd noticed her was in the vast Hyuuga manor, where, as a young child, he'd been forced to attend her tenth birthday party. Amongst fellow age mates and future teammates, he recalled being almost completely daunted by the vast majority of those present at the table with creamy eyes, and decided to deem the entire celebration nothing short of troublesome. Accompanied with his parents, he agreed to join in serenading the bashful nonentity who was situated at the head of the table. After all, it was common courtesy to do so; his mother later provided a justifiable explanation to him when he'd confronted her with his many grievances regarding the extravagance of the whole festivities. As a young pre-adolescent, the only logic circulating through his thoughts had been that if the birthday girl wasn't going to maintain eye contact with even her younger sister, how could anyone respect her enough to actually want to revere the day of her birth?

That was the day wherein he came to the rather satisfying deduction that all birthday parties were troublesome.

The next time he really paid any sort of attention to her was many years later, when everyone (minus that annoying ignoramus, Naruto…or so he had thought at the time) had graduated from the Academy as amateur genin. He remembered seeing the demure kunoichi carefully exhibiting her new flank to a proud, formidable man with milky eyes so similar to her own. Of course, he couldn't pay much more mind to her as his mother had promptly grabbed him in an uncomfortable embrace and emitted a squeal that sounded like a cross between a squirrel and a goose.

That was the day in which he came to the conclusion that all parents were troublesome.

Throughout the months he'd worked with his new teammates, he couldn't help but express an implicit desire to become a jounin and escape from the idiots he had now acquainted himself with: that overindulgent fool Akimichi Chouji, and that neurotic nut Yamanaka Ino. Although he would later admit that he did care somewhat about both of the abovementioned nins' welfare, he couldn't remove the sight of Chouji cramming loads upon loads of snacked goods in his mouth or the thought of Ino acting on her esteemed role as a fool for Uchiha Sasuke from their circulations around his mindset. Even though she had tried her best and applied cunning tactics in her match against Haruno Sakura during the Chuunin Exams, the only thoughts coursing through his mind had been: She's a nut! She's an idiot! She's a fool!

That was the day wherein he arrived to the justified supposition that all girls, namely those who were kunoichi, were troublesome.

Later, however, he would come to take back that blatant assumption. It was only when Ino had successfully used her Shintenshin no Jutsu against Sakura that he'd observed the bashful girl leaning against the cold banister, watching the match with bated breath, almost akin to his own-

At present, he allowed her gentle hand to rest on his shoulder, permitting her to subtly break his contemplations and steal his immediate attention. Glancing up at the young woman from where he sat in their sitting room, he noted the shy smile that seemed to be always present on her porcelain face, the faint blush that was quickly making itself apparent on her features, and the creamy eyes that shined with a newly-found optimism he had grown to love- er, admire.

He was conscious in what she had gone through to be with him today. She'd sacrificed the chance to receive any future birthday parties thrown by her prestigious Hyuuga clan, the desired support from her father she knew she would never receive regardless of her work and effort, and the opportunity to become an established shinobi…just to admit to the world that she harbored unconditional affections for him.

He tried his best to refrain from letting a proud smile grace his features as she took her place beside him and handed him his cup of green tea. Taking in the wonderfully warm and calming liquid with slightly parted lips, he couldn't help but inwardly beam at the way her lithe hands rested on her rotund stomach. Throughout these past seven months, he couldn't have been more idyllic. Their first child was expected to come in less than two months, and he was looking forward to the joys of being a father with unstilted anticipation.

Hyuuga Hinata was not troublesome. She was the only one – the only thing he could stand being with for long. Even during her pregnancy and those unpredictable onslaughts of unnecessary mood swings, she had proved to be well-mannered and unproblematic – completely unlike Ino, Sakura, or any of the other girls they were acquainted with in their village.

He hated to assume that their relationship was predestined to be by some sort of higher power – that would make him sound a bit too much like her cousin. He urgently sought to alleviate her pained memories about the family members who had forsaken her, and so he generally loathed the possibility that destiny had brought them together.

…But as long as fate presented him with no birthday parties, parents, or other kunoichi – only her, he was fine with assuming providence to be the factor.

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