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Chapter 1:

A new year at Hagwarts was coming in only two days for Harry, and he had just had a hhuge fight with his relatives. Harry had only threatened to give Dudley pig ears after Dudley had annoyed the heck out of Harry, and now Harry locked himself in his room, where hestarted to write a letter to Serious, his GodFather, to beg him to let Harry stay with him instead of his aunt and uncle, though Harry knew what the answer was. It hadn't been long since Harry saved Serious from Azkaban, and Serious had told Harry repeatedly that he couldn't until Serious was settled somewhere. Harry dreamed of that day, when he could get away from his muggle family and live with someone who truly appreciated him.

"Harry!" Harry heard his uncle slamming on the door again. "Are you still locked in there Harry? Come out! There are dishes to becleared!"

Harry let out a heavy sigh, deciding to just let his so called 'family' think he was asleep. He signed the letter, and folded up before putting it in an envelope and giving it to Hedwig. "Take this to Serious." He told his white owl with a smile as the bird took the letter and flew out the window, then Harry shut the window and got into bed, hoping tomorrow would be much better.


Harry woke up to the pounding of his uncle's fist on his door.

"Harry! Wake up! This dishes from last night are still out, and so are the dishes from breakfast this morning!" His uncle roared. Harry looked up at his clock, which his uncle had just gotten him after much argument, and saw that it was noon.

"Did I really sleep that long?" Harry asked himself before getting out of bed and quicking changing his shirt and pants. "Guess I better get today overwith." He said just before he saw a car floating outside of his window. Harry took a closer look to see Ron and his twin brothers, George and Fred, driving the car.

"Come on Harry!" Ron called, and Harry went to the open window with his already packed back and threw it to George (or Fred, whichever one, LOL), and somehow, jumped out of the window and got into the car, and they drove off.

"What was that about?" Harry asked from the back seat, where he sat next to Ron.

"We got a letter saying you were going to need a lift." Ron replied. "Didn't say who it was from though." Ron said as he handed the letter to Harry. Harry read the letter, and didn't recognize itas neitherhis handwriting nor anyone else he knew. He wondered why someone had sent for Ron to come get him.

"All-well. I'm out." Harry said with a smile as he leaned back in the chair, but the thought that someone had asked his friend to get him without him knowing irked him to know extent. It's over. Nothing to do about it. Harry thought as he relaxed and listened as George and Fred went on torturing Ron about getting more hand-me-downs.

Somewhere far away...

"You're out Harry Potter. Good." A girl said with a smileas she sat in front of a crystal ball. "Hope to see you soon." She said as she waved a hand over her crystal ball, making everything go dark around her.

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