Chapter 3:

It was the first day of school at Hogwarts. Hermoine had fought with Ron to get him out of bed early enough for them to just makie it to the train in time for their departure. And now the three, Ron, Harry, and Hermoine, were all at their school eating a meal in the dining hall with their friends from class.

"Did you hear? There's two new students in our years coming to Hogwarts!" Someone exclaimed.

"That's nothing new." Ron said. "We always have new students coming in."

"Not like these students." A boy said.

"Why's that?" Harry asked.

"They're supposed to full blooded muggles." Someone said.

"They are not!" Hermoine said. "I've already heard about it and there's nothing special about them. They are just a bit more powerful for their year. But why the adminstration is keeping them in our year when they should be at least two years ahead is beyond me." Hermoine mumbled the last part.

Suddenly, the doors swung open loudly and everything went silent. Dumbledoor (sp?) looked to the door suspiciously, as nothing could be seen but a light fog entering the room. Then he smiled. "Ah! Everyone! Might I have your attention?" He called through the hall, but everyone's attention was on the fog. "May I introduce to you, our two newes students in theirthirdyear, Mindy..."A brunet girlfell on her but on the florrthat had herhair pulled into two ponytails, one on each side of her head, and had bright blue eyes. Her lips were pink, and her cheeks rosy, like her dress, that went all the way to the floor even as shestood before everyone in the hall, pink, and had black trim at a V dip on the neck as the trim on her long sleeves that almost completely covered her hands. She groaned as she stood, but regained her composure quickly "And Veronique." Dumbledoor (someone plz tell me if I'm spelling this wrong, sry if I am.) said before another girl appeared through the fog withmuch more grace than Mindy. She had raven hair that covered her entire back, and was wearing a very form fitting blackdress that had a small train on the back, a V neck dip that showed a little bit of cleavage, and long sleeves that also completely covered her hands as they rested on her waists. Her eyes were dark and searched the room while her lips were red as roses as they formed a quick smile, pleased by the attention she had gotten from her entrance. Both girl curtsied in front of the head of the school, and then turned to take their seats.

Veronique went over to Harry and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse, but is this seat taken?" She asked, pointed to a very small amount of space between him and Hermoine.

"Umm... No, I-I don't think so." Harry said.

"Excellent." Veronique said, then watched as Mindy took a seat next to Ron directly across from her. "I've always wanted to meet you, Harry Potter." She said wtih a smile as she leaned on one elbow, completely blocking Hermoine out of the whole conversation.

"Excuse me!" Hermoine exclaimed, but soon felt her voice be cut off went Veronique snapped her fingers, causing Hermoine to move her mouth, but no sound came up.

"Are you alright Hermoine?" Ron asked, staring at Hermoine, who looked at him sternly, which scared him a bit.

"Are you alright Honey?" Mindy asked in her high pitched, cheery voice. "Maybe I should help you to the nurse?" She said as she stood and hurried around the table and put her hands on Hermoine's shoulders and started to help Hermoine up, but Hermoine sat still as stone pointing to Veronique.

"What is it Darling? Shocked speechless that I'd sit next to you?" Veronique asked with a sly grin. But Hermoine only glared at her. "Well, speak up.What do you want to say?" Veronique asked innocently.

"Why don't we go to the nurse. She can help you." Mindy said, honestly not knowing what was going on with Hermoine. "Maybe you lost your voice or something."

Hermoine nodded. Then she pointed to Veronique.

"What? What does shehave to do with this?" Ron asked, his eyes grazing over Veronique.

"Poor thing must be speechless. It'll wear off Dear, once you've been around me long enough." Veronique said with a smile. Then she turned to Harry. "Is she you girlfriend?" Veronique asked.

"Huh? Me, and Hermoine? Umm... No, I don't believe so." Harry replieda bit nervously, and Veronique smiled as she placed a hand over her heart.

"Oh my, thank goodness. I was hoping I didn't anger Hermoine because i stole her seat next to her boyfriend." She said in a relieved voice. "Well then, would you like to take a walk with me after dinner. It is a new moon night and I so dearly love them. But I don't know the grounds of the school very well."

"I-I supposed so, but you could always ask-"

"No!" She exclaimed with wide eyes, but quickly regained her composure. "I mean, no, that wouldn't do. I'd like to take a walk with you." Veronique said as she placed a hand over Harry's. "Please Harry?"

Harry looked at Ron for help on his decision. But Ron was tied up talking to Mindy and wasn't paying any attention to Harry. Some friend. Harry thought, but smile at Veronique. "Alright. Why not. Heh." He said with a smile.

"Excellent. I'll meet you outside the hall. But if you excuse me, I need to have a word with Dumbledoor." She said with a smile. "Buh-bye Darling." She said to Harry with a tap on his nose. Then she turned to Hermoine. "And I do hope you get your voice back soon Deary. Such a pitty I couldn't have a chat with you. Maybe some other time." Veronique before she turned away, her gown flowing in the air as she walked to the head table. She smiled. This is going to be easy. She thought to herself.

AN- Yeah yeah yeah. But you gotta have a villian, and I'm tired of the same old 'You Know Who' person. You know? So there's a new villian, or is she? Who knows? Maybe she's not even a villian, but just a jealous girl? Or maybe she's the good guy? You guys will only know after I update a few more chapters. LOL. Plz R&R. Thanx! TTFN!