HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sry, I was at a friend's house last night and we watch Clueless, and I got this idea, and thanx to another story I read on It was a while ago, and I just it together today.But don't worry, it's not gonna be a dumb blonde story like Clueless is. K? Hope you all will enjoy it!

Summary: Inuyasha was found by the Higurashi family when he and Kagome were little. The two start off rocky, but what happens when they realize they care for each other, but doesn't know how that other feels? Could they really be that Clueless?

Chapter 1:

It was night time at the Higurashi Shrine.

"Kids today..." Grandpa grumbled as he cleaned up the mess Kagome, his four-year-old grand-daughter had left by the mini-shrine. He picked up the toys, but dropped them when he heard the sound of a baby crying. He went into the mini-shrine. "A baby?" He asked as he searched the mini-shrine, wondering who would be so careless as to leave a child all alone at night. But he couldn't find the baby anywhere, until he looked into the well to see a young child crying. "Oh my!" Grandpa had a shocked expression on his face before he went and grabbed the ladder and hurried, yet carfeully set the ladder down and began to climb down.

Once he was on the ground, he found the young child, about Kagome's age,and wondered where it's parents were, not to mention what it was. The child had silver hair and little doggy ear on its head, and opened it's eyes to looked at grandpa to show it's amber colored eyes. Grandpa looked back to the ladder and started to climb back up and head back to the house.

"Who's that Grandpa?" Kagome asked as she looked up at the crying child Grandpa had brought in.

"Darling, call the paper and asked them to put out adds for a missing child." Grandpa said to his daughter, Kagome's mother, who was currently pregnant with a younger one.

"Oh my. Where was he?" Mom asked as she took the child and set him on the table and tried to calm him. "Hey, hey." She said softly. She looked at the child, his silver hair, golden eyes, his blood red kimono, and his doggy ears. She put a smile on her face as the child paused his crying to look at her. Then Kagome came over.

"Mommy, who's this boy?" Kagome asked.

"I'm nota boy, I'm a demon." The child said.

"Yeah right! And I'm Cleopatra." Kagome said as she crossed her arms.

"Cleo-who?" The boy asked.

"Okay children." Mom tried to calm the two. "So, do you know where your parents are?" She asked the silver haired child, who now sat on the kitchen table.

He shook his head. "I was with my mother, and then I fell down a well, and now I'm here." He said. He wondered what was wrong with these people. Weren't they going to make fun of him, jeer at him, ignore him, harrass him? This was not normal for human where this boy was from.

"Okay. Do you know your parents phone number?" Mom asked.

"What's that?" The boy asked.

"It's this thing here!" Kagome said, not sounding too friendly as she held up the phone.

"No. I don't think we have one of those." The boy said.

"Alright then. What's your name?" Mom asked.

"Inuyasha." The boy replied.

"Okay. You can stay here until we can find your parents, alright." Mom said as she patted the boy on the head, then went to the phone to call the police and after that the newspaper to put out adds for a missing child. But before she picked up the phone. "Kagome, why don't you set up the extra bed in your room so Inuyasha will have somewhere to sleep." Mom told her daughter.

"Mom! Why do I have to share my room?" Kagome whined.

"Because I'm trying to find Inuyasha's parents, and if I don't find them tonight, then he'll need somewhere to sleep, now go set up the bed." Mom ordered Kagome, and Kagome drooped her head.

"Come on." She grumbled as she sulked up to her room, Inuyasha following her. Kagome kept looking back at Inuyasha the whole time they walked. "What are you wearing?"

"It's my kimono. My mother made it." Inuyasha replied.

Then Kagome stopped in front of a door and opened it before walking in, then Inuyasha followed her in. "This is my room. My mom is making me let you stay in here until we can find your mom."

"Alright." Inuyasha said as he jumped up onto Kagome's bed. "Good-night then." He said as he laid down and shut his eyes, only to be hit in the face with a pillow a few seconds later. "Hey! What's the big idea?" He yelled.

"That my bed. I still have to set up your bed. So get off!" Kagome yelled at him.

"Whatever." Inuyasha said as he got down as sat indian style and watched as Kagome set up the bed, a cheap little cot that was big enough for a full grown man.

"There." Kagome said after she made the bedby putting a pillow and a few sheets and comforter on it, blue since Inuyasha was a boy. "You sleep here, and I sleep in my own bed." Kagome said as she climbed into her own bed.

"Thanks." Inuyasha said as he got into the bed as pulled the covers over his body. "Night."

"Good-night." Kagome said, not believing that she actually had to share her room with this boy.

ElevenYears Later...

"Inuyasha! Get out of the bathroom!" Kagome, a fifteen-year-old, yelled as she slammed on the bathroom door to the bathroom that she shared with her step-brother, Inuyasha.

"I'll come out when I feel like it!" Inuyasha, a sixteen-year-old,yelled from in the bathroom. (FYI: It's one of those linked bathrooms, where you have two bedrooms that go to the same bathroom so two people can share.)

"No! It's my birthday, and I'm not gonna be late today just 'cause you gotta take forever in the bathroom like everyone morning!" Kagome yelled through the door, still slamming on it. Then the door opened a crack to show Inuyasha with a smirk.

"Or is it 'cause you wanna get dressed up to impress Hoho?" Inuyasha asked with a sly smile as his face got real close to Kagome.

"Shut up!" Kagome yelled as she pushed on the door, and Inuyasha's head slamming between the door and the door-frame before Kagome pushed him over and he landed on his back, his head pounding while Kagome went to the mirror and started fixing her hair and make-up.

"What the hell was that for?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Please don't tell me you fell for that trick again Inuyasha." Sota, an eleven-year-old with shot black hair wearing a pair of jeans and a red sweatshirt with a green stripe across it said as he walked up to Inuyasha playing his Game Boy.

Inuyasha let out a groan as let his head drop to the floor. He really did love this family, they took care of him, no matter how abusive Kagome was, the rest of the family made up for it, and Kagome usually did too, but it was mornings like these that just made him completely forget about all they did for him.

"Oh and Inuyasha?" Kagome said as she looked down at Inuyasha, who was now looking up at her. "His name is Hojo." Kagome said.

"Oh my God! You do have a crush on that mama's boy! Admit it!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"I do NOT!" Kagome yelled as as she finished brushing her hair up in a ponytail, glaring at Inuyasha's reflection in the mirror. Then she watched as Inuyasha went back over to his half of the bathroom and started brushing his teeth.

"I'm gonna put it all over school if you don't admit it." Inuyasha grinned devilously at his step-sister as he brushed his teeth.

"You wouldn't..." Kagome said.

"Believe me, I would." Inuyasha replied.

"Fine, we'll just see what happens to you tonight." Kagome said, and eyebrows wriggling up and down.

"What's tonight?" Inuyasha asked.

"My sleep-over party." Kagome replied with a smirk.

"Aww... Shit! That just makes my day!" Inuyasha exclaimed, not sounding happy. "I'm NOT being your dummy for a dumb make-over again! I don't care how much you pay me!"

"Then I'll just have to show everyone your baby pictures, pictures from your sweet sixteen, those are actually pretty funny, and pictures from my party last year when we did your make-up." Kagome said with a cute smile on her face. She knew she won, no matter what Inuyasha put up, he couldn't beat that offer. Nothing could.

"What happened at my birthday last year?" Inuyasha asked, then watched as Kagome looked to see Sota standing there, so she whispered something in Inuyasha's ear and pulled away with a sly grin. "No! You wouldn't..."

"Maybe, maybe not." Kagome said, then dashed out of the bathroom.

Inuyasha threw his toothbrush down and chased after her, knowing he could easily catch up to her thanks tot he fact that he was half demon, though everyone just believed that he had some weird birth defect and that was why he had his dog ears. No one understood him being a demon except for the few other demons at his school, but amongst the humans other than his family, they didn't know.

"Have a good day kids!" Mom, a middle-aged woman with short black hair and a fair complextion on her face exclaimed with a smile as Kagome and Inuyasha ran through the kitchen to leave.

"See-ya later Mom!" Both Inuyasha and Kagome exclaimed at the same time as they ran out the door.

Inuyasha had become acostumed to calling Mrs. Higurashi Mom after a while, since she treated him like she treated Sota and Kagome, she thought of him as one of her own children. She had been the one to adopt him when his real parents never showed up after Grandpa found him in the well. They all still wondered to this day what Inuyasha had been doing in the well.

"Yo! Dog boy!" Kagome exclaimed as she walked next to Inuyasha. Inuyasha snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Kagome. "We're gonna be late."

"No we won't." Inuyasha said. "Get on." He said as he stopped and Kagome jumped onto his back, and Inuyasha took off, heading for school.

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