Chapter 6:

Inuyasha woke up the next morning. His room was still dark even though it was very bright outside thanks to his black curtains. But that didn't save him from the music Kagome was blasting in the bathroom for her shower. He groaned as he rolled over, not wanting to wake to the sounds of Taylor Swift singing Fearless. Inuyasha had noticed that Kagome had started leaning more towards country music lately. He didn't mind it most of the time, like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Jake Owen were good, but it was the poppy Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift music that he couldn't stand. He put his pillow over his head to block the music out, but it didn't help. So he decided better to get up and go get food.

No one was downstairs at all. Inuyasha looked to see a not sitting on the counter from Mom.

Went to run a few errands.
Will be home to make dinner.


"Behave..." Inuyasha chuckled as he put the note down and grabbed the cereal on the counter.

"Are you almost ready to go?" He heard Kagome come into the kitchen. He could smell her perfume. She was wearing her Glow by JLo. He liked that perfume on her. It was a sweet scent that matched her personality. And he knew she only wore it for certain occasions. He turned around to see her wearing a damaged denim mini skirt and a button down blouse. Guess she's turning into a cowgirl now too... Inuyasha thought.

"Are you meeting anyone at the mall?" Inuyasha asked.

"No, why?" Kagome replied sounding a bit nervous.

"Cause you're wearing Glow. You only wear that when it's a special occasion or you want to impress someone..." Inuyasha said through a mouth full of cereal.

"That's not true!"

"Ya-huh! You only ever wear it for Christmas and whenever you're going out to meet Hojo!" Then inuyasha squinted at her. "You're meeting him at the mall aren't you?"

"No... I just want to be prepared in case I want to run into him." Kagome replied.

"You found out he works at the Dog House stand in the food court didn't you..." Inuyasha continued his interogation.

"Why are you asking me all these questions? Can't I have a crush on a guy and not get the third degree? I'm only enough to like boys now y'know!" Kagome yelled at Inuyasha. "I don't know why you're acting jealous!"

"Jealous? You're my sister! I just think he's a dumbass!" Inuyasha yelled back. "And even if you were my sister I'd never date someone as annoying as you!"

"You think I'm annoying?" Kagome laughed. "How about your little concert last night in the shower? You actually think you can sing? A cat in heat sounds better than you!"

"Oh yeah? Well at least I can actually get a girlfriend! How long have you liked Hobo? 2 years? And you have yet to make a move? You'll be single all your life at that rate..." Inuyasha grumbled.

"I'm WAITING for HIM to make the move! Girls don't make the first move!" Kagome yelled back. "Sorry that your precious Kikyo didn't know that little tid-bit!"

"You leave her out of this! She's a bitch and I never wanna see or hear from her again!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Thorn yelled as she came into the kitchen. "Did we declare World War 3? Jesus..."

Inuyasha snorted a bit. "It's nothing. I'm going to get changed."

"Umm... ok? What did I miss?" Thorn asked as Inuyasha stomped passed her and Kagome to go to his bedroom.

"Oh nothing, just a little quabble." Kagome laughed.

"Well you two need to chill. You sound like an old married couple..." Thorn replied. She had put her hair in a ponytail today and wore a black polo shirt and dark blue pair of boot cut jeans with a black pair of Converse Allstars.

"Ew Thorn! He's my brother!" Kagome made a disgusted face to her cousin.

"STEP brother." Thorn corrected. "Just like I'm your STEP cousin. We're not related, which means anything could be true!" Thorn sang. She sipped some coffee then looked up at Kagome. "But it's whatever. I need to call my boyfriend so he can meet us at the mall."

"Ready to go?" Inuyasha asked, coming down in a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt.

"Yeah. I'm ready when you are." Kagome replied.

"I'll meet you guys there! Have fun!" Thorn called form the living room.

"Let's go!" Inuyasha said, and they left to go to the mall.

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